5 Inspirational Blogs to Read If You Want To Be Motivated

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Why did I choose to write about Inspirational blogs?

It's now the third month of the new year, and my guess is that all that motivation you had for your New Year's resolutions has gone from a hot boil down to a cold pot.

The energy and novelty of getting to the gym, starting that book or launching that product easily wear off when life and other obligations get in the way.

Even if you still have the energy, you may have run into doubting yourself or your product.

Being an entrepreneur in any capacity is invigorating, but it's also a lot of hard work to keep up your spirits.

In this post, I wanted to give a short list of a few inspirational blogs that you should start reading if you want to start getting excited and inspired about your projects again.

Many of the blogs and people I'm going to list started from nothing and succeeded even though they went against the grain of a traditional career.

Get you bookmarks ready. These are too good not to read each day!

1) Femtrepreneur

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See that girl on the left of this picture?

That's Mariah, and she runs the Femtrepreneur blog.

She's not even 25 yet, and she's managed to do what most only dream of.

She took her blog from nothing to making more than $100 per month.

Her last course launch made her a nice paycheck of $450,000.

I know, right?!If you read through her blog, listen to her webinars or take on of her courses, it's easy to see what

Her blog is full of transparency, and her tone and personality come striking through with a young, fun voice that adds something very fresh to this market.

Not only does she speak to her audience very well, but as a person, she is driven and focused.

Spend 20 minutes reading her blog and it will feel like a fresh breath of air. Here are a few of her top posts:

2) TheHustle.co

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As an entrepreneur, you know the meaning of the word "hustle."

If you like reading stories about other people who have pushed and seen the rewards, then this site is for you.

It's sort of like Entrepreneur, but people get "real" with you.

They talk about the good, the bad, and you're bound to find cursing throughout what you're reading. However, the content here is excellent and inspiring. It took me some time to get used to it, but it is not one of my inspirational blogs that I frequent.

Here are some of the top Episodes (or posts) worth reading:

3) Goins, Writer

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Jeff Goins is a newer face in the marketing world, but he managed to take his blog from zero to 100k readers in a short 18 month.

I love Jeff's story because his take and approach on becoming an influencer are one that most people wouldn't think of.

He has a very clear but humble tone in the way he writes, but his words are engaging and has no doubt helped him succeed.

Many entrepreneurs think they need to be these big hotshots with even more prominent personas that radiate and fill a room, but that's often not a very relatable. Jeff is evident proof that you can be honest, creative, and humble and still be a success.

Take a read through his blog and you'll see why he's grown so quickly:

4) Entrepreneur on Fire

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This is a blog that you've likely read about or heard of at some point, but it's a great one to fill your week with inspiration and motivation.

John Lee Dumas and his girlfriend Kate are the masterminds behind the site and popular podcast — Entrepreneur on Fire.

With their daily podcasts, you're sure to find a more than one thing to help you find that little kick in the butt you've been waiting for.

5) Smart Passive Income

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Finally, we have Pat Flynn's blog, Smart Passive Income.

Pat started out just like everyone else: He was a guy who started a blog with a goal of pursuing it as a career.

He was very transparent in all he wrote, writing about his successes and his failures. Since then, he's become a great world influence in online marketing and entrepreneurship.

You can read his blog, listen to his podcast or watch him on YouTube.

Whatever method you choose to look at him on, you're bound to learn something new that you can take with you no matter what venture you're planning on building.

Here is our list of 5 of some of the most inspirational blogs of 2016. We know there are plenty more out there.

Which inspirational blogs do you love and think should be included on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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