DealFuel’s 31 Days Of Christmas Delights

This Christmas, we set out to make each day delightful for you with amazing Christmas Special Deals at DealFuel. As Christmas signifies joy, we didn't confine this merry making to a single day, but we celebrated 31 Days Of Christmas Delights.

This festive bonanza brought forth a spectrum of gifts, freebies along with numerous fun filled games. We gave away a special gift to 1 lucky winner each day. And so for the past 24 days there have been many lucky winners. But today is 1 extra special day. Today, we declare our winner for the Christmas bonanza hamper. Wanna know what Christmas bonanza hampers is? Then check it out:

A bundle of 5 amazing deals worth $2825!

1 Big Bundle of Web Resources for Developers

A total of 44 Premium products with a clean, modern look and with a well structured code. All of them can be easily modified to fit anyones needs.

  1. 26 HTML Templates
  2. 7 Slider Galleries
  3. 6 CSS Utilities
  4. 3 WP Plugins
  5. 2 WP Themes
3-in-1 App Essentials Mega eCourse Bundle

Claim your spot in the mobile App economy today with 1 knockout punch 

Course1: Adobe AIR Desktop, Android and iOS Development Starter

Course 2: Mobile Application Development made easy: iOS and Android (Advanced)

Course 3: Marketing Mobile App for Top Visibility

15,000 Web Design Resources
  1. Over 1,500 Isolated Stock Photos
  2. 500+ Textures
  3. More Than 400 Vector Files
  4. 11,000+ Photoshop Gradients
Javascript Animation and GSAP Animation Courses
  1. Learn Javascript Animation
  2. Start Animating with GSAP Tween Library

This course bundle will help you have a solid understanding of user interactions, the most important programming concepts (functions, variables, loops, conditions, datatypes, Objects and much more). Let’s not forget that you will learn how to animate interactive things using the GSAP JavaScript library.

Amazing web tools: VideoAd Plugin & xMobileSiteBuilder

These tools let you:

  1. Place advertisements on any You Tube videos
  2. Add images, banners, lead collector forms and shapes to the video
  3. Create your own customized mobile website
  4. Make money by building mobile sites and selling it to the clients

Check out our lucky winner till date:

Day 1: Trisha Miller

Day 2: Klaus Steuding

Day 3: Andrew Staley

Day 4: John D Kahler Jr

Day 5: Ken Moorhouse

Day 6: Anna Fischer

Day 7: Tami Savage

Day 8: Blanka Roundtree

Day 9: Raymond Chow

Day 10: Tomasz Kieronski

Day 11: Alain Cloutier

Day 12: Bernardo Mínguez Conesa

Day 13: Michael Roe

Day 14: Cornell Hesse

Day 15: Glenn Reffin

Day 16: Jacek Kujaszewski

Day 17: Suzanne Offner

Day 18: Graham Bennett

Day 19: Craig Paterson

Day 20: Hung Lieng

Day 21: Michel Lecomte

Day 22: Melanie Atkins

Day 23: Larry Hugg

Christmas Bonanza: Leatrice Pedroso


  1. @HeavyTshirts
  2. @iKaushik365
  3. @AOWebsite

Day 27: Adolf Gomez

Day 28:  Francesco Giovannini

Day 29: Jim Cook

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Christmas Special Deals

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4 thoughts on “DealFuel’s 31 Days Of Christmas Delights”

  1. I’m the winner of day 26 of “31 Days of Christmas Delights”. I won 5 Multipurpose HTML
    Templates that are worth $39.
    Thanks to DealFuel’s people for that present and also for your daily work!.
    I wish all of you a happy New Year!

  2. Hi Adolf

    Many thanks for your kind words of appreciatioin. The DealFuel Team wishes you a very Happy New Year 🙂

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