Software Giveaway – Win Big With the Rio 2016 Olympics


After the excruciating wait of four years, the summer Olympics have finally returned this time in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro and Tenorshare is doing software giveaway related to Olympics.

The city is not only the capital of the country but has also been a venue for the previous FIFA World Cup.
The Olympics are bigger and better every year. So much so, it becomes difficult to keep up with all of the events.

This year’s Olympics feature a total of 306 events based on 28 different sports. The total amount of athletes alone surpasses 11000. Brazil had made major investments in build up to the games, including the construction 9 new Olympic venues.

One can only begin to imagine the extravagance of such a large-scale event.

Is Olympics a hype?

It is not difficult to understand the hype surrounding the Olympics, once you look at it closely. With the variety of sports, there is something for everyone. Whether it is your own country winning gold or watching the mastery of world-class athletes, there is always excitement in the air.

This year’s Olympics have also been a “first” too many things. It is the first Olympics to be held in a South American city. It is also the first time Kosovo and South Sudan are competitors in the games.

More interestingly, this year a team of “refugees” is also competing, to demonstrate solitude with Syrian victims.

Are the tables reversed?

As expected, USA and China are currently leading the medal table. However, the games have just begun and will be final results will be indecisive till the 21st of August, when the Olympics are officially closed for another 4 years.

What's in it for you?

In all of this hype and excitement, Tenorshare has also decided to share the Olympic-love with its fans by giving away its awesome  software iCareFone for free to select lucky winners. This is a software giveaway!

How to participate in the software giveaway?

If you want to enter this giveaway, all you need to do is follow this link. Upon reaching the page, you will be greeted with a guessing question regarding the Rio Olympics. Currently, the question is to guess the winner of the Men’s Swimming Final. Once you have made your selection, fill the fields below it with your name and email. Lastly, press submit.
Remember, in order for you to qualify for the giveaway you need to get the answer right, so think before you finalize your selection. You’ll have to hold tight until the event takes place, after which the winner of the giveaway will be announced. There is also a countdown timer to the concerned Olympic event on the giveaway page. At the end of the contest, Tenorshare will email license codes to the winner. Make sure you double check your email.

Is software giveaway the only thing?

There is also another opportunity for you on the same giveaway to earn $10 credit for a Tenorshare purchase. You can do this by sharing this activity with your friends on social media, then sending a screenshot as proof to Tenorshare at this email.
Look out for Tenorshare’s upcoming giveaways as well, which are to guess the winners of volleyball and basketball on August 20th and 21st respectively.

What is iCareFone?




At this point, you must be wondering follow this link? Well, it is exactly what the name sounds like. Maintaining your iPhone done right. One of its biggest features is one which many people crave for, iTunes-free-FTP. That’s right, with this software you can transfer all your media from your PC to your phone without the hassle of syncing iTunes libraries.

It can also help manage your contacts-transfer them from your PC, delete duplicates and export from iDevice to your computer.
If that is not enough, it speeds up your phone as well. It will clear caches, delete temporary files and scan for viruses. All of this means a less “laggy” experience for you. If your iOS is in really bad shape, then iCareFone caters to that too.




It can fix operating system and boot issues by making firmware downloads easy and simple. iCareFone is also capable of blocking ads from many apps, while maintaining system performance.
iCareFone completely replaces your iTunes suite with its easy to use interface and user accessibility. It can also be used to restore and backup your iPhone. This backup feature is more flexible and faster than the conventional backup.

This software also supports all iOS versions and devices, from first generation to the latest iPhone 6S. iPhones, iPads and iPods are all compatible with the utilities included in iCareFone. It even supports the newest iOS 9.3.4.

Also, iCareFone does not use any exploits or security flaws to provide these tools and you don’t have to worry about any harm to your device or any apps on it.

While the full price of the iCareFone is $59.95, with this promotion, you have a chance to get it for free since its a software giveaway. So, don’t miss this excellent opportunity to get your hands on a great tool for your Apple devices.






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