7 Themes That Would Change The Look Of Your Website

Good themes are like Tuxedos; they change the look of the person wearing it.

Clothes they say maketh a man, but a good theme, like good clothes, goes beyond being just that.

It makes a website stand out, attracts the right set of eyes, and enhances functionality.

While choosing a complementing WordPress theme, there are a couple of basic pointers to keep in mind, like:

Does this theme support the objective of a website?

Some websites are content-centric, some are portfolio galleries on their own, and some calls for the integration of tons of plugins.

Your theme should not just be in line with your purpose of the website, but also add on to it.

Is it responsive?

With mobile usage incessantly on the rise, responsive themes are imperative if the locus of your readers is on mobile devices.

Will it cause the website to slow down?

Code bloating and additional features in a theme slow down the page speed. Your readers don’t like it, Google doesn’t like it, and with Page Speed being an important ranking factor, you need to avoid sluggish themes.

So, if you’re off to redesigning a website and on the lookout for a good theme, we’ve got your back, times seven.

Here are 7 expert-recommended, reader-voted themes that you must stock up on:

1. GoldLine Light 

GoldLine Light Website Theme
If your website is centered mainly around blogging, this theme would then be for your website what peanut butter is to jelly. Putting the maximum focus on your content while simultaneously adding mojo to your website is its biggest advantage.

Integrated social sharing options increase the chances of higher visibility for your posts while the preview slider gives a glimpse into what to expect.

The theme is completely responsive, and one of its striking features is its elegant typography. All in all, this is a great theme to own and rework into different types of websites too with some customization.

2. Sentio

Sentio Website Theme
Another theme primarily focusing on displaying content is Sentio. A favorite amongst users, the theme, has a sleek, sophisticated look and is power-packed with all compatible features like segmenting posts into categories, providing a list of all recently published post (for added promotion) and giving center stage to your new updates.

What we love about this theme is its ability to enable demarcation as per the type of post you put forth. From textual long-form posts to video content, you can easily put emphasis on the type of content you want.

The theme is befitting for a creative agency, for an online art gallery, and even for a designer’s digital portfolio.

3. A Free WordPress Theme from CyberChimps

Responsive WP Website Theme
Some websites demand nothing but a minimal artistic look, and this theme delivers just that. The simple clutter-free appeal should not be mistaken as bland, Responsive; the theme is a powerhouse of features contained in an elegantly simple look.

True to its name, the theme fluidly fits every device it is viewed on. Some of the items on its long list of features are an SEO-friendly theme, Retina-ready, superior CMS control, and the theme is also multilingual ready.

Plus you have the option to tweak typography.

4. Home Remodeling

Home Remodelling and Renovation Website Theme
Niche-specific themes aren’t downloaded much. Designers feel since they wouldn’t repeatedly be working with these, they can pass on it.

In fact, you should never ignore a particular theme because these are hard to come by. Take the Home Remodeling theme, for instance, this is specific to a home remodeling or an interior, exterior remodeling business. True, you mightn’t have to work on remodeling websites every day, but you should expect a lot of these with the changing face of real estate.

The theme has a responsive layout, blog integration options, unlimited drop-down menus and tons of other features. And, you have the option to choose from 10 different skin colors.

5. PhotoLab

PhotoLab Responsive WordPress Theme
A flat design approach helps a lot with SEO, and if yours is a blog looking to rope in more readers, redesigning the website with this theme would definitely help. Besides that, a good use of it would be for an artist’s portfolio or the work of a creative brand.

Promising increased navigation and good UX, PhotoLab has the distinct feature of color-coding blogs, where each post can be marked as per the labeled color and affixed with an icon too.

PhotoLab is licensed to be used for both personal and commercial projects, and can be downloaded in a click.

6. WP-DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme

WP - DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme

Packing in as much thrill as its namesake movie (or book, if you’re the literati kind), the DaVinci theme is touted to be a perfect match for an online blog or magazine.

With a promise of tons of premium features – since this is a premium theme in itself available for free – like a built-in author page, multiple page options, multiple banner ad locations, automatic post thumbnails, and a lot more, this is a must-have in your designer toolbox.

Plus the theme comes with an alternative home page template to transform it for a business-based website easily. So, in essence, this is more like two themes in ones, and both premium.

7. Passion Portfolio WordPress Theme

Passion Portfolio WordPress Theme
A theme that’s a breeze to work with and lives up to everything it claims to be. Need to win gigs by putting your portfolio in front of all the right people, this theme does the job perfectly for you.

With its multiple galleries option, you can even classify your work into categories. And it’s super easy to add posts too, just drag and drop, and Voila! It’s done!

Ease of use is one of its USPs. Want to make your home page look more professional? Drag your logo and place it directly on your page. Also, you get a built-in contact form for prospects to contact you once you wow them with your portfolio.

We hope that you found these themes both interesting and worthy of being added to your resources. Themes are an integral part of every designer’s resource box, and you should keep adding to it.

What other themes would you want us to source for you?

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