8 Tips to Make It As A Freelance Writer

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Planning to become a Freelance Writer? Here are some Freelance Writing Tips that will help you become an efficient one! 

The word 'freelancer' has become a common term in the professional context. A freelancer is someone who is a self-employed individual in their own specialized field. Designers, photographers, architects, and so many other professions have a totally different approach because of freelance work. The greatest advantage of this is the commitment of time and energy is up to the individuals themselves and not to a company or employer.

Among all these professions, perhaps "Freelance Writing" has become the most popular. Professional writers are in demand for every kind of service, especially on the digital platform.  Which is probably why popular communication degrees have remained a top choice among universities.

Where Does the Problem Lie?

However, this has led to another problem. Some so many writers want to turn their talent into a profession so that sometimes there is a lack of opportunities. It leads to many writers quitting before they even get a chance.

Here is where a few freelance writing tips will come in handy, to stay in the writing business
When they start, freelance writers may feel like they are stuck. There is very little chance of making a decent sum for themselves, and unless they can prove their worth as writers, it becomes a problem to get clients. But its 2021, and there is no problem that cannot be solved with some patience and a few efficient methods

Let us see what can be those methods to make it as a freelance writer - both digitally and offline.

8 Important Freelance Writing Tips

1. Build a Strong Portfolio

For any new writer entering the freelancing arena, a strong and impressive portfolio is the first requirement. A portfolio is essentially a set of writing samples that can be sent to prospective clients. It should be well laid out, well-designed, and diverse.

These writing samples should be handpicked by the writers to present their style, some prior experience, areas of interest, etc. When a writer sends a portfolio along with their resume, it increases their chances of getting hired.

2. Find Your Niche

The whole point of freelancing is choosing a professional that gives a person creative freedom and control over their work. This is why freelance writers should always analyze themselves and choose a niche i.e. a subject they want to write in.

When a niche is chosen, it helps a writer to work on and improve themselves with time. There is a wide range of choices for writers. For example:

While it may be difficult to get clients in specific niches at first, once writers get into a network, they will be recognized for their proficiency in a niche and can get work accordingly.

3. Guest-Posting On Various Blog Sites

Blogging has been one of the most popular methods to making a name as a freelance writer over the past decade. Writing personal blogs is the first step to establishing oneself in the field of writing. Guest-posting i.e. writing on someone else’s blogs with due credits is another effective way.

When one is involved in a paid guest-posting exercise, it helps increase the reach of both blog and writer. Additionally, it creates trust between two writers who can come to each other’s aid for future work.

4. SEO Writing

Perhaps the most common type of freelance writing is SEO-Writing i.e. Search Engine Optimized Writing. This type of writing is diverse, technical, and one of the most organized systems of freelancing. By use of keywords, sentence, and phrase arrangement, a good SEO article can be written.

Graph - Content Performance Vs. Google Ranks
Source: cognitiveseo.com/blog/how-to-write-for-seo

Consisting of blogs, articles, reviews for various websites, and many niches - SEO-writing is the most popular in the digital world. This form of writing involves learning the basics of optimizing articles so that they get a strong ranking on Google and are easily accessible to a wide audience.

5. Writer Coaching

Teaching is a good use of talent, skills, and time. When it comes to teaching writing, there is a growing demand for professionals who know the trade tricks and are willing to share them with others.

The different categories are all options open to freelance writers. These include content writing, creative writing, professional business writing, writing cover letters, and marketing offers. Those who have gone through the learning and working process before can take up the initiative to teach more people and earn decently in the process.

6. Use Local Sources

Coming out from the digital world, there can be many offline sources to become a freelance writer. Contacting publishing houses, local magazines, papers, and individuals in the vicinity are a few steps in this direction.

There are always people - students or professionals - who need some assistance in different writing jobs. They can be the starting clients for any freelancer. A writer needs to have a basic pay rate decided for any kind of work they offer, otherwise, they could be unfairly exploited.

7. Look Out For New Gigs

If a writer is starting out for the first time, the best place to find first-time clients is the internet. It can start out with a simple internship - which requires some extra commitment, but it can be a good learning experience.
Social media groups, writing blogs, content writing websites, or even a simple Google search - all of these can open up several avenues for new writers to get a headstart of their writing careers. For example, it could be a gig on the websites that do your homework. It helps one learn the basics of academic writing. The only thing they need to do is to be alert and on the lookout for these new opportunities.

8. Build A Strong Network

For freelancers of any kind, being involved in a good and wide network is extremely important. For a writer, this network should consist of independent bloggers, other freelance writers, social media pages on writing, businesses, writing networks.

When a writer can get into a network of this kind, it will be beneficial for them. It will make it easier to get more jobs, build a good client base, work in various niches and finally improve the chances of earning in a writing job.

Perseverance with Words

Writing is firstly a talent and then a professional. Therefore, even if someone takes it up full-time, they should never compromise on their creativity. While there are some restrictions in freelance writing, in most cases individuals get to choose what they want to work on.

With the advent of the digital world, there is a never-ending need for good writers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep trying to get new jobs and keep improving their writing skills for future endeavors.

Hope these Freelance Writing Tips help 🙂

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