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If you have been clamoring all along for a viable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, then Wondershare’s PDFelement 7 is the perfect answer to your prayers. Despite costing significantly lesser than Acrobat, PDFelement 7 does not compromise on features in any way.

In this detailed review, we take a close look at all that PDFelement 7 has to offer, highlighting all its integral features. 


PDFelement 7 comes with an irrefutable legacy, given the incredible success met by its predecessor, PDFelement 6. After all, not only did PDFelement 6 do exceptionally well among everyday users, but it was also acclaimed by industry stalwarts with numerous accolades and awards. 

PDFelement 7 adds to all the exciting features that PDFelement 6 came with, upping the ante considerably.


PDFelement 7 comes with an array of features that set it apart from others in the fray.

First up, is the fact that it offers distinct versions for both Mac and Windows, with dual Standard and Pro versions available in each case. As a result, the entire landscape of Acrobat users is effectively covered, without leaving anyone else out.

There are additional features of PDFelement 7 that render it particularly suitable.

Advanced writing tools

While PDFelement 6 came well equipped with capable writing tools, PDFelement 7 pushes the envelope further with a range of advanced, powerful writing tools.

Using these tools, you can create robust documents with written text, in a variety of unique ways.

Easy licensing

The licensing process – as well as the applicable terms, have been kept remarkably simple in the case of PDFelement 7. At especially affordable prices, users can enjoy lifetime licenses for PDFelement 7.

Easy UI

PDFelement 7’s UI is easy to navigate and get used to. This is especially because all its primary functions have been placed as prominent tiles right up front on the home screen. As a result, you can quickly start with the task at hand in just a few clicks.

Effortless document conversion

On PDFelement 7, switching between document formats or converting from one type of document to another is a breeze. Besides speed and ease of conversion, the accuracy with which this process took place proved especially impressive.

Additional features

Besides the prominent aspects integral to PDFelement 7 that we highlighted above, below we showcase some of its additional features that make the program such a treat to use.

Edit documents

A prominent feature of PDFelement 7 is its powerful ability to smoothly edit existing PDF documents. Over the course of our review, we found that it took little time and effort to make practically any kind of edit to an existing document. 

Moreover, this remained true even in the case of scanned documents, without having to go back to our source files.

Sharing documents and security

Many long-term users of Adobe Acrobat have often pointed out the challenges they have faced while trying to securely share their documents, especially when they are sensitive in nature.

On PDFelement 7, this proves to be notably easy since documents are seamlessly shared on the cloud, which can be digitally signed and validated prior to sharing, for foolproof security.

In the same breath, while collaborating together with others, signature workflows can be defined in a flash, easily gaining approvals on those signatures.

Creating and editing forms

PDFelement 7 makes it effortless to create and edit forms. With just a single click, you can take static forms that you may have created in MS Word or Excel, into dynamic, fillable/editable ones.

Creating web forms is just as easy. In a mere matter of minutes, you can be good to go, especially thanks to the drag and drop feature that is available. Further, you can conveniently make any desired field fillable by adding buttons, text boxes, and more.

Powerful OCR capabilities

The OCR capabilities on PDFelement 7 are perhaps one of the finest that we have seen across programs in this realm, including Adobe Acrobat. 

Taking practically any document, including ones where the text may not be very clear, PDFelement 7 effortlessly recognizes their characters. This remains true for as many as 25 different languages, optimally creating neat and clean, editable, and searchable PDFs.


While collaborating between teams, often there are multiple iterations with changes to be made. Reviewing team members prefer inputting comments that those responsible can suitably address.

PDFelement 7 offers a diverse array of tools that make it easy to put in such comments.

Conclusion – and Pricing

We especially liked the way in which PDFelement 7 is cut out for business with a whole array of features. At practically every step, there's immense flexibility in the way things can be done. Whether you are looking to change headers or edit text, you can do so in several diverse ways.

Overall, it would be safe to say that PDFelement 7 is one of the finest Adobe Acrobat alternatives out there. Whether you are looking to create, edit, convert or combine multiple PDF documents, you will find the going particularly simple.

And talking about pricing, PDFelement 7 clearly comes across as quite affordable, especially when we compare it with other programs in the fray. Depending on your Operating System (Windows or Mac), and whether you opt for the Standard or Pro versions that are available for each of these OS choices, you will only be spending anywhere between $59 to $99. This $99 upper end of the spectrum price is actually a limited-time deal, against the regular price of $129.

Finally, the good news does not end there! Would you like to save more? Then become a DealClub member to enjoy additional 25% savings, whereby the same $99 price point would further come down to $74.25 only.

Given all that PDFelement 7 has to offer as a viable and powerful Acrobat alternative, you clearly do not want to miss as sweet a deal like this!

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