Past Deals (Page 53)

Gorgeous Bundle for Custom website designing!

  • Impressive dividers to your photos
  • Corners to your photos, for web or for print
  • Badges to your photos

Grab these overlays just for $17

DealClub for $12.75


Online Marketing Inside Out (SitePoint)

  • Reach potential customers through video, social media and email
  • Get a handle on podcasting, blogs, social networks, video, email, contextual advertising

Grab this for just $13
DealClub 9.75


Photoshop Video Academy – Create Slick Works of Art

  • Reach your career goals
  • Influence your peers
  • Make more money

Grab this Membership for $29.95
DealClub just $22.50


48 Hour Freebie: The Monk Who Made Millions

  • How to create products that don’t rely heavily on affiliates, paid traffic, launches etc
  • How to make money from products created 5 years ago!

Grab this Training Webinar absolutely FREE!


eBook: Bring Back the 40-Hour Work Week

  • Manage and Prioritize your Time
  • Be more productive by working less
  • Have a stress free life

Grab this deal just for $5
DealClub just $3.75


Impress your site Viewers with WPReelPro Plugin!

  • Use splash images to make your videos look more awesome.
  • Offer your viewers the ease of watching multiple videos on a similar topic

Grab the Developer License for this Plugin for just $45

DealClub $30


Sunday Freebie: 2986 Hi-Resolution Photoshop Brushes

  • SAVE heaps of time and money
  • Add superb design flourishes
  • Create Rich Artwork

Grab this set of photoshop brushes absolutely FREE!


WP Chit Chat Plugin

  • Capturing your user's email details
  • Generating more traffic to your website
  • Registering new leads in offline mode

Grab this deal just for $19 !

DealClub just $7


Enjoy Attention to your business with these Visual Storytellers!

  • Convey your complex ideas in simple yet effective way.
  • Garner interest towards your service or product

Grab this deal just for $75
DealClub $56.25


Web Designer’s Essential Bundle By Smashing Magazine!

  • Special features of WordPress
  • Importance of Content Strategy
  • New strategies for mobile design

Get eBooks bundle package for just $19
For DealClub $14.25


eBook: The Web Designer’s Roadmap!

  • The Web Designer’s Roadmap will help you consistently deliver world-class web designs, time and time
  • It’s your guide to navigating the web design process.

Grab this eBook for just $13

DealClub just $9.75


Backup and Clone Your Site in Seconds

  • Backup, copy or move your WP site
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • Works with all themes, all WP Versions

Grab this for $17 today.
DealClub just $7


Creating Responsive Web Design Course

  • Rearranges content
  • Resizes elements
  • Adapts itself based on the size of your visitor’s screen size.

Grab this informative course just for $49 today

DealClub from $39


Sunday Freebie: Photoshop – Mastering the Fundamentals

  • Learn fundamentals of Photoshop & powerful features at the core of this power design packages.
  • Fantastic video series on Photoshop: Mastering The Fundamentals.

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Fantastic Bundle of No Background Images

  • Saves times from setting up any lengthy photo shoots.
  • No need to edit photos to fit onto website

Grab these cutout Images just for $29
DealClub just $21.75