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In the competitive world of business, where the number of start-ups is increasing rapidly, the internet is the biggest asset for you to increase the survival chances of your business. You can make a smart of various tools that are available online to gain a competitive edge in the market

Let’s find out what strategies are adopted by your competitors and which online business tools are being used by the influencers. By knowing what’s helping the leading online businesses to achieve great success, you will have a better idea of what should be your next move!

So, let’s get started!

Best Online Business Tools -

1. WebCEO: Online SEO Tools

If you are trying to find an efficient way to implement your SEO strategies, WebCEO is the perfect tool for online small businesses.

WebCEO provides you with a set of over 15 SEO tools for keyword research, SEO audits, backlink audits, rank tracking and competitor research. It has proven to be one of the best services for online businesses, as it can save a lot of your resources with its unique SEO tools.

Best Online Business Tools - WebSEO

It offers a DIY SEO checklist, with the help of which you can set your individual SEO strategies and improve your presence online. With the help of its excellent features, such as SEO tools, branded SEO reports, and white label domain, WebCEO is the platform your small business needs.


  • 15 SEO Tools
  • DIY SEO Checklist
  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • SEO Lead Generation

2. ScrapeBox

This is a favorite online business tool among freelancers as well as leading marketing firms. ScrapeBox is a highly essential online business tool used for a wide range of tasks such as building links, scraping URLs, keyword research, and gathering emails for business leads.

Best Online Business Tools - Scrape Box

Link building and harvesting URLs from popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! are among the most popular features of ScrapeBox. It has been in operation since 2009 and trusted by major Fortune 500 companies.


  • Link Building Tools
  • Search Engine Scraper
  • Generates e-mail Lists
  • Keyword Scraper
  • Proxy Harvester

3. Uncode

This is one of the most essential online business tools that can make your business website visually appealing with its amazing and unique features. Without having to learn any programming language, you can build anything from scratch with the help of this pixel-perfect and multi-purpose online business tool.

20 Online Business Tools - Uncode

Uncode has excellent features like LayerSlider headers, a Visual Composer page builder, and an iLightbox Revolution Slider. This WordPress-designed online business tool offers flexibility and great attention to details with powerful, user-friendly, and super-attractive themes.


  • 40+ Visual Add-ons
  • Tailored Visual Composer
  • LayerSlider Headers
  • iLightbox Revolution Slider
  • Advanced Grid System

4. Visme

Visme is a design tool that provides simple yet powerful features along with key features of PowerPoint to enable non-designers to communicate visually. This is a wonderful online business tool that can help you to create printables such as posters, flyers, as well as infographics, presentations, graphs, and other forms of visual content.

20 Online Business Tools - Visme

You can easily create and design flyers for your clients easily with the help of the highly attractive features of this online business tool. You can download the flyers you create with Visme as high-resolution images or PDF files with crop marks or publish them online, or embed them to your website or download for offline use.


  • 500+ Templates, Thousands of Icons and Color Themes
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • 120 Beautiful Fonts
  • Fully Customizable Designs

5. Linkody

This online business tool covers all the tasks associated with link building processes and lets you focus exclusively on the backlink aspect of SEO. It can save you a lot of time while by performing various tasks like building backlinks, tracking them, and avoiding your business website to be penalized.

20 Online Business Tools - Linkody

Linkody is one of the best online small business tools, as it offers a variety of features at affordable prices. It makes several sources such as Moz, Majestic, and Google Analytics available for you to gather data and pull necessary links from. This online business tool can offer the most comprehensive link profile for your own business websites as well as for your competitors' websites.


  • 30-Days Free Trial
  • Conducts Deep Link Audits
  • Manages Linkbuilding Campaigns
  • Identifies and Disavows Harmful Backlinks
  • Notifies When You Lose or Competitors Gain Links

6. MotoCMS

A website creator from MotoCMS is an amazing online business tool, which offers a huge number of templates powered by Website Creator and are populated with niche-specific content. Its user-friendly admin panel can let you add various features to your website like countdown timers, popups, and progress bars.

20 Online Business Tools - MotoCMS


  • Drag-and-Drop Operation
  • Integration of Tools such as Google Map, Disqus, and Google Analytics
  • Video/Audio Integration
  • 14-days Free Trial

Also, the logo design services from MotoCMS can aid your branding or marketing campaigns and optimize your marketing expenses. This wonderful online business tool offers a great collection of attractive logo designs in various sizes and formats to promote your brand effectively. It also makes available a number of premium logos with 100% editable vector files.

7. Nightwatch

This online business tool is actually an advanced search visibility tracker, which is mainly designed for SEO experts as well as experienced internet marketers. It comes with innovative features that can help you to enhance the ranking and visibility of your business website on search engines, as well as focus on the backlink aspect of SEO.

20 Online Business Tools - Nightwatch

The amazing features of this online business tool include advanced visualization, segmentation for backlinks monitor and keywords, customizable drag-and-drop reports, and automatic keyword discovery. This online business plan tool can automate SEO-related tasks to help your business website to rank on targeted keywords and grow your online business effectively.


  • Creative Visualization
  • Smart Notification
  • Drag and Drop Customization Tools
  • Customized SEO Report
  • Advanced Keyword Discovery Tools

8. WP Legal Pages

As it is mandated by the law to declare all the legal policies on your business website, hiring a legal expert is a must. But what if I tell you that you can skip the part where have to hire a legal expert and pay a fortune to protect your content legally? WP Legal Pages is the perfect online business tool that can automate this task for you.

20 Online Business Tools - WP Legal Pages

WP Legal Pages is one of the best online business management tools that provides templates of all the important legal policies for your online business. You can upload your legal policies on your business website by just entering your business details and hitting SAVE button.

Pro version of this online business tool features around 24 templates of legal policies such as Linking Policy, Digital Goods Refund Policy template, COPPA - Children’s Online Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use.


  • 24+ Templates of Important Legal Policies
  • Affiliate Disclosure Addition
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Option to Force Agreement

9. HumCommerce

This is one of the most popular business tools that help business owners with important and actionable insights to grow the online presence of their businesses. After the experience of interacting with the owners and managers of established e-Commerce businesses, HumCommerce can provide you with important and helpful business insights.

20 Online Business Tools - HumCommerce

This online business tool is also an online business analysis tool, which can accurately analyze your product performance, visitor activities, sales performance, and conversion rates. With the help of its amazing analytical features, this online business tool can help you with the best insights for your online business.


  • Analyzes Sales Performance
  • Form Analytics
  • Search Insights
  • Visitors’ Behavior Analysis
  • Identifies Crawling Errors

10. SurveyFunnel

This is an essential online business tool that can implement advanced marketing strategies for the excellent growth of your online business. This can prove to be a wonderful online business management tool as it allows you to create automated business surveys and integrate them with leading marketing tools.

20 Online Business Tools - Survey Funnel

These surveys will let you identify the likes and dislikes of your potential consumers and plan your marketing strategies accordingly. This online business management tool will help you to create various surveys, forms, as well as take feedback from your potential customers.


  • Lead Generation Analytics
  • Customizable Forms
  • Complete Customer Support
  • Call-to-Action Overlay
  • Modern Themes for Survey Forms

11. Codester

If you think that buying and selling web development assets is a daunting task, you need to try this amazing online business management tool right away. Building websites and apps will become a much easier task after you try your hands on this online business tool.

20 Online Business Tools - Codester

Codester comes with various features such as app templates, PHP scripts, plugins, and themes apt for a CMS. Although Codester is still a young marketplace, it offers over 5000 items for sale. With its lowest price guarantee and zero transaction fees, this online business tool is gaining popularity among business owners rapidly.


  • 5000+ Templates, Plugins, and Themes
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • 70% Commission Rate
  • 4 Free Downloadable Items Every Week

12. InvoiceBerry

This is one of the most important online small business tools that attract small business owners and freelancers with its online invoicing software. It can help you to keep track of your finances without having to spend a lot of time as well as money. It is a straight-forward online small business tool that can automate most of your finance-related tasks.

20 Online Business Tools - InvoiceBerry

The InvoiceBerry Online Invoicing feature of this online business tool comes with a 30-days free trial. It can help new users to try their hands on this essential online business tool without any obligations.


  • 200+ Currencies
  • Connect With PayPal, WePay, and Stripe
  • Create, Send, and Manage Invoices Easily
  • Schedule Recurring Invoices

13. Host-tracker

This is a website monitoring tool that automates and simplifies that tasks associated with website maintenance and content management. It targets a variety of aspects of website management such as checking if a web page is on, database tests, and scheduling website maintenance.

20 Online Business Tools - HostTracker

This online business tool keeps an eye on your online business websites and servers 24X7. It can notify you via desired way such as SMS, email, Skype, or Hangout if your domain certificate is going to expire or if your website is listed on a DNS blacklist. It can also manage your Adwords campaigns and get important diagnostics in case of any problems.


  • Response Time Tracking
  • 24X7 Track of Website Functions
  • Content Management
  • Domain Certification Monitoring
  • AdWord Management

14. Botsify

You can create intelligent chatbots for your online business with the help of this smart online business tool. You can create an automated chatbot for your website customer support as well as for Facebook. This online business plan tool can make use of its AI capabilities to read and understand the exact queries of your probable customers.

20 Online Business Tools - Botsify

It is very easy to create a chatbot for your website with this online business tool. Chatbots created using Botsify can analyze your website content and build a perfect personalized demo for your online business.

Its intelligent query matching algorithms will let you generate more leads for your business than ever. The chatbots created with this online business tool can be integrated with three platforms – website, Facebook, and Amazon Alexa.


  • Intelligent Query Matching Algorithm
  • Compatible With Website, Facebook, and Alexa Platforms
  • AI Capabilities
  • Smart Push Notifications

15. Renderforest

This online business plan tool is actually a cloud-based online video maker that offers you the easiest way to create and promote your services or products. You can easily make creative promotional videos and ad campaigns to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

20 Online Business Tools - Renderforest

With over 400 video templates provided by this essential online business tool, you can create logo animations, explainer animations, full business presentations, and video commercials. These video templates are highly customizable, which lets you change the styles and colors, and arrange the scenes in your videos campaigns as per the requirements.


  • Publish on Social Media
  • 400+ Video Templates
  • 115+ High-quality Royalty-free Images
  • Commercially Licensed Music Tracks

16. SEOPop

This is another online business management tool that can optimize the SEO of your online business website while performing a wide range of analytical functions. This online business tool closely tracks several user activities on your website and compile important information from search engines.

20 Online Business Tools - SEOPop

The native APIs of this online business tool help website developers to integrate the various features with useful applications easily. By performing important analytical functions such as keyword analysis, IP analysis, and domain analysis, SEOPop can help you to improve your online presence in many ways.


  • Rank and Index Analysis
  • Native API and Widget
  • Code Minifier
  • Google URL Shortener
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Malware Scan

17. BackupBreeze

If you want to protect your online business from cyber threats and internet emergencies, you must use this essential online business tool. BackBreeze is a WordPress tool, with the help of which you can take regular backups and protect your content from hackers and threats.

20 Online Business Tools - Backup Breeze

BackupBreeze is compatible with all the versions of WordPress. This online business plan tool can help you to prevent your online business from any loss caused due to server failure, hacking, or faulty updates. It can also let you schedule backups and automate the restoring processes.


  • File/Directory Select for Backups
  • Easy Restore from Backup
  • User-friendly WordPress Plugin
  • Auto-Schedule Backups
  • Complete Customer Support

18. WP Exit Popup

WP Exit Popup is an extremely essential online business tool that can that incorporate intelligent exit intent technology. It can trigger an exit popup when your visitor is about the leave the page.

It closely monitors the visitors’ activities on your website and induces a popup to engage users with innovative offers, deals, announcements, or feedback surveys.

20 Online Business Tools - WP Exit PopUp

By making your user linger around for a little longer on your business website, this online business too can help you to generate more leads.


  • Integrated with MailChimp, Aweber, and Campaign Monitor
  • Builds e-mail Lists
  • Free Helpful Resources
  • Customer Feedback and Surveys
  • Customizable Popup Templates

19. KeywordXP

KeywordXP is an excellent online small business tool that can search for long-tail keywords that are relevant to the content on your website. This online business tool runs on both, Windows and Mac.

20 Online Business Tools - KeywordXP

With the help of this online business tool, you can easily check the phrases of your choice, and it will give you the most-searched keyword bye users.

It fine tunes the further search by comparing your keywords with the keywords that your competitors are ranking on. By searching through a pool of various useful resources, KeywordXP maximizes the keyword research effectively.


  • Runs on Mac and Windows
  • Domain-specific Searches
  • Location-specific Searches
  • Useful Resources

20. EvergreenFeed

This online business management tool offers the most powerful and easy-to-use social media automation add-on for your online business website. It lets you connect your social media profiles via Buffer and schedule when to post your best evergreen blog content on social media.

20 Online Business Tools - Evergreen Feed

It can save your time as well as resources by scheduling the same evergreen posts every week and improve your reach with a frequent posting schedule.


  • Automates Social Media Operation
  • Simple Setup
  • Links All the Social Media Accounts
  • Free Accounts

21. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill logo maker is an artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered tool. One can create their own logo by letting the tool know about their preferences, and the tool will create a logo within a few seconds.

The tool provides complete access to customize logos as per requirement and also shows a real-time preview on multiple products. One can download their logo by selecting various available packages according to your budget.

These are some of the best business tools that most online business owners are investing in. Did you find any helpful insights through this article? Mention them in the comment section below and let us know which other business tools have helped you grow your online business.

22. Screencast-O-Matic

An intuitive video maker! Mix and match videos from multiple devices. Add background music and sound effects to enhance your videos. Use effects such as green screen, animations, and overlays including images, video, text, and more!

video maker

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