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  • 3 UI Design Kits
    • Gloria, Swoong & Vader
  • 100+ Elements & components,
  • Pixel-perfect, industry compliant design.

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Ready-made UI kit which offers pre-made elements, icons, layouts, and templates can be a huge time-saver for product designers who want to create slick, intuitive user interfaces and experiences more efficiently. To cut through the plenty of options floating around on the net and help you move even faster, we bring you -

A 3-in-1 UI Design Kit Bundle

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Say hello to this new UI Kit pack consisting of hundreds of components and many beautiful, pixel-perfect templates for web and mobile apps (on iOS). Following 3 UI kits are included in this Bundle -

Gloria UI Kit

This kit consists of more than 80 ready blocks. Following elements are included in this UI Kit -

  • Buttons in 3 different colors and color gradients
  • 34 Toggle Buttons
  • 60 Radio Buttons (in 4 different styles)
  • 45 Check Boxes (in  3 different styles)
  • Dropdown Lists (in 4 different styles)
  • Paginations (in 7 different styles)
  • Tabs (in 2 different styles)
  • Different Types of input fields
  • Date Picker (Small and Large - 3 different styles)
  • Progress bars (in different colors, shapes, and formats)
  • Progress Widgets
  • Disc Space Usage Boxes
  • Blog Posts (Grid Form, Normal form)
  • Blog Widgets (Search Bars, Social media buttons, Popular and Recent Blogs widgets, Subscribe Widgets, Tags, Archive Widgets)
  • Blog Comment System
  • Dashboard Menus
  • Full-Width Menus
  • Fixed Width Banners
  • Full-Width Banners
  • Profile and Recent Activity Boxes
  • Product Boxes
  • Feature Boxes
  • News Boxes
  • Pricing Tables
  • Media Players
  • Chart App UI
  • Calendar Widgets
  • Calendar App Designs

Swoong UI Kit

The Swoong UI Kit is an HTML UI Kit based on the well known Bootstrap 4 Framework which contains more than 70 ready blocks. The following elements are included in this kit-

  • Typography
  • Color palette (Includes Primary Colors and Other Colors)
  • Form Elements (Select Pickers, Tags Input, CheckBoxes, Switches, Sliders)
  • Buttons - Beautiful buttons with plenty of options and styles, including animated buttons and social buttons.
  • Dropdown
  • Modals
  • Popovers & Tooltips
  • Avatars
  • Navigation bars
  • Tabs
  • Typography - Headings, Paragraphs, Lead Text, Quote
  • Icons - solid, regular and light
  • Other Elements - Progress Bars, Badges, paginations, alerts

Vader UI Kit

This UI kit comes in 9 different color schemes and more than 90 ready blocks . The following elements are included in this kit-

  • Carousal
  • 32 Button options (in 3 different sizes)
  • 10 Badges
  • 6 Alert Boxes
  • 9 Icons
  • Navigation Bar (5 Color Options)
  • Header (9 Color Options)
  • Avatars
  • Popovers and Tool Tips
  • Table & Pricing Table
  • Pagination
  • Contact & Sign up Forms
  • Cards (6 Options)
  • Footer

These UI Kits come with a clean minimal design with vibrant colors and graphical illustrations. This makes a great combination for an easy-to-use UI and great user experience perfect for mobile users.

  • Hundreds of elements and components,
  • 100% Fully Customizable
  • Clear & Organized codes
  • Responsive Components with resizing constraints,
  • Well Organized Layers and Groups
  • Clean, clear and modern style
  • Pixel-perfect, industry compliant design,
  • Super easy to use.

Each screen is fully customizable (styles, components, text, color, size), carefully layered, and grouped to make your work as comfortable and simple as possible.

Energize your creative workflow with ample of choices with these UI design kit bundle.

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Vader UI Kit - Demo


Swoong UI Kit - Demo


Gloria UI Kit - Demo


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