The Magic Of Instagram Marketing For Growing Business Needs

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Every business needs a social media presence in order to thrive today. Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy is one sure way of reaching your target audience.

Instagram, is one of these platforms that you need to integrate into your marketing approach.

Consumers are drawn to Instagram, as a way of helping them connect with their favorite brands. The increased usage has changed the social media game entirely.

And why not?

Instagram has appealing features that create an incredible business potential for brands. These include the stories, visuals, and various Adoptions.

Whether your business is on Instagram or not, here are some reasons why the platform is revolutionizing social media marketing.

Allows Business To Connect With Target Audience

Businesses can now create personalized lines of communication with their audience. Practicing this builds not only lasting relationships and loyalty but also attracts new clients. Instagram allows brands to create relevant hashtags, which cultivates a two-way conversation with their followers.

There is so much value gained from making your audience a part of your world. Creating user-generated content is not only rewarding but also gets you more followers. Moreover, Instagram allows brands to use visuals as one way of developing, attracting and absorbing the target market.

Boosts Brand Awareness

Brand awareness goes hand in hand with influencer marketing. Most brands have realized the importance of influencers when it comes to social media marketing, notably Instagram. As a business owner, you may not have the time or skills to connect with your audience.

Instagram influencers consider the most critical factors when cultivating brand loyalty. To match up with the target audience, they need to hone online behavior. Analyzing engagement levels and demographic details also goes a long way in creating a content that generates more clicks.

Influencers are also able to shine a spotlight on these brands through creative campaigns. It requires aggressive content marketing using hashtags and visuals to leverage the trust of their followers. Achieving brand loyalty always amount to more conversions, thus increased revenue for a business.

Drives Direct Sales

Instagram introduced a new feature designed to enhance consumers shopping capabilities. It has genuinely improved e-commerce leading to more direct sales for various brands. Posts geared to drive sales now consist of a tiny shopping bag icon.

Consumers can easily spot these posts and purchase their favorite products. Given the success of the shopping posts, Instagram has further introduced a multi-image function. Businesses can now post an item and tag the catalog on the same post.

When paired with Instagram stories, this feature is bound to generate more sales for a company. You can also offer coupons and discount vouchers on various items to your consumers through stories and shopping posts.

It also creates a sense of urgency to your followers and also encourages them to make the purchases to get the deals. As a result, you get more leads and conversions, which lead to sales and increased revenue.

Instagram is a magical platform when it comes to social media marketing. We have already discussed how Instagram is beneficial to a business. But do you know how to get the most out of it?

Here are a few tips to help you convert your audience into customers:

Create Shoppable Posts

From the above discussion, we have talked about the new Instagram shopping feature which has revolutionized e-commerce. Your Instagram should not only be about creating brand awareness. Make it possible to buy items directly from your posts.

Once your followers click on your posts, the images should lead directly to your product pages where they can make purchases. You make more sales, and your followers get their favorite items. Everybody is happy and your business keeps thriving.

Utilize Instagram Stories

This is one of the reasons why Instagram has been gaining rapid popularity. With more than 250 million viewers daily, a business can greatly benefit from this feature. By stringing along visuals, GIFs, and videos relevant to your users, you can create a narrative capable of attracting new followers. This may also include product reviews, testimonials, Q&A’s and anything else that allows your audience to connect with your brand.

Instagram has also introduced a story highlights feature. You can now keep your content for longer than 24 hours on the feed. This means that more people can now view and engage with your content, which can work wonders for your brand awareness.

However, most brands tend to overlook the power of Instagram stories. This is mainly because for an average business, it’s hard to track these stories without proper reporting tools. The stories usually disappear after twenty-four hours, making it hard to record the content and the engagement.

The good news is, there is a range of tools you can employ for this. They make it easier for companies to track their stories and measure the engagement.

Always Include A Call To Action

Given that its mainly a visual platform, most businesses overlook the power of the call to action. Including this description in your posts directs customers to the next step to take. It makes the shopping experience a lot easier, and you get great reviews in return.

A CTA is one proven way you can get more leads and conversions. Once your followers read a post, they will want to know what comes next. This should always lead to your products page. You can also employ third-party apps to optimize your page, update links and captions whenever necessary.

Re-post User Generated Content

Convincing new followers to buy your products can be quite hard. Posting visuals of your items and using hashtags may not give you the results you need. You can ask your clients to take selfies with your items and tag you on their Instagram posts.

Repost the content as positive reviews and use this to generate interest from your new followers. User-generated content has a great sense of relatability and reliability that converts your viewers into buyers.

Reward Your Followers

You have to keep your audience interested in your products if you want the sales to keep rolling in. Getting users on your page is easy, converting this to actual buyers is the tasking part. One way to achieve this is by using promo codes to generate interest.

Offering discounts to your followers makes them easily open their wallets. It’s also a great way to add value to the products and experience you offer on Instagram every day. Use catchy hashtags to attract clients and drive conversions.

Once Instagram users know that they can always get great discounts on your items, they are bound to stick around and buy more.

Wrapping up

Instagram should always form part of your social marketing strategy. Using the various tips we have given above will generate more leads, and drive your sales giving you more revenue. By using the platform to create brand awareness, you add more value to your products.

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