5 Questions To Ask From Your Local SEO Service Provider

Local SEO Service Provider

Are you planning to hire an SEO agency to improve the SEO for your website? Well, then here are some important SEO Strategy questions you must ask your SEO service provider before you hire him to optimise your website for Search Engine. Asking these questions will help you understand how effective is his SEO strategy and will it help you improve your visbility across the digital platforms.  

You have set up a nice-looking shop or decided what neighborhoods your business is going to service. Keeping up with the digital trend, you have built a great looking website, and a friend has told you, local SEO can multiply traffic to your website and greatly increase visits from potential customers to your business.

Next, you went online and found some SEO Service agency. Now you are stuck. What do you ask them? How do you know they are providing all the right things your business truly needs to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive digital sphere?

When you start talking to potential SEO service providers, keep these 6 things in mind, and you will be well on your way. Otherwise, here are 7 steps to compile an SEO strategy.

1. How will they decide your target keywords?

As a business owner, nobody knows your business and its customers better than you. It is critical that the SEO provider understands your customer base as well as you do. While the provider might be great at finding keywords for general categories, your inputs can make all the difference in almost reaching your specific target audience, versus reaching your target audience just at the right time and space.
The provider must take into account your unique business propositions, what sets you apart from competitors and similar businesses, and identify the best local keywords for your business.

2. What kind of content will the SEO service agency create?

Fresh, relevant content is key to any business’ SEO efforts. Ask your provider what their content strategy will be. Are they planning to write Wikipedia style generic content that is available on thousands of other websites? Are they planning to write about the famous bikers of the world on your bike shop’s blog?

Effective SEO content needs to be fresh, original, and relevant. It should speak to your local audience and incorporate the target keywords and your location details smartly. And for your bicycle shop blog, a post talking about your city’s biking trails is substantially more helpful than an article talking about famous international biking champions. Similarly, posting content about local news and events is a surefire way to boost your local page ranking. Even for Great Britain and America, the two English-speaking countries, these differences can be very significant. There are services like The Word Point where you can get high-quality translation services with regards to all these pitfalls

3. Do the SEO service provider know the local linking possibilities?

Google rewards good quality links leading to your website. Keep creating original, high-quality links on other websites, and Google will eventually reward your website with greater authority and higher search ranking.

If you are a local business, you want to utilize links from local sources. They are more likely to be engaged with your potential customers and to send higher local traffic your way. Over time, this can greatly help your local SEO efforts.

When choosing a provider, ask them if they are aware of local linking possibilities for your target audience. Do they know the local newspapers, trade associations, universities, and government authorities? Can they reach out to other local businesses and make them your local partner websites helping each other through link exchange?

4. Do the SEO service agency keep up with changes in Google’s algorithm?

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. Not only is the algorithm making itself smarter on the go, Google too keeps announcing regular changes on how the algorithm will work. If the provider’s understanding of Google’ algorithm is limited to the time they did their certification 5 years ago, chances are their SEO efforts will not benefit you as much as they should.

Good SEO providers update their knowledge of Google’s algorithm and ranking factors on the go, so their customers always get the maximum bang for their buck. Your local SEO provider should be no different and should be aware of the latest trends and tips in Digital Marketing.

5. What business directories will they list you on?

Website or not, listing the business on business directories is one of the first things any local business must do. Business directories are a great way to increase your business’s visibility as many customers refer to these directories when looking for local shops and businesses. While some business directories like Google My Business and Bing Local will be straight forward voices, see if the provider fully understands what other specific local directories they are going to put you on.

The provider must also make sure that your business name, address, phone number and working hours are not only listed but consistent across all the different directories your business is going to be listed on.

Last word:

Choosing an SEO service provider is like finding a needle in a haystack. Only you have to finalize the agency, and the work is completely dependent on your type of business. While it is a laudable fact that you consider targeting local SEO for your business, we want to give you one last advice: don’t believe a company that promises quick results. SEO does not happen overnight, it needs a lot of curation and effort. Choose a provider that sets realistic timelines and does not hurt your budget. Have we missed anything? Tell us in comments!

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