5 Stellar Ways to Ramp Up Your Freelance Business

5 Stellar Ways to Ramp Up Your Freelance Business

Whether you are launching your freelance business or have been growing it for years, it takes sheer commitment and perseverance to guarantee long-term success. Growing your freelance business requires you to not only find new clients but also consistently retain the clients you already have.

Unless you hire someone to do it for you, nobody is going to find clients or keep track of your finances for you. That’s why you need a solid plan for growing your freelance business. Regardless of your niche and industry, there are a few necessary things you must consider before start reaping the benefits of your freelance career.

Here are five simple ideas to keep in mind-

5 Simple Ideas to Grow Your Freelance Business

Create an eBook or Whitepaper

Detailed and quality resources such as case studies, white papers, and eBooks help businesses demonstrate their expertise on a subject matter. When you create a resource like this, it’s important not to cut corners. If your eBook or white paper isn’t fully comprehensive and more informative than your competitors, you’re not going to get the benefit you need from it.

Even though such resources require a significant investment of time and money, writing white papers and eBooks brings significant value to your audience. Such resources are proven ways to trigger sales and almost always justify the expense.

Partner with Another Business

A great way to grow your freelance business is to collaborate with other prominent companies. This is rarely a competitor; it’s typically a business that doesn’t provide exactly the same products or services as you, but something closely related. For instance, Outlaw Soaps sells a variety of soaps and lotions; take a look at some examples of these here. These are products that pair well with spa treatments and other personal “self-care” products and services. A business such as this might partner with a massage parlor, offering a coupon for one company to clients who purchase from the other.

To form this type of partnership, find mutual contacts or customers who can introduce you to key position holders. You can also try out the conventional cold-calling method, but be careful when approaching companies directly. If you make a bad impression, you might poison the well for any future interactions with them.

Network at Conferences

Freelancing doesn't mean you have to cut ties with the outside world. Make sure to attend seminars and conferences about your niche. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great places to know about upcoming events in your local area. This way, you will always be in touch with like-minded people, potential clients, and even past customers.

You can also sign up for speaking at an event to show your authority in your chosen niche. Don’t forget to give out your business cards or portfolio samples in branded binders to all influential people you meet during these events. Having all of your materials in one customized package helps to ensure that they stay organized and makes them more memorable to your recipient. You’ll want your binders to be high quality to create a better impression; a great selection of durable and customizable binders can be found here.

Choose Your Clients Carefully

When you’re trying to grow your business as much as possible, saying “no” to a potential client might seem completely counterintuitive. But sometimes the wrong client can create more problems for your business than they’re worth, especially if they don’t share your values or if they’re asking for more than you can reasonably provide.

You only have so many resources to invest, so it’s important to focus only on relationships that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

Encourage word-of-mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are especially beneficial when you are starting out your business. It is imperative that your brand has a few evangelists who are enthusiastic about spreading the word about your products and services. You should also reward your most loyal clients by offering a reward or a giveaway.

Bonus Tips

  • No freelance business can soar high without keeping an inventory or managing finances. It is imperative that you open separate banking accounts for keeping track of all business transactions. A simple spreadsheet or inexpensive account software can set the basis for your financial management. Later, you can hire an assistant to run your finances.
  • Self-promote your services to make the most out of your contact list. Investing in email marketing campaigns and paid ads are also great ways to advertise your freelance career. Make sure you add a link back to your social media channels or website to trigger a response.
  • Growing your team is also a crucial step in expanding your venture, whether you need some sales help to acquire more clients or a social media marketer to increase your visibility.

Final Thoughts

Growing your freelance business may seem a challenging job in the beginning. Many people fail to stand the test of time and give up halfway through. But once you successfully establish your online presence and acquire a decent audience, you can legitimize your business and earn more revenue.

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