Image FX Pack – Nine Creative Photo Effects in One Gorgeous Bundle

Start something amazing! Transform your photos with fun special photo effects. Break out of the ordinary with

The Image FX Pack Of Nine Creative Photo Effects

This image fx pack brings boundless creativity to your photography projects. Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, these 9 powerful post-processing photo effects take your images to a whole new level of clarity, brilliance, and style.

    1. Dynamic Sketch,
    2. Airbrush Painter,
    3. Caricature Studio,
    4. Vector Mosaic,
    5. Comic Book Creator &
    6. 3D Layer Anaglyph
    7. Typo Illustrator
    8. Concept One
    9. VAN

Easily turn your photos into a masterpiece by applying these simple photos effects.

The Image FX Pack with a commercial license and lifetime access ensures your creativity never sleeps!


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1. Dynamic Sketch

Create sketches with a dynamic look and feel from your photos with a few clicks! Dynamic Sketch Action comes with one .atn, one .pat and one .abr file. It is easy to install and use.


Highlights Of Dynamic Sketch Image FX Effect:

  • Artistic Results
  • B&W Sketch Effect
  • Single Color Pencil Effect (color editable)
  • Color Sketch Effect (uses original colors)
  • Extra Color Effects (editable)
  • 7 Individual Sketch Details (can be toggled)
  • 2 Paper Textures Included

Requirements For Dynamic Sketch Image FX Effect:

  • English versions of Photoshop CC2014 and later
  • Oil paint Filter, Please go to menu Filter > Stylize and make sure “Oil Paint…” is not grayed out.


2. Airbrush Painter

Create smooth black&whit and color airbrush illustrations from your photos. Airbrush Painter is a Photoshop Action (.ATN) that turns your photos into retro-looking smooth airbrush illustrations.


Requirements For Airbrush Painter Image FX Effect:

  • English versions of Photoshop CC2014 and later
  • Oil paint Filter, Please go to menu Filter > Stylize and make sure “Oil Paint…” is not grayed out.


3. Caricature Studio

Turn your photos into caricatures in two simple steps. With this Photoshop add-on, you can create upto 40 different caricatures from a single portrait photo.


Highlights Of Caricature Studio Image FX Effect:

  • Quickly and easily turn any photo into a fun caricature.
  • 10 unique Photoshop actions, each with multiple variations.
  • 40 different results from 1 image.
  • High Resolution - 1500x1500 px.

Requirements For Caricature Studio Image FX Effect:


4. Vector Mosaic

VectorMosaic is an Illustrator extension that lets you create amazing vector mosaics and halftones. It has 29 single shape and 4 multi-shape presets. Multi-shapes are a set of shapes to represent different brightness values of a pixel.


Highlights Of Vector Mosaic Image FX Effect:

  • Choose from 29 single shapes
  • Use multiple shape presets to form the image
  • Vector Output
  • Create Detailed Halftones and Mosaics

Requirements For Vector Mosaic Image FX Effect:


5. Comic Book Creator

Comic Book Creator is a great way to create comic book pages using your own photos. Just open the template file in Photoshop, select the frame layout of your choice and paste your desired photo into the Smart Object and you’re ready to go!

Then drag the bubbles into your comic, wherever you wish to place them and write your own text.


Highlights Of Comic Book Creator Image FX Effect:

  • 50 Black & White and 50 Color Comic Book Page Layouts
  • Easy B&W and Color Halftone Comic Look with just placing your photo
  • 45 Bubbles
  • 15 Sound Effects
  • Create Comic Book Pages for Your Special Occasions


Requirements For Comic Book Creator Image FX Effect:


6. 3D Layers Anaglyph

3DLayers – Anaglyph (3DLA) is a unique Photoshop extension that converts your layered Photoshop document to anaglyph 3D. Anaglyph images are 3D images viewed by wearing a pair of blue/red anaglyph glasses. 3DLA sorts your layers automatically from near to far, it spreads layers in 3D space. You can then adjust the depth of each layer and bring it near or send to far.


Highlights Of 3D Layer Anaglyph:

  • Create anaglyphs from PSD documents with one click
  • Adjust the depth of each layer with “far” and “close” buttons


Requirements For 3D Layer Anaglyph:


7. Typo Illustrator

TypoIllustrator for Adobe Illustrator will quickly become your absolute favorite plugin in your artistic toolbox! This plugin lets you create a typographic painting from any image, using any text you'd like! You can choose to use a single font or to use multiple fonts up to 10 to form the final image. What's more, the result is a vector graphic for easy editing and resizing!



Highlights of Typo Illustrator

  • Create Unique Works of Art
  • Fully Customizable and Scalable
  • Use Multiple Fonts
  • Works With Any Image
  • Use Any Text
  • Variable Character Count

Requirements For Typo Illustrator:

  • App: Adobe Illustrator
  • Min Version: CC2015
  • OS: Mac & Win

8. Concept One

Turn Your Photos Into Artistic Concept Drawings
CONCEPT-ONE is a Photoshop action that creates eye-catching concept illustrations from your photos.



Highlights of Concept One

You can toggle details like:

  • Outlines
  • Sketch Lines
  • 4 Paper Textures
  • Shadow
  • Background Markers
  • Color Adjustments

Requirements For Concept One:

  • OS: Mac/Win
  • App: Photoshop CC 2015 or later
  • CONCEPT ONE Requires Oil Paint filter. Make sure Fİlter > Stylize Oil Paint is not greyed out

9. VAN

Create Remarkable Impressionist Paintings From Your Photos

Add an extra artistic touch to your design projects with DesignRocket's VAN, the impressionist painting action. VAN converts your photos into exceptional impressionist paintings. VAN is a set of 10 Photoshop actions each giving 3 variations, so you can have 30 unique painting effects for your photos.



Highlights of VAN

  • Exceptional Impressionist Effects
  • 10 Styles
  • Each Style with 3 variations

Requirements For VAN:

  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Min. Version: CS6
  • Hardware: Requires Photoshop "Oil Paint" filter. Please make sure the Oil Paint is not greyed out. (Filter > Stylize > Oil Paint)

Deal Terms:


How to download this bundle?
This bundle is delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.


Is Lifetime Access available to this bundle?
Yes, you will get lifetime access to this bundle.


Which License is available for this bundle?
Commercial license is available for this bundle.


What are the other terms of use for this bundle?

  • You can use this bundle for the unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited End Products For Sale
  • You can not resell or redistribute this bundle

Make amazing photos with unique photo fx effects!


Start Creating Wonders With These 9 Creative Photo Effects
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5 reviews for Image FX Pack – Nine Creative Photo Effects in One Gorgeous Bundle

  1. [email protected]

    Great package. Easy to use and the effects are quite impressive.

  2. Paul

    These 9 effects open up a world of possibilities and are a nice addition to any arsenal for Photoshop. Well worth their value!

  3. [email protected]

    Very Cool!!!

  4. David

    Great options for personalising images! It’s actually fun 🙂

  5. tavitattoostudio

    Very useful for tracing outlines or making stencils for tattoo artists, illustrators.
    some fx are great to make interesting compositions or inspiration for paintings, and many more.

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