Understanding The Importance Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

In this blog article, we highlight the importance of digital marketing for business. Read to find out why it is important for businesses to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

In the year 2020, every entrepreneur is curious about the impact of digital marketing and has this one question in mind - In this age of digital marketing, will traditional marketing be valid or not?

For many businesses, it can be quite challenging to make the 'right' marketing decision. Since we are still adapting to the digital changes, some companies still operate traditionally. However, what they fail to understand is the catastrophic nature of avoiding change.

We all have heard that change is inevitable and ignoring it will have some severe consequences. It is crucial to understand market developments and keep up with them. The sooner you grasp digital marketing, the better it will be for your business.

If you are still in a dilemma about digital marketing over traditional marketing, then stay put. In this article, we highlight the importance of digital marketing over traditional marketing for businesses.

Here are some reasons why companies should shift towards digital marketing without any more delay

Digital marketing is non-invasive

Traditional marketing is about print media and telephone marketing, whereas digital marketing comprises of social media marketing, paid ads, etc. Since everything becomes digital in the latter, people can view what they want to. For instance, social media management for nonprofit organizations is a non-invasive marketing approach. Here, the underlying interests of the nonprofit organization are taken into account. This type of marketing is different because the audience gets to see what they wanted, unlike traditional marketing.

In newspapers, people do not have many options available to them. Even though they pay to read the news, they also get to read irrelevant stuff. Something like this can never happen with digital marketing as digital marketers keep everyone’s interests in mind.

Higher engagement on digital platforms

As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing gains a higher level of engagement because of the optimized content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, and personalized marketing help connect customers to the right content. Digital marketing provides instant solutions to different problems of the customers. For example, if you cannot go out to shop for groceries, order some online.

Through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, people learn about various brands, products, and services. They engage with the content available on the internet by commenting, sharing, and liking, which is impossible with print media. Due to this digital marketing effectiveness, it is apparent which marketing method grabs everyone’s attention and why.

Customers get instant feedback

Digital marketers know how to communicate well with the customers and solve their queries. Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media app, customers get instant feedback. Social media portals excel at responding to customer queries. Nowadays, chatbots are useful for engaging with different customers on different topics. Nothing like this would have been possible while using traditional marketing as getting feedback from a brand will take ages. Thanks to digital marketing, you can get accurate and timely responses that prove up to everyone’s expectations.

Digital marketing delivers measurable results

Since every single marketing data can now be accessed, allowing marketers to analyze it when needed. Through digital marketing, you can easily compare and evaluate the present results with the previous results. Whether you are investigating any marketing campaign or checking your social media engagement, you can measure everything digitally. By delivering measurable results, digital marketing wins over traditional marketing once again, where one cannot make an analysis.

On the other hand, digital marketers utilize the available results in creating the perfect digital marketing campaigns for their business. With better insights, anybody can predict the marketing future of the company.

More cost-effective solution

Print advertising will always remain a costly marketing approach—one of the main reasons traditional marketing is declining is the underlying cost. Whereas, digital marketing is more of a cost-effective solution with little to no expenditure. Digital marketing requires a small fraction of money to generate, optimize, and upload content on the business’s website. Marketing through social media platforms, emails, texts, and search engines are almost free. Even online marketing campaigns hardly ask for a hefty marketing budget.


All of the reasons mentioned above prove the growing importance of digital marketing in today’s era. Hence, we can conclude that digital marketing will completely replace traditional marketing in the upcoming years. Marketing experts are now supporting digital marketing over conventional because of the numerous benefits it entails. Besides being lucrative, digital marketing will set the tone for the entire business.

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