How To Combine Social Media With SEO

How To Combine Social Media With SEO

If you are highly engrossed in online marketing, you’d surely know how much importance a proper social media strategy holds for businesses. Not just it helps you create a classy appeal for your brand but also contributes to increased revenue. On the top of that, there are several other techniques that turn out to be helpful in marketing, such as SEO and more.

Talking about social media & search engine optimization, most of the time, people perceive it to be two different concepts altogether. While that isn’t a wrong mindset, it is also true that social media & SEO can work hand-in-hand to establish your brand.

When you combine these two aspects, you can gain a lot of valuable information regarding your target audience. Right from their background to their search habit, keywords that they are surfing, browsers they are using, etc. can be assessed.

Furthermore, with these two aspects in conjunction, you can even increase your brand presence on social media, boost search engine ranking, and enhance authority.

If you are thinking how to execute these two things together, here is everything you need to know.

Appropriate Use of Keywords:

Whether your brand is already developed or slowly evolving, it is essential to know and understand what your target audience is talking about you. Here, you’d have to understand the search terms that are being used for your brand and keep an eye over them consecutively.

This is where search engine optimization comes into the picture. To begin the entire game by combining social media with SEO, it is vital to comprehend frequently searched terms related to your domain. With this data, you’d be able to find out what your audience is exactly looking for.

As soon as you’ve discovered the search terms or keywords, you can use them to analyze how they are working on the social media and which platform is supporting them the most. And then, accordingly, you can use those terms or keywords in your social media engagement posts.

Using the Power of Influencers:

In the current world, influencers are considered as one of the most knowledgeable people in a particular domain. Not just they have a massive fan following on social media, but people even consider their words to be true.

In such a scenario, if you can attract an influencer and get him/her on your side, you can then relish a lot of benefits. To begin this, you’d have to know who the primary influencers of your domain are. Once done, you’d have to approach them, then, to contribute in your content.

If they agree readily, you can then post that content across every social media channel to engage your target audience with ease. If you can manage to viral your content on social media, this will surely help you gain a boost in your SEO ranking.

Make your Social Media Reach Diversified:

It’s true that the more social networks you are present on, the more engagement and exposure you’ll get. If you are only restricted to attracting an audience on Twitter and Facebook, you can even take a step ahead and spread your brand’s presence on LinkedIn as well as Instagram.

Every post that you’ll be creating for one particular social media platform, you can post the same on other platforms as well with a bit of tweak and optimization. However, make sure that the platforms you are using are relevant to your brand and your target audience is present on them.

As long as you are coming up with attractive and valuable social media graphics, you’ll get a significant number of views or shares. And, through this, you can enhance your chances of ranking higher. However, most of the times, startups hesitate from using a number of platforms because of the additional responsibility of managing them altogether. If such is the case with you as well, you can use tools that will help you manage social media platforms with ease.

Merging Local SEO with Local Social Media:

If you are coming up with a new venture, executing website SEO is one of the primary things that will make its place in your To-do list, right? However, with this, you may even understand the importance of taking baby steps. You wouldn’t go on and target the global audience straightforwardly, unless you aren’t short of resources, just to market your brand.

In most likelihood, you’d start with local SEO. Attracting local customers and audiences is far better than tapping a global market, isn’t it? Similarly, you can apply this technique to your social media platforms as well.

Instead of flowing money on campaigns targeting an international audience, you can simply start joining local communities and groups on social media. With considerable exposure to these niche-specific groups, not only you’d be able to get boosted search traffic but increased viewer-base as well, which will impact your SEO ranking positively.

Content that is Engaging:

While there’s always a dubiousness regarding how effective social shares might be to boost SEO rank, you must keep in mind that your social media profiles surely influence your search result. Not just that, often, social media profiles are one of the top results in Google whenever you search for a particular brand.

Right from the Facebook page to the Twitter account, Pinterest, Instagram, and more, you’ll surely come across the social media profiles of companies in a first or second page of the search result, isn’t it?

Therefore, it becomes important to keep your accounts active. If you are a newbie in the market, your audience will surely click on your profiles to understand your brand values and offerings. And, if they wouldn’t find anything relevant or updated on your page, they are most likely to close the tab once and for all.

Keep Attraction Organically:

There is no denying the fact that it has become not just possible but easier as well to buy followers on social media. In fact, you’d even have come across people selling a particular number of followers, likes or shares within inexpensive prices.

Furthermore, it is even well-known that Google considers the number of followers to rank pages. Not just you can acquire followers by sharing engaging and valuable content, you can even compel them to return to your page, which will, in turn, boost your SEO ranking.

However, you must make sure that you are just engaging quality and genuine followers. Google can always differentiate between fake and authentic followers. Hence, you wouldn’t want to invest time and money just to come under the red mark by Google, right?

Auditing Social Media:

As much as you would consider auditing your website to make it appropriate for SEO, you must do the same with your social media accounts, too. There is no denying the fact that social media platforms comprise uncountable brands today. If you go on assessing your niche, you’d be surprised to see how many brands are available on the internet – with far better followers than you.

In such a situation, you should be following a game plan that will help you take steps ahead. Start from analyzing your position. See where you are going wrong and what is it that your competitors are doing to attract and engage the audience.

Create a clear set of objectives. And, stick to them. Whether it is about posting something on social media or going live, make sure you aren’t going off the track. And then, the use of keywords is even essential. You can use specific keywords in your social media posts to boost ranking and search results.

Interaction is Important:

It’s obvious and quite prevalent that attracting followers and establishing brand awareness seems to be important aspects of social media. However, if you think that your responsibility finishes off just by posting content on social media, you are wrong.

Ignoring comments or letting go of debates sparked on your page is a wrong practice for SEO. Hearing to and communicating with your audience engaged on your page will not only enhance your brand presence but will also improve your brand authority in your domain.

Making your audience happy, addressing their issues, solving their problems, answering their questions will leave a positive impact on them and will also polish the image of your brand. This will, in turn, encourage more customer engagements. In a way, all of these factors contribute somehow to search engine optimization.

On the top of that, the more people get to know your brand, the more they will search for it online.


Combining social media with search engine optimization isn’t an out-of-the-box or a unique concept. Instead, if applied correctly, it can reap a lot of benefits to your brand.

And then, there are even several tools available online that will help you execute such strategies vehemently. You can even use tools to make everything automatic, right from messages to reposts.

Now you’d know how beneficial it can be to conduct SEO on social media. Follow these techniques and rank your brand higher on search engines.  

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