How To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

How To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Today, a majority of brands have understood the importance of being active on social media. Despite that, they don’t pay enough heed to the engagement value. If you are shouting out into the void and not taking enough time to communicate with your followers, indeed, you are missing out on opportunities that may lead to high engagement on your social media channels.

On the other hand, upon interacting on a regular basis, you build such relationships that can be easily converted to attain profit. Therefore, social media engagement is a metric that should be considered very attentively.

Furthermore, while expanding the audience size may seem easier, some businesses haven’t had the chance to crack through such techniques and tactics that would help them increase engagement.

So, if you were exploring for such diamond till now, your search ends here. You’ll find some of the best tactics to improve your social media engagement in this post. Read on.

Analysing is Important:

Out of everything else, this one is an important aspect. Even before you begin with the strategy, analyze your social media platforms. Look into Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to understand more about the position where you are standing.

Furthermore, also know when your audience is active the most. This information is vital because it lets you have an idea of how when you should post the most. Knowing the exact time when your audience is active gives you an upper edge.

Based on the data that you are going to accumulate from looking into social media analyses, curate a strategy that would match best with your social media goals and expectations. Stick to that strategy and get the best results.

Incorporate Images to Your Posts:

Over the period, social media users have evolved from just reading text posts to getting attracted towards pictures and more. Therefore, one of the best methods to increase engagement is to integrate visual content into your strategy.

Be it on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform; pictures are meant to allure people and increase the chances of them interacting with your posts in a better way. There are such social media platforms that are entirely dedicated to pictures, such as Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram. So, you can easily make use of them.

If you think you lack the proficiency of creating striking visual content and don’t have enough budget to hire someone for this task, you can make use of Social Media Templates. Easy-to-use and customize, these templates banners crafted in proper resolution. They will surely make your work hassle-free and easier.

Respond to Your Customers:

Most people are only using social media to post content. And, that’s where they are going utterly wrong. Social media platforms aren’t only to post content and expect your audience to like or share it. However, if you use these platforms correctly, you may also convert it into customer catering platform.

It is quite obvious that your target audience remains online 24/7. Hence, if they come across any problem or there is a question popping in their head, they wouldn’t take the initiative to give you a call or shoot an email.

Most probably, they may contact you through your social media channels. And, if you fail to respond to their queries or provide them a solution then and there, they might completely eradicate you from the list of trustworthy brands. Therefore, it becomes essential to interact with them and respond to them on social media.

Keep Your Consistency Level High:

It is nothing but understandable that running a business isn’t a small deal. More so, if you are a newcomer, you wouldn’t have a massive team to rely upon with different aspects. And so, when it comes to being consistent on social media, you may lag behind in this game.

This irregularity might be the biggest reason why your audience isn’t engaging with your brand. You are updating your page once, and then you don’t put any update for days or weeks altogether. Chances are, within this period, your audience may even completely forget your brand’s existence.

In such a scenario, you can use a social media scheduler tool that help you schedule posts for almost every social media platform, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and more. These scheduler tools also allow you to connect different platforms. Therefore, you can schedule posts on every platform right from one place. That would be quite easier, no? What do you think?

Sharing Relevant Content:

There doesn’t exist any rulebook that claims that a brand must share specific content created by them. If you think that someone else is posting better and relevant content, you can share that on your page.

In this way, your customers will get attracted and would know that you can simply give them something worthwhile, regardless of whether it is coming from your kitty or someone else’s. Also, another fact that will keep your customers interested in that you are sharing diverse content that is coming from varied contributors.

Not just you can share other businesses’ content, but you can even share your customers or followers’ posts. Furthermore, if you are already an established name in the industry, sharing posts of your followers will fill them with thrill and excitement.

Have a look at this image below. Coca-Cola shares all those posts that positively promote their brand with a hashtag.

You can even begin your hashtag trend and encourage people to talk about your brand.

Make Use of Social Media Marketing Tools:

The internet has bestowed marketers and businesspeople with an extensive range of advanced social media marketing tools. And, what are you even doing if you aren’t using them to the fullest? There is a wide range of tools that not just help you schedule posts but even customize messages, image dimensions, along with posting times.

Furthermore, with these tools, you can even revive your old posts and make them famous among your audience. You can even shorten links and create marketing plans that would help increase your social media engagement efficiently.

The best part is that you can even get one tool that is proficient enough to do all of these things easily. A tool like Viraltag would be beneficial for those who are looking forward to getting several things done from one place.

Make Use of Stories:

Regardless of the era, you are coming from; it is essential to move step-by-step with the trends. And, in the recent time, one thing that has brought revolution to social media platforms is the ability to post stories.

Since it is quite a new thing for a majority of people, they are extremely inclined to it. The possibility is, almost half of your followers would watch your stories on a daily basis. And, the good thing is that you wouldn’t even have to manage them. They anyhow get disappeared within 24 hours.

You can even use a tool that will help you create animated stories efficiently. Such tools come with different categories and even provide a variety of customizing options, including image, audio, text, colors, and much more.

Add a Sense of Humor:

These days, the audience isn’t a big fan of serious and grave kind of content. After all, no wonder why memes are so famous. So, if it is relatable, you can try adding a bit of humor and quirkiness to your social media posts.

Most of the times, people only follow brands because they get to stumble upon such posts that are humorous and funny. For instance: have a look at this one-

Most of the times, it becomes difficult to get through the noise of social media to gain your audience attention. If your posts are excessively promotional, your audience won't take a second to scroll right past it.

However, when you post something humorous, you provide them value and brighten their otherwise dull day. This funny kind of content ought to bring a smile on several faces. As a result, you will see a significant increase in social media engagement and shares.

Try Adding Emojis:

One of the important things that you should be cautious about is there isn’t a clear tone indication when you have a textual communication. You can make it better by adding a feeling to a post. So, in a way, emojis can help people understand what you are feeling.

Social media platforms, like Facebook and more, have even provided an opportunity to use stickers. So, you surely have an abundance of the library of stickers to navigate through and choose the perfect one in your posts.

Not just that, but when you are interacting with your customers, whether it is a small reply on a comment or telling them something in the inbox section, you can use emojis and stickers to make it look more creative.


Increasing social media engagement isn’t a one-day process. Instead, it is an ongoing one. Initially, you’d have to spend some time understanding your customer behavior, and then some more time interacting with them.

You would have to use different social media tools to keep your engagement game higher. So, if you haven’t started the journey, begin today. Keep these tips in mind and create a bang-on strategy to get an amazing outcome.

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