How Your Slow Website Speed Burns a Hole in Your Pocket

Even the most successful businesses at times, fail to realize that their website speed is as important as anything else. Though it’s likely that they run with steady profits over time; however it only happens because their name or the brand is their selling point.

What they lose additionally doesn’t appear in the forefront, for they are more concerned about any descending variation in sales and conversions.

Another interesting facet of it is the inability to dig down on the possible cause. The focus is largely on reviewing the product or any scarcity in offering product services.

What are the Effects of Slow Speed Website

A slow speed website leads to an invariable hit on Page ranks, something that was well claimed by the search engine itself. You may well have a sturdy product; however you still need to disburse a substantial amount to the marketing firms to improve on your web rankings, unless the name spells all the business for you.

website speed

For maiden customers or prospects, there is nothing more important than being able to explore successfully, your website. Poor website speed tarnish the entire user experience and instill the element of indecision and uncertainty in your offerings. The first impression leads up to their last impression.

Now for the consumers already having a name in your database, raising a ticket on the help desk is usually the resort. Getting inquiries regarding the product or getting requests for access to services are certainly not in the same bucket of gravity as is the complaints.

Smart business entities generally, define a small turn-around time for any complaints they get.

If it is any feature functionality that’s out of order or any grievances arising out of failed transactions, everything is relative to your website speed. It always takes primacy before consumers' experience is halted by other issues.

With a poor user experience, the potential to up-sell also takes a jolt. Forget about pushing that raving fan strategy where you assign half of your budget to please them and, in turn, expect them to advertise and publicize for you.

speed of website
The voice of your customer initially gets loud and presents you with a chance to look at the diminishing factors; however don’t be surprised that you don’t hear them again.
Some of the most displeasing facts came out in one of the recent surveys carried out on ‘Importance of Web Performance.’

Over 1500 buyers who participated in activity were of the following view -

  • Around 75% of buyers would think of going to another site when a website slows down.
  • As many as 88% of the shoppers label their shopping experience as criteria to decide if they would stick to the store.
  • One bad experience of slow performance can make 50% of the shoppers to rethink on buying.
  • Nearly 33% would share the ordeal with others which are good enough to make a damaging impact.

Let’s take a look at the following infographic that reveals more of such intimidating facts

website speed

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