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Clients From Hell’s – [Complete Bundle] Start Freelancing and Succeed

  • 2 interactive courses – Start Freelancing, and Find Freelance Clients + Work
  • 420+ minutes of lecture
  • 12+ eBooks
  • Various tools and templates – contracts, weekly client’s email, etc.

Free WordPress Guide: Learn How to Use WordPress Like a Pro

  • Getting Started with WordPress
  • The WordPress dashboard website Setup
  • WordPress Content
  • Media options within WordPress
  • Themes Widgets how your website looks
  • Menus and Navigation

A beginner’s hands on guide to analytics for smarter design

  • Improve site design using user data
  • Build funnels to track user’s journeys
  • Create & analyze KPIs to manage user flows
  • Create personas using Google Analytics data
  • Build funnels in Google Analytics
  • Create funnel in Mixpanel

eBook: Make Money Online as a Designer

  • Transition from full-time to self-employment
  • Freelance to make additional income
  • Find new clients and keep them coming back for more
  • Market your freelance business
  • Manage your projects professionally

Powerpack Bundle: 1 Year of SitePoint Premium + Bluehost Hosting

  • One FREE year of SitePoint Premium
  • Bluehost’s Plus hosting solution
  • 1 free domain name
  • An enchanced cPanel
  • 1-click installations
  • Moneyback guarantee

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Hell to Pay: A Freelancer’s Guide to Earning Good Money

  • Tips for figuring out your hourly rate
  • Everything a freelancer needs to know about taxes, insurance and retirement
  • How to interact with clients
  • Best practices for billing

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7 Steps to Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Top reasons
  • Preventing cart abandonment
  • Measuring abandonment rate
  • Crafting email
  • Automating cart recovery
  • Tracking the performance

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Social Meetup Guide: Plan & Host Successful Meetups

  • WHY: purpose, passion, goals
  • WHO: partners, attendees, marketing
  • WHAT: event format, branding & design
  • WHEN: date & time, frequency
  • HOW: budgeting, securing sponsors

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Pin-it to Win-it: A Guide to Pinterest for Business

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Promote your products
  • Feature your blog posts
  • Increase your site’s visibility
  • Build your corporate identity
  • Reinforce your brand reputation

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A Guide – Create Blog Posts that Grab Your Reader’s Attention

  • Give Your Blog Readers Exactly What They Need
  • Tips for Coming Up with Fresh Blog Content

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Mastering App Presentation: An ultimate eBook to Selling Design Work

  • Present killer design pitches
  • Skyrocket your sales

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Learn Bootstrap with “Bootstrap in Practice” eBook

  • Practical Bootstrap information
  • Real world examples
  • Interviews from experienced industry champs and more

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Learn logo designing using Adobe Illustrator with 4 eBooks

  • Create Logos from Rounded Rectangles
  • Create Logos from Triangles
  • Create Logos from Circles

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Creativity For Sale: An eBook By Jason SurfrApp

Turn your PASSION into serious BUSINESS!

  • Learn By Example
  • Think Outside the Box
  • And Stand Out

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A Complete Guide to a Career in UX Design

  • Insider secrets
  • Dozens of tips & nuggets of wisdom
  • Instant access, any device
  • Networking Checklist
  • Learn On the Go with DRM-free files

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