Passwords Made Easily Secured And Memorable

Passwords Made Easily Secured And Memorable- Secure Password Now!

In this blog article, we highlight the importance of having strong and secure passwords. Here you will get some useful password security tips to create a strong and secure password.

Why are passwords so Important? Why do almost all the websites ask to keep a secure password with more than 8 characters?

Because the password is often the only thing protecting your private data and your sensitive information from hackers. So it becomes very important to have a strong and secure password.

We use passwords to protect our computers, bank accounts, social media accounts, and online shopping. It becomes difficult to remember passwords for each and every website. So we go for simple words and number combinations.

Like, ‘123456’ or just ‘password’.

Oops, did we just guess your password? 🤭

Many people use their personal information in a password which is very easy to crack. Hackers collect such information about victims and try to take unauthorized access over their digital fortune.

Using a dictionary word or website name in the password is a bad idea. Bad passwords are often less than 8 characters. But a long password can be weak too. And a bad password is the easiest way to compromise your security.

It takes less than a second to a computer to break 8 characters long password.

That’s not a joke.!!! A computer program can go through the possibilities of your password and take out your online privacy protector.

But … But … My password is just 6 digits long. 😐

Yes, your password is really really bad.

Using misspelled words such as ‘paasward’ is also a bad choice. As a computer can check the permutation of all the characters, it is often advised to keep the password longer than 8 characters.

But, just having an 8 character or longer password is not enough. As we see ‘password’ is itself an 8 character word. Passwords should be longer and secure.

Password Security Tips -

But What does a Secure Password means?

A good practice for passwords is to use the combination of uppercase, small case, numbers, and special characters. Which most of the websites recommend. Online password generator tools help us to get such a long and random password.

For example, a 16 character long password can be like 'x`47YKnPF9w`Hhc.

But how do you even remember such random characters? It looks like a serial number of some hardware product that too with some weird special characters. Isn’t it?

Thankfully, we have tools like Sticky Password. Sticky Password generates random and strong passwords for us. It also stores in its safe vault. So whenever you go to the website, just with a click you can log in safely.

Writing down your password can be very harmful to you. Anyone can shoulder sniff you or find your password near your desk. That’s why using tools Sticky Password is recommended.

Using a passphrase instead of a password is a very good practice. Think about a passphrase which you can remember easily. Long passphrases will be too long for brute-force attacks and not so easily crackable by hackers. Use words which are unlikely to be in the dictionary.

Check this out, get lyrics from your favorite song, “Something just like this”. Let’s combine these words and use the combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters.

50m3th1ngJu5tL1k3Th15, easy peasy?

Not really? Well, look at it again. We just replaced S with 5, o with 0, i with 1 and e with 3.

That’s a pretty strong and easy to remember the password, right? 😎

Let’s take one more simple example, the master password is 110% secure. Let’s add our secret ingredients to it.

[email protected]%53cur3, good enough? But MasterPasswordis110%secure is also a good password.

So, this way you can create a very secure password by yourself. You can easily remember the replacements like 5 with s & 1 with i. You can change it with some other characters or numbers, it will make your passwords even stronger.

Now that you are aware of these Password Security Tips, go ahead and create a secure and strong password and comment your passwords in the comments section below.

Just kidding. 😅

Never share your passwords with anyone. Be aware of online scams.

Stay safe and happy browsing.

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