What Marketers Can Learn From Popular Instagram Meme Accounts

Today, it feels as if social media is being taken over by meme accounts. The format seems to be everywhere, and Instagram is certainly not an exception. On Instagram accounts, such as Daquan and Kale Salad are phenomenally popular with several millions of fans and followers and have become brand names in their own right. While some meme Instagram accounts appear aimless and silly such as the goofy stoner account from high school, several of the Instagram meme accounts are successful and strategic, like when the same stoner eventually, grows up to become Steve Jobs.

According to Forbes, it is almost impossible to visualize your digital existence without memes as it becomes increasingly overwhelming to find your news feeds are swarming with cat videos. Memes are currently, having a precise connotation in your digital landscape. Memes have a special significance because of how they communicate feelings, situations, and attitudes. Because of their immense popularity, it is not at all surprising that brands and businesses want a slice of this pie.

Some of the popular Instagram meme accounts boast of millions of followers, and some of them are not only amassing content: in fact, they seem to be generating their content on Tumblr or Twitter, and finally, posting their screenshots on Instagram. For many meme makers, Tumblr or Twitter is used as the canvas. They use Instagram as the wall for displaying their work. That is because Twitter is not the right platform for marketers aspiring to build a robust and extensive audience. Moreover, you may buy followers on Instagram from a reliable digital marketing agency for an instant boost in your follower count.

Nobody cares about what you are tweeting. If you post on Instagram, you can expect around 2000 likes per post. With Twitter, you can at best expect a couple of retweets and maybe 20 to a maximum of 30 likes. According to experts, Twitter will be rewarding current social relevancy and trends, while Instagram comes up with far more topical flexibility.

Marketing Lessons From Instagram Meme Accounts

Brands today have come to understand and acknowledge the power and versatility of Instagram memes in terms of establishing brand identity, boosting engagement, and driving product interest. Let us explore some of the marketing lessons that everyone should learn from some of the ‘dankest’ Instagram meme accounts.

Meme Accounts Realize the Importance of a Compelling Caption

Marketers should realize by now that Instagram captions are capable of driving intense engagement if they are composed well. Meme accounts have been successful so far in coming up with great captions. Most of their captions are simple, and short which makes them highly-legible even when you are scrolling quickly or glancing through the feed. Moreover, brief captions are in full view that implies users can see the entire post, and they do not have to click out of the Insta feed. Meme captions usually serve to add an extra layer to the inherent joke in the video or photo.
However, several meme accounts tend to keep using longer text for narrating stories and connecting with followers. Some meme accounts prefer sharing blog-type content as their captions. Even though long captions could prove to be effective at times, they necessitate more audience investment. Meme accounts on Instagram have proved beyond doubt that crisp short captions are the way to go if you are looking to boost engagement manifold.

Meme Accounts Have Wide Appeal

Meme accounts boast of immense appeal and phenomenal popularity. They are beneficial in transforming niche or obscure source material into a widely-appealing and accessible joke. It doesn’t imply that you should make an effort to appeal to everybody and generate the broadest content possible. However, all brands and businesses should focus their attention on knowing their target audience. They need to ensure that they are creating content that is relevant to their knowledge and interests.

Meme Accounts Uphold a Consistent Aesthetic

You can at once recognize meme aesthetic usually, goofy photos or familiar images with text above the image or text overlaid. Often they are screencaps from Tumblr or Twitter. Sometimes they seem to be just text. But whenever you come across a meme, you know at once that it is a meme. The instant recognizability of all meme posts goes a long way to establish the fact that consistency is of pivotal importance in establishing your brand or business on Instagram. Today some meme accounts on Instagram are using a distinctive Instagram aesthetic that leads to a hybrid style called the meme-and-theme accounts.

Meme Accounts Leverage FOMO

Brands have been striving relentlessly to make sure that their target audience views their content. Some popular meme Instagram accounts are focusing on a surprising and ingenious tactic. They make their accounts private. They know that private accounts have exclusivity and help in building curiosity and interest. It ends up triggering FOMO among the Instagrammers on the outside as they are inquisitive enough to know what they seem to be missing. Instagrammers are less incentivized to keep track of a public account as they are free to check their feed whenever they want.
However, with an Instagram account that is private, you need to first opt-in. As such, new fans or followers are thrilled when they are allowed to follow, while existing followers feel proud and special. It could build and boost a sense of community and loyalty that fortifies engagement.

Conclusion: Meme Accounts Prefer to Be Mysterious

Customers are always looking for transparency and authenticity from brands or businesses in return for their allegiance and loyalty. Several brands became successful by using familiar and casual tones on Instagram and other social media. Meme accounts, however, have taken the opposite route. They prefer to be anonymous, and often their secrecy has been the factor in their success. There is hardly any mystery on the Internet. Hence, audiences are bound to find this enigma enticing and compelling.

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