7 Must-Have Word-of-Mouth (WOM) Marketing Strategies

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In this fiercely competitive world opting for an impeccable marketing strategy is a must to help you stand out amongst your competitors. WOM marketing technique is an awesome new lead generating tactic that is trending in the current market.

What is Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOM)?

WOM marketing  is a  Word-of-Mouth marketing technique that is being used since ages for marketing and still, it continues to be the most effective marketing technique. It is the most effective marketing technique as it not only spur people’s interest but also gets them talking.

WOM is a way of influencing people’s opinion through recommendations, reviews, and ratings while making a purchase and that’s the reason why about 90% of people are inclined towards buying the products or brands being referred by their friends or colleagues and about 62% of customers lookup for online reviews and rating before making the final purchase.

Word-of-Mouth(WOM) marketing being such an impactful technique it is essential to pay attention to reviews, recommendations, and ratings while planning your business organization’s marketing strategy.

Implementing the below-mentioned word-of-mouth marketing strategies in your business strategy can help you get the most out of it. As it is one of the most impactful marketing techniques, people are opting for it over other marketing strategies as it helps them generate more revenue than other paid marketing techniques.

Different Ways To Implement Word-Of-Mouth Marketing In Business Strategy

1) Enable User Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content(UGC) is the content that is created and shared by the customers about the brands and the products they use. It helps build trust in the products and brands in the market. To get people to talk about your product, create a unique and exclusive hashtag so that the people can use it in their post while sharing their reviews and experience on social media.

user generated content for Word of Mouth Marketing

To motivate people to share their reviews and pics about your product offer them a free gift, discount coupons, or a feature on your social wall or website. Just letting your customers create UGC is not enough, to spread your UGC showcase it flagrantly on your website and social pages.

2) Share Clientele Testimonials:

Clientele testimonials are one such thing that helps you attract more customers for your brand as the customers trust testimonials as much as personal recommendations. Through testimonials, the customers get to know about the quality and performance of the product better from the existing users' end. So proudly exhibit your clientele testimonials on your website and social media.

Word of Mouth Marketing using Client Testimonials

The testimonials need not be in writing they can be in a video or a picture form that can be easily hosted on your website. Apart from being the social proof, the testimonials can be repurposed into your marketing strategy by creating relevant product or service pages, landing pages, and lead generation content.

3) Product Ratings:

A website with customers reviews and ratings is likely to get more visitors as before availing any specific service or buying any product they have the chance to know about the product better. So to get more visitors to your website enable your customers to share their reviews directly on your website.

Customer Reviews

If you are a tech or an eCommerce company where you sell different services and products, giving power to your audience to rate your products directly on your website can be helpful. As they share their true experience with your product and services which helps instill trust in other customers. Getting customers ratings on your website can increase your sales by approximately 20% as people feel they are more reliable then product descriptions. Brands like Amazon, Apple, NewEgg, and others are making the most through this strategy.

4) Extend Attractive Offers:

Your customers also need a reason to share their honest opinion about your product or service to the general public and what can be better than extending them attractive offers such as discount coupons, gift vouchers or a feature on your website or social accounts.

There are various brands that offer such incentives in exchange for referrals such as Trello which offer free Trello gold, DropBox which offer free storage space and BlueApron which offer credit for BlueApron products in return for sharing their experience.

5) Design a Referral Program:

The word-of-mouth marketing strategy can be taken to the next level by designing a formal referral program. The referral program will help spread the word easily and quickly and makes measuring the results of your campaign easy.

Designing a referral program is beneficial for both the parties with the incentives and other non-monetary benefits. ReferralCandy, Friendbuy, Influitive, Woobox, and LoyaltyLion are some of the best tools that help you create customized referral programs.

6) Collaborate with Influencers and Leaders:

To skyrocket your word-of-mouth marketing strategy collaborating with influencers and leaders can be a game-changer as their name suggests they have the power to influence an individual’s mindset and beliefs.

Influencers and leaders have an already established reputation which is why people are willing to pay heed to what they say and probably that’s the reason what makes word-of-mouth marketing all the more valuable.

According to a survey, about 40% of people are willing to buy a product or service after seeing it being used by their favorite influencer or leader. Therefore to involve influencers in your marketing strategy quote them in your content, feature them and their product or services flagrantly and let them try your product or services for free so that they can publicize your product which in return will increase your sales.

7) Offer a Unique and Laudable Experience:

To let people talk about your product or service over and over again, all you need to do is offer them a unique and laudable experience. It is one of the simple ways to create word-of-mouth marketing in this digital era as all you gotta do is offer them an experience that stays on their mind for years.

If you will offer your customers an experience which is not being offered by others but you, they will be more than happy to share that experience with their colleagues and that too without you asking them to do so.


As people seek recommendations and reviews before buying the product, word-of-mouth marketing is gaining importance day by day.  So, to utilize this easy and cheap marketing technique all you gotta do is:

  • Recognize and cherish your top customers
  • Ask for reviews and ratings from your customers
  • Use social media as a referral channel
  • Provide your customers with an exceptional experience and amazing products and services.
  • Design a proactive referral program.
  • Lastly, make sure you have amazing staff and support who strive to work towards improving your product or service every day to offering an, even more, better experience.

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