Is Your Marketing Business Using the Proper Social Media Etiquette?

social media

In network marketing, there are essentially two parts – one is building a strong, reliable network of distributors that will guarantee you residual income for life, and the other is making enough sales so that the commissions provide you with enough to live.

Depending on the business model, there are only a limited number of distributors you can enroll, perhaps two or three at each level. And if you don’t focus on adding the right people to your network, your source of residual income dries up when those who you have enrolled become inactive and/or leave the company. So you need to be extremely selective, and you need to think about the residual income you stand to gain/lose when you enroll someone into the network.

Where exactly do you meet these committed people? One is your personal social network of friends, family members, acquaintances, co–workers, office colleagues, neighbors, which covers just about everyone you know. The other is your online social network – depending on how many social media platforms you are commanding, you could have as many social networks outside of the real world. But the people in these networks are all real people, and therefore a golden opportunity to widen your distributor network with the multi–level marketing company that you are involved with. Sarah Robbins is a leader in the industry and she often provides awesome insights on how you can use the same tactics with social media to increase business.

In all reality—and just like any other business—sales drives network marketing. Sales builds your business, sustains your business and even more sales propels you into financial freedom. With the power of the internet and various social media platforms, you have the power to effectively crush two birds with a single stone. How is this exactly? You could advertise on social media in a way that appeals to potential product loyalists as well as those who see the vast opportunity of network marketing.

Don't be a social media creep

social media

But, before we go down this road of how you can advertise, network and create a slew of customers, you need to make sure you are using proper social media etiquette. You probably have come across another person on social media where you instantly thought 1) this guy is a creep or 2) the guy is a fraud. Both of these initial impressions are obviously bad…they are bad if you are that guy and looking to make friends…they are even worse if you are that guy and looking to make a sale. Sales is all about trust and the worst way to start off on trying to sell someone is when they get the impression you are fake…or not trust-worthy. So, here are a few pointers on assuring yourself that you are using proper social etiquette:

1. Create a legitimate social media profile. If you are wanting to start making sales, you need to be serious about it. So, create a serious & legit profile, complete with a recent, professional profile picture, a complete and thorough biography and anything else you value in your social and work life. Remember: keep it professional…and keep it real!

2. Don’t start selling out of the gates. As I pointed out before, sales is all about trust. No one wants a hard sell without even shaking your hand… and there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that someone is going to buy something from a complete stranger they met on the internet, without some kind of dialogue and/or rapport created. This is often a rookie social media etiquette mistake…hey, I’m guilty as charged. About 5 years ago, I was probably the most annoying sales guy on LinkedIn, suffocating all the contacts and groups I have made & joined, with a hard sales pitch on the products I was selling. It’s foolish to think that can work, but the frame of mind that “volume can create sales”—which is partly true to an extent—doesn’t work on the internet. Think of social media as any other social club or networking group you have joined in real life. Those lunch ‘n’ learns, happy hours and trade shows are where relationships are started and cultivated. As you build trust with your prospect and/or customer, they will feel assured that what you are selling is legitimate and can be beneficial.

Sell on social media just like real life

social media

a. This is a little bit of a piggy back on to the avalanche of hard-sells to everyone and anyone you spot on social media, but you should never spam people over and over again. It’s not going to work, you’re not going to be liked and it’s flat out rude. Take a page out of Adam and Michelle Carey’s book, and learn a few of their thoughts on how “spamming” is a big “no no” within the network marketing etiquette play book. Their post starts off by stating “No One likes spam. Whether it’s the over processed mystery meat or the annoying commercial-like posts that show up on social media.” Adam and Michelle Carey are 100% right.

3. Don’t get emotional. I don’t care what it is, but don’t get wrapped up in discussions that can create a huge mess. What does that mean exactly? Have you ever seen the movie, Sleepers ? Well, a quote in this movie that will stay with me until the end of time is “No religion. No politics”. This is their rule when they are letting loose at the local watering hole and this should always be your rule when scoping out your social network contacts. Don’t’ bring up politics, religion or any other hot button some people may think is offensive. Try to avoid obnoxious rants about your sports teams as well. For some people, this seems like common sense in using proper social media etiquette, but sometimes people see something that flips the switch and they can’t help themselves in chiming in. If you continue to dive in these ‘grey area’ waters, you’re bound to cross the line—then you start pissing people off…and start losing trust.

As you can see, using proper social media etiquette is a pretty “common sense” concept. Just because we are on the vast universe, called the ‘world wide web’, doesn’t mean you can do what you what, when you want, to who you want. That goes for anyone and any scenario. Furthermore, if you’re looking to sell something, you need to be on your extra-extra good behavior, being mindful of how you conduct yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in all the craziness of sensory overload when we’re scrolling through Facebook and LinkedIn, but keep calm, act professional and create long lasting relationships—for both social and business aspects.





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