Why You Should Use Pixteller – Graphics Editor

Why You Should Use Pixteller

In this blog article we introduce you toPixteller - image editing tool. We highlight the uses, features and benefits of this image editing tool, so that you make a good buying becision while choosing your photo editing tool.

Let’s be honest. We have all probably had a run in with that one graphic designer or photographer that promised us gorgeous photos but came up short of expectation. Not that you’re an expert or even anything close to it but even you can tell apart a good picture from a bad one in a heartbeat.

It happens quite a lot actually. Graphic designers take advantage of you and produce less than desirable photos that are not worth the money they were paid for. Luckily, gorgeous photos no longer exclusively belong to graphic designers. You can also create your own looks and designs using a variety of web-based tools available on the market.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to one particular design tool featuring a wide range of editing options – PixTeller. Well, examine why it has become such an important design tool in the world of graphic design and why you should use it too.

But first things first:

What is Pixteller?

PixTeller is an online image editing tool that is used to produce professional customized images. It has a library of over 74,000 premade designs, 100,000 shapes and 1.5 million photos that you can customize to an image of your choice. So whether you need designs for your social media, website or print, PixTeller allows you to easily build the ideal image you want to put up.

Pixteller - Image Editing Tool

Benefits of PixTeller - Image Editor

  • Access to 100,000 shapes to help you build your designs.
  • Freedom to customize and create your own designs.
  • Freedom to select between linear, solid or radial gradients.
  • You can choose from 1.5 million photos or upload your own set of photos.

Why You Should Use Pixteller - Image Editing Tool

Pixteller is one of the best image editing tool you can use. And here ar ethe reasons to use pixteller - graphics editor

It is Versatile

Think about it, wouldn’t it be great if other than just creating images you could also get a little more versatility from your design tool. Say with a few web capabilities to make it fairly easy to do things over the internet?

Being a web-based software, PixTeller allows you to tinker with designs in the cloud from just about any device. This means that you don’t have to rely on your device alone as you can always access the images from wherever you are.

Diversity of Creation

Why are you buying a design tool when you could easily contract someone else to do your bidding? Wouldn’t it be easier to get a graphic designer to do the designing instead? Wrong. While a big part of wanting to get your own design tools has to do with the fact that you were probably disappointed once before, doing your own graphic design helps you put your creativity to the test. It also helps you diversify your creation which is great especially if you’re not one to stick to the norm. One of the things that make Pixteller such a catch is that it does more than the norm. It gives you a canvas to fully exploit your imagination and create unique masterpieces. Here are some examples of how diverse it really is.

  • You can use your designs for personal use or to promote your business.
  • It has plenty of amazing templates which you can use depending on your imagination to create unique masterpieces.
  • You can choose between single or multiple pages of presentations depending on what your business requirements are.
  • You can create any type of design from flyers, visual quotes, informative documents and presentations, and engaging banners.

It Utilizes Vector Graphics

This makes it easier to size and position your images and do other minor quick fixes seamlessly. So whether you just want to knock out a quick Facebook meme or cover image, you’ll have half the work done before you even start.

It Allows for Unlimited Project Work

From helping you tackle unlimited projects to allowing unlimited downloads, you can pretty much get all your work done within no time with Pixteller. Plus you get to do all you want to do with absolutely no license restrictions.


Visual content is without a doubt a very important aspect of blogging and writing content. And with Pixteller, you get to create gorgeous images seamlessly without the hustle of having to contract a graphic designer to do it for you.

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