7 Great Tips to Create High Converting Landing Pages

high converting landing page

In this article we list some important tips on how to creative an effective landing page so as to increase conversions from this page and make it a high converting landing page for your website.

It is no secret that landing pages and their accompanying lead capture forms are the two most important element in lead generation. Without these online marketers face a tough task in converting their web visitors into leads.

Landing pages allow us to direct the visitors of our website into other targeted pages so that we can either make a sale or enlist a visitor to a specific subscription.

Effective landing pages are those that have the ability to focus your visitor’s attention to a specific offer with minimal distraction as possible.

For your online business your clients are basically online web surfers. You depend on them for sales and revenue generation. It is easy to get lost in this hay stack that is the internet world. You strive to be visible and relevant to do that is to make your website effective as a marketing tool. To do this is with you will need an effective landing page.

There are also situations whereby you probably know nothing about code and you wish to optimize your website’s marketing potential with a great landing page. There is a lot of drag and drop landing page creators that you can use for your next project.

A good drag and drop landing page creator is one that allows you to create a responsive page with very little help.

It should help you create a high converting landing page even if you do not know a line of code. This way you are able to cut on the expenses of having to hire a technical help for your project.

We have therefore created a guide of the tips that you can use to create your own landing page creator and maximize the potential of your website.

High Converting Landing page with appealing headlineTip 1: Use an appealing headline to create high converting landing page

A landing website helps you convert the visitors of your website into leads by collecting information from them. For a visitor to leave sensitive information about them on your website then the landing page should be informative and contain all the components the make a landing website effective and this starts with a creative headline.

A creative headline is the first thing the visitor will see and for this purpose it should be precise, creative and straight to the point.

Use exciting fonts and colors and strive to capture your visitor’s imagination and attention with just the heading alone.

Tip 2: Don’t bore us with too much information. I am bored cartoon image

What comes next after the heading in a landing page is a short description of the offer and its value to the client. For proper online marketing you should strive to deliver this information in a clear and precise manner without being too wordy.

Online users have a short attention span so you risk boring them if you use lengthy bits of text. And one mistake that most people are guilty of is the use of complex jargon in their product description and details. This is wrong and will even cost you potential clients.

So avoid this in your offer description.

Tip 3: Media formats are a great asset high converting landing page:

Images and videos are a great way to make your landing page appealing and attractive. They give your landing page the much needed “ummh” and effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Images are a great way to capture your visitor’s attention. The image should be placed strategically as part of the landing page. The image should be appealing and attractive as well.

Do not just use any image? Do not just pick any image from the internet and use it on your landing page. Use a good image and one that makes sense. Here I mean an image that is conversant with the goods or services that you are offering.

Videos are the in-thing when it comes to media formats for your landing page. The video should have a visible play button that immediately launches the video upon pressing play.

The video should tell exactly what they want to hear. In this case it is the reason why your products and services are better that others in the market.

In this age of fast internet rates and broadband communication, you won’t have to worry that these videos will not load up on your visitor’s browser.

So the next time you sit down to create a landing page kindly incorporate a video for the best marketing efforts.

Tip 4: Do away with navigation on high converting landing page.

The high converting landing page you create should be able to communicate in an instant why the visitor needs your services. All the information that you think is relevant in making the visitor sign up with you should be availed in just one short page.

Since the purpose of a landing page is to increase your websites conversion rate, the call to action CTA button should be visible on your landing page.

The visitor should not have to scroll downward if they want to commit to your products or services in one way or another.

A clearly visible CTA button increases the chances of landing more clients for your goods or services.

In this regard the best landing page creator is the one that allows you to display and position your CTA button on the high converting landing page for effective marketing of your stuff.

Tip 5: Build excitement for new product with coming soon landing page

Coming soon landing page To do this effectively you will need a coming soon landing page creator. A great coming soon landing page creator is;

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to customize
  • Has additional services like a call to action button for increased conversion
  • Uses a bold topography and
  • Uses different media formats such as images and videos

This way you are able to build the anticipation of your visitors for your upcoming product and event. This a great way to increase the conversion rate of your website as your visitors scramble to be the first to experience your new product or service.

A coming soon landing page is a great investment for your online business and there are a lot of offers and discounts for such builders.

build trust to create high converting landing pageTip 6: Make your visitors trust you.

In the online business trust is very important. Since the visitors have no way of meeting you for a face to face talk at the first instant, it is vital that you find other ways to gain their trust and confidence.

There are ways in which you can achieve all these and they include:

  • Add a few testimonials of previous clients that you have worked with before. This way prospective clients feel safe in your care. They will then gladly sign up with you and this goes a long way in improving your online business conversion rate.
  • Add a few customer logos on your high converting landing page. This is a trust indicator and it makes potential feel that they are in safe hands and they won’t be exploited.
  • Assure your clients that the information they are sharing with you will remain private and confidential. Share their information with other third parties or use their information in any research or survey without their consent.

If these potential clients sign up with you or purchase any of your products or use any of your services. You treat them with respect and dedication, they will brag about you to their friends. Their friends, tired of being treated badly by other business will definitely sign up with you and this is good business for you.

This shows that the best form of marketing is by word of mouth. And you can achieve more business if you treat well the few clients that you have.

One way to do this is by earning the trust, confidence and acceptance of the few clients that you have. Use the mentioned trust badges on your website for the highest possible conversion rates.

Tip 7: Consistency is key in online marketing.

The information available on your landing page should be consistent with the information on your other websites pages.

Do not gain the attention of your online visitors with what I would refer to as “false advertisement”. This is a problem that affects most of the websites that I have visited and I still do not understand why they do this.

The high converting landing page has really amazing offers but once you sign up things are not as rosy. You feel short changed and decide not to visit that site again. But you have already signed up for their newsletter and your mailbox constantly receives “junk” mail from these people.

This is one way to lower your conversion rate as this person is likely to bad mouth your business. We all know how quickly it takes for a topic to trend on these social sites.

In no time no one will want to sign up for your business. This is the time you start regretting your stupid decision to “false advertise”.

Be genuine; be real and ensure that there is consistency in the information that you choose to make public.











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