Advanced Graphic Designing With Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & CorelDRAW!

More than half of digital marketers use eye-catching graphics in almost 100 percent of their content. You can imagine designers have a stack of projects lined up a mile high. Whether you're looking to break in as a graphic designer or just want to know enough to avoid paying a visual artist

Advanced Graphic Design Online Courses Bundle has got you covered!

We have carefully selected these graphic design courses keeping in mind the needs of a newbie or graphic designing professionals.

  • 3 Online Graphic Courses
    1. Adobe Illustrator,
    2. Photoshop - Comprehensive Training and
    3. CorelDRAW – Mastering Corel Draw Graphics Suite
  • 58+ Hours HD Videos of Learning
  • Unlimited Lifetime Period Access
  • Hands-on Skill-oriented Courses
  • 24*7 Access- Anytime, Anywhere
  • Verifiable Completion Certificate
  • Viewable on Any Device
  • Allows Offline Viewing
  • Mobile App Access 

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Details Of Advanced Graphic Design Online Courses Bundle:


1. Adobe Illustrator :

Duration of the course: 6h 25m     |     Number of videos: 44 Videos

Adobe Illustrator is a program which is popular for designing that manipulate vector graphic. It is a vector graphics editor that enables creating and editing vector graphic images.

Adobe Illustrator software is the premier vector-drawing environment for coming up with scalable graphics. It is a truly flexible program that provides outputs which are of high quality.

Taking this Adobe Illustrator Tutorials will help you to serve clients better. Through this Adobe Illustrator Tutorials, Digital artists can benefit from graphic designing. This Adobe Illustrator Tutorials will let you know that:

  • Art-boards does not require illustrator a full-fledged replacement for desktop publishing package even for short documents.
  • Each dartboard prints on a separate age and when exporting the Acrobat file from Illustrator, each artboard has its own PDF page in its numbered order.  
  • Adobe Illustrator offers graphic styling facilities as well as modifying color, stroke layering, and stroke style.
  • Editing gradients with Adobe Illustrator is a simple piece of work.

Advanced Graphic Designing With Adobe Illustrator


Curriculum Of Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Introduction and History
    • First Look at Illustrator
    • Illustrator Interface
    • Illustrator Interface Continue
    • Menus & Commands
    • File Edit Menu
    • Align Pathfinder
    • Effects Distort
    • Effect 3D
    • Brush Rotate Command
    • Selection and Trace
  2. Exploring Menu
    • View Menu
    • Windows Menu
  3. Pages and Types in Illustrator
    • Pages With Types
    • Pages With Types Continue
  4. Understanding Fonts
    • Fonts
    • Fonts & special characters
  5. Libraries and Other Commands
    • Brush Libraries
    • Scale Shear
    • Reshape Mesh Gradient
    • Reshape Mesh Gradient Continues
  6. Eye Dropper
    • Eyedropper Graph Object Spray Document Part 1
    • Eyedropper Graph Object Spray Document Part 2
    • Eyedropper Graph Object Spray Document Part 3
  7. Working with Illustrator Advanced Commands
    • Colors
    • Path Distort
    • Lines Dotted Lines Caps
    • Blend Anchor Points
    • Make Brush Spiral Grid
    • Publishing Power Of Illustrator
    • Hardware Needs 3D Demo
    • Creating 3D
    • Flash Animation
    • Clipping Image Envelope
    • Clipping Image Envelope Continue
    • Preparing For Outputs
    • Preparing For Outputs Continue
    • Adobe Bridge Eve For Web Slicing
    • Applications Of Illustrator And Plugins
    • Applications Of Illustrator And Plugins Continue
    • ESKO Plugin
    • Envelope Effects Photoshop Filters


2. Photoshop:

Duration of the course: 30h 19m     |     Number of videos: 246 Videos

This course in Adobe Photoshop Cs6 is for you to learn everything you need to know to start using Adobe Photoshop just right now.

This training is not an overview of the software, but it is an actual intensive training in understanding all the key features of this software, its tools, designing a card, designing a graphic, understanding the photo editor both black and white and color.

The key objective of this course is to practically learn about using the Adobe Photoshop software, and learn how to optimize images.

Advanced Graphic Designing With Photoshop


Curriculum Of Photoshop:

  1. Introduction
  2. Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS6
  3. Logo Designing
  4. Designing Applications
  5. Brochure Designing
  6. Designing Flat UI Elements
  7. Professional Jewellery Designing
  8. Photoshop for Designers
  9. Making Website Layout1
  10. UI Designing
  11. (Part-1) Additional Readings
  12. (Part-2) Additional Readings


3. CorelDRAW – Mastering Corel Draw Graphics Suite:

Duration of the course: 22h 4m     |     Number of videos: 169 Videos

Gaining command over the tools of CorelDraw is the most important factor one should hone to master this software. This course focuses not on just practicing the tools but also making the most of the tools. Both these contexts make you a master in knowing what is what of CorelDRAW.

This course also emphasizes putting the knowledge to use by implementing some creative methods and introducing you to several tips and tricks of the day to day Industry-standard works. It is a comprehensive model you will rarely find in any other online portals.

This course is comprised of more than 21 hours of detailed lectures about every tool and detail of the CorelDRAW software. You will learn from the very basic level to the advanced levels of CorelDRAW with up to 169 lectures you can always access.

Advanced Graphic Designing With CorelDRAW!


Curriculum Of CorelDRAW:

  1. Introduction
  2. CorelDRAW Basic Concepts
  3. Shape Tools
  4. Pick Tools
  5. Crop-Knife-Erase Tools
  6. Virtual Segment Delete Tools
  7. Zoom Tools
  8. Free Hand & 2Point Line Tools
  9. Bezier Tool
  10. Artistic Media
  11. Smart Fill‚ Smart Drawing
  12. Rectangle & 3point Rectangle Tool
  13. Elipse & 3point ellipse Tool
  14. Polygon-Star-Complex-Graph Paper-Spiral Tool and Shapes
  15. Text Tool
  16. Text Tab‚Column and Bullets
  17. Text Drop‚ Edit‚ Insert
  18. Text Fitting and Alignment
  19. Hyphenation and Writing Tools
  20. Understanding Tables
  21. Dimensions and Callouts
  22. Understanding Connector Straight lines‚ Angles
  23. Empennage‚ Powerplant‚ Engine & Landing Gear
  24. Blend‚ Counter and Distort Tool
  25. Drop Shadow and Envelope Tool
  26. Extrude and Transparency Tool
  27. Color Eyedropper and Attributes Eyedropper
  28. Outline Pen Tool and Uniform‚ Fountain and Pattern Fill
  29. Interactive Tool and Mesh Tool
  30. Menu Bar File Commands
  31. Menu Bar Edit Commands
  32. Menu Bar View and Arrange Transformations
  33. More on Arrange
  34. Understanding the Menu Bar Effect
  35. Menu Bar Effect RollOver‚Copy Effect and Bitmaps
  36. Getting to know Menu Bar Text Properties
  37. More on Menu Bar Text
  38. Understanding the Menu Bar Table
  39. Menu Bar Tools and Window

The Advanced Graphic Design Online Courses Bundle courses are focused on all levels of students including beginners, intermediate level students, and advanced level students. Everyone has something to learn from these online graphic design courses.

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Where Do The Learners Come From?

Professionals from around the world have benefited from this Advanced Graphic Design Online Courses Bundle. Some of the top places that our learners come from are:

  • New York,
  • Dubai,
  • San Francisco,
  • Bay Area,
  • New Jersey,
  • Houston,
  • Seattle,
  • Toronto,
  • London,
  • Berlin,
  • UAE,
  • Chicago,
  • UK,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Singapore,
  • Australia,
  • New Zealand,
  • India,
  • Bangalore,
  • New Delhi,
  • Mumbai,
  • Pune,
  • Kolkata,
  • Hyderabad &
  • Gurgaon among many.



What People Say About Advanced Graphic Design Online Courses Bundle:


1. Maria:

Before I take this course, I have been through many sites and spoke with my friends to choose a comprehensive tool that introduces me to every element of the CorelDRAW software. EDUCBA beats the competitors in every part including the maximum number of topics covered, the number of hours course spans and the number of lectures included. I like the course for the variety of subjects it covered and the quality of detail it maintained in every part of the lecture. It’s really hard to find a course of this size in any part of the web. If you are looking to start your designing career, just start with this course


2. John Garland:

I have over 35 years of experience in the field of image creation solutions and have worked as a freelance professional for many prints and online media outlets. As a course, this particular offering has the advantages of being systematic and precise while delivering the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop in a useful and handy way.


3. Debbie Jones:

As a professional illustrator for children’s books, image resizing software is something I need to use on a daily basis. This Adobe Photoshop course has provided me with the capability to be able to create professional images high on quality and clarity with excellent visual effects.


Deal Terms: 

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      • Verifiable certificates for each course included in the bundle with a unique link.
      • For more details -
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