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Infographics Creator Review

In this review, we’re going to take an in-depth dive into Drawtify Infographic Creator – a powerful tool for business professionals, students, and educators. We’ll preface by saying that we have an impartial viewpoint and strive to share only our sincerest thoughts. This review will cover some of the core features, the price, and a final verdict of the infographic creator.

So, what is Drawtify Infographic Creator, And Why Would You Use It?

When we first heard the name “Drawtify,” we thought this was an application for artists to create vector graphics. We soon found out that we had a skewed first impression!

Drawtify Infographic Creator is a tool that gives you visually appealing tools to create eye-catching visuals. For example, imagine that you want to create a chart for a board meeting presentation. You can use an extensive collection of pre-built templates to make a chart with minimal effort. Drawtify gives you several colors, fonts, and design options to choose from.

Why We Like Drawtify & What Sets It Apart

There’s a lot we admire about this product – the unique collection of tools, friendly customer support, and competitive pricing.

We also love that you receive FREE updates. Who wants to pay to keep their product up-to-date? This perk alone sets Drawtify Infographic Creator apart from its competition. Brands the create similar software charge you for upgrades or make you buy the newest version of the software.

Another remarkable thing about Drawtify Infographic Creator is that you can use it on Windows and Mac (Sorry, Linux users). You’ll need to have Windows 7 or newer and MacOS 10.10 or newer.

We know that you’re probably on the go, especially if you’re trying to balance school and work. Fortunately, we found that you can use this application on your mobile device, desktop, and tablet. No matter which device you use, you still get full functionality.

Now, let’s look at the details – what exactly do we like about Drawtify Infographic Creator? Let us help you decide if it’s worth the money.

Choose from a TON of Colors!

Colors speak volume, especially if you’re giving a presentation in a business environment or classroom setting. The number of color schemes impressed us – you can choose from over 200! Not only that, but you can easily modify the colors until you find the perfect design.

When it comes to color, you can change just about everything – the font, background, and vector graphics.

Awesome Icons that Amplify Your Infographic

Another aspect that we liked about this infographic creator is that it has over 20,000 shapes and icons. These shapes and icons range from checkmarks to arrows – making it easy to create a powerful infographic.

As with the other elements of the infographic, it’s straightforward to modify any icons (the color and size, for example).

Unique Special Effects

If you need infographics that will stand out from the crowd, you can take advantage of the selection of “magical special effects.”

Drawtify Infographic Creator boasts tons of unique add-ons, including a node filter, a Magic image filter, and various 3D effects. And unlike Adobe Photoshop, we found it effortless to use the effects.

Background Images Galore

Let’s admit it: most of us hate searching for background images – especially when we’re on the hunt for royalty-free ones. Drawtify gives you access to over a million high-definition and copyright-free photos that come from Pixabay and Unsplash.

We spent time testing out different infographics and found that having access to a collection of background images made it much easier to create the final product.

It’s Super Easy to Use

This infographic creator markets itself as an “easy-to-use” software, and we wholeheartedly agree. You don’t need to be a graphic artist to create awe-inspiring infographics.

The company targets individuals who don’t have the time to create infographics on complex software such as Photoshop. But keep in mind, Drawtify Infographic Creator simplifies the way you make an infographic without sacrificing quality.


You can get a lifetime license for only $19.95. That’s a pretty competitive price, considering that Drawtify gives you free upgrades, and we believe it’s worth every penny.

Final Thoughts on Drawtify Infographic Creator

If you need to create powerful and visually appealing infographics, Drawtify Infographic Creator is an outstanding choice.

This online SAAS tool has a robust collection of HD backgrounds, thousands of shapes and icons, over 3,000 templates, and more than 200 color schemes. We found it extremely easy to use. We think it’s an excellent tool for students, professionals, and anyone who regularly creates infographics.

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