11 Great Reasons for Web Professionals to Start Using Cloud Storage TODAY!

11 Great Reasons for Web Professionals to Start Using Cloud Storage TODAY!

Why does data need storage?

In today’s world of connectivity and social media, there are tons of data that needs storing. With the advent of gadgets, the storage mechanism has changed from a single place on the traditional PC to data now scattered everywhere.

It is important for these data files to be backed up in one, secure location. From chats to images, from important official data to statistics, data backup has become a central need.

This applies in particular to web professionals whose entire job description revolves around data and storage.

Cloud storage for data

The safety and security of data in a single location are of key concern to web professionals. Cloud storage can be defined as a service model wherein all your data can be stored, maintained, and managed.

In this media, data files will be backed up for future use. It can also be defined as a virtual location for your data that you can access from anywhere in the world.

The data is remotely stored in cloud storage and made available for users over the internet. This cloud storage is not free and requires monthly or annual compensation from the user.

cloud storage

One may have a genuine concern regarding the security and privacy of their stored data. However, cloud storage has now introduced encryption and authentication of data in response to these concerns.

Storing data via cloud storage has today become more a matter of choice than necessity. This is due to the numerous benefits of this storage facility.

Now, you don’t need to store files locally on your computer, as this consumes memory space and can end up slowing your device. Instead, you now have a secure, encrypted space to keep all these files.

Hence, storing data remotely through cloud storage is a huge advantage, and this medium has become a significant need across all entrepreneurial sectors.

Cloud storage today

The importance and need for cloud storage among both individuals and businesses can be assessed from the results of a recent survey. This research included approximately 800 business decision-makers.

According to the results, a significant number of organizations today are benefiting from this storage medium, and its adoption and usage have doubled over the last few years. By the end of 2017, the public cloud service market is expected to cross $244 Billion.

Furthermore, the many benefits of using cloud storage have made it even more popular, particularly for web professionals.

Given below are 11 reasons why web professionals should switch to cloud storage:

1. Easy to usecloud storage

The ease of usability of cloud storage makes it an essential tool for web professionals in their day-to-day interactions.

Moreover, it automatically creates default desktop folders for every device, be it a Mac-book or a PC.

This allows everyone to retrieve any file using the drag and drop option.

2. Saves hassle

The advent of cloud storage saves users a lot of unnecessary trouble. This makes it a critical service for web professionals.

Instead of emailing every file and attaching documents via email, sending the web link by accessing documents on the cloud saves time and effort.

3. Can be accessed globally

cloud storageThe easy accessibility of cloud storage contributes to its high demand among web professionals.

In addition to being locally accessible, cloud storage allows you to store and access your data anywhere in the world.

Hence, it can be very useful for web professionals who may need to travel extensively for work.

4. Allows for a backup plan

Every web professional needs a backup medium in the case of unexpected data loss or corruption. To avoid a potential crisis due to data loss, cloud storage can be used by web professionals.

The cloud keeps secure files of all data and provides access to it in the event the primary files become damaged.

In this way, the second copy of all business data is available to web professionals, which they can access anywhere in the world.

5. Enables massive cost savings

Managing and retaining data is a costly task. Storing and backing up data files is even costlier.

cloud storage

By using the cloud storage service, web professionals can automatically cut down on their annual costs.

On a per-data basis, one gigabyte of data—a massive chunk of data—costs only 3 cents to store.

The storage of information remotely does not incur additional charges.

The evidence of this may be analyzed from a report by Vertiv, which states that, on average, an outage can cost businesses an estimated loss of around $8000 to $9000 per minute. Hence, in the longer run, cloud storage becomes an essential tool for web professionals.

This is because it saves them from incurring extra expenses by ensuring their data is available at all times. In this way, it helps to boost the credibility and reputation of web professionals.

6. Extensive usage

The popularity of cloud storage may be assessed by the data from a report by the marketing intelligence firm, iHS iSuppli. The report states that the market for remote cloud storage services continues to expand rapidly.

It further claims that there were approximately 625 million cloud users in 2013 (five years ago). Today, its popularity among both private and professional sectors has increased exponentially, and the number of cloud users may be counted in billions.

As more and more professionals switch to cloud storage, the amount of data that can be shared with them also continues to increase.

cloud storage

It is hence imperative for web professionals to familiarize themselves with cloud storage software, as this technology is taking the business world by storm.

Now stay ahead of the competition and provide a premium service to clients who should become adept at using cloud storage.

7. Allows for smooth data collaboration

The collaboration of information is a core function of web professionals.

Instead of long threads of conversations with coworkers and heads regarding data collaboration, cloud storage eliminates the need for unnecessary, scattered work.

With the advent of cloud storage, now easily collaborate and keep all data files in one place using any device within reach. In this way, cloud storage streamlines the lengthy process of data collaboration.

This, in turn, conserves a lot of time, effort, and storage space for web professionals.

8. Compatibility with mobile devices

cloud storageThe days of working on a single device, in particular on a desktop computer, are long gone.

There has been a rapid shift in device usage from the traditional desktop computer to communication via tablets and smartphones.

In a 2016 survey, the primary reliance of any enterprise would shift from desktop computers to hand-held devices like mobiles and tablets.

In today’s technologically advanced era, many apps can convert your work device into a comfortable hot spot.

9. Can be connected to social networks

There is a critical need for web professionals to make connections. The cloud storage software gives its users the option of sharing files and folders publicly.cloud storage

This feature allows web professionals to connect and interact with other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Moreover, cloud storage providers also offer the option of connecting the software directly to social networks.

In this way, people you connect with on social networks can easily get in touch with you.

This allows web professionals to expand their network in the long run.

By so doing, cloud storage becomes critical to their function.

10. Ensures safety of data

cloud storageThe issue of data storage, encryption, and security is a central concern for any business.

By switching to a cloud storage application, web professionals can ensure the encryption, authentication, and secure transfer of their data files.

Since the primary aim of cloud storage is to store and safeguard data, it is far more reliable than any local storage feature in a thumbnail. Which can easily be stolen, copied, lost, or damaged.

For this reason, cloud storage usage has become an important requirement for web professionals.

11. Helps in better allocation of company resources

With the availability of cloud storage, a business can restructure the size of its IT department. This means that web professionals will become more adept and specialized at their tasks.

Incorporating new technology, software and servers can exert financial strain on the business as a whole. There also arises a crucial need to hire more staff to man the new equipment.

This further means a new cycle of training and pay calculation for the influx of new workers.cloud storage

Using cloud storage will prevent a drain on the company’s finances. It will further help to ensure efficient use of business resources.

Cloud storage streamlines and simplifies the functions of web professionals, making them more proficient at their job.

Hence, reflecting on the above-given points, it is evident to see that cloud storage can provide several advantages to web professionals.  You shouldn't rely on social platforms to manage and store your photos

Instead of storing important documents on a single device and running the risk of data corruption or damage, keep sensitive data on secure online software.

Furthermore, the cloud gives them the ability to access their data from any location in the world.

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