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  • 90 Lessons
  • 9+ Hours Of Lectures
  • Step-By-Step Development
  • React Core Concepts
  • Bundle Splitting & React Hooks
  • Webpack & Lazy Loading
  • React Redux Saga Pattern & More…

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Every developer loves ReactJS. It is one of the finest frameworks and now a developer's go-to choice for building web applications. Whether you’re a developer looking to upskill, or a business leader looking to improve your digital offering, there are tons of reasons to learn React. So here we are to make learning Advanced React a cakewalk for you!

Take a deep dive into full-stack Javascript by learning the advanced React concepts with:

The Advanced React Course For Intermediate/Advanced Developers

[Lifetime Access To 90 Lessons - 9 Hours Of Lectures]

At last, a React performance & best practices course updated with the latest Reactjs version focusing on performance, best practices, and optimization. In this course, you will learn advanced web development with Reactjs.

  • 90 Lessons
  • 9+ Hours Of Lectures
  • Step-By-Step Development
  • React Core Concepts
  • Best Practices used by Expert Programmers
  • React Redux Saga Pattern
  • React Hooks
  • Bundle Splitting
  • Lazy Loading
  • Software Engineering Principles
  • Webpack
  • Working with Themes

Know the What? Why? & How? of React development. The lessons of the Advanced React Course are focused on application performance for better UX rendering performance.  In this course, you will be learning to

  1. Write high quality React components
  2. Build applications with high performance
  3. Write React applications with patterns
  4. Build powerful, scalable, fast & maintainable web applications

Master React core concepts by learning the best practices used in the industry. 

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At A Deal Price Of $85 $37.40


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An Overview Of The Advanced React Course!


The Advanced React Course Is Perfect For Developers Who 

  1. Wish to sharpen their skills
  2. Want to become advanced/expert developers
  3. Seek how to write high-quality code
  4. Aim to acquire best practices
  5. Desire to learn about application performance
  6. Want to learn not only the technical stuff but also the important theory behind
  7. Wish to learn about lazy loading
  8. Want to learn about software principles


Course Curriculum Of The Advanced React Course:

  1. Introduction:
    • Welcome
    • Prerequisites
    • How to make maximum
  2. Setting Our Project:
    • Section Goal
    • Introduction
    • Cloning Our Project
    • Folder Structure
    • Project Files Generator
  3. Redux Overview:
    • What is Redux
    • Store
    • Actions
    • Reducers
    • How Redux
  4. Redux-Saga Overview:
    • Section Goal
    • Redux Middleware
    • Side Effects
  5. React Patterns:
    • Container Component
    • High-Order Component
    • Render Props
  6. Hooks
    • Preparation (DO NOT SKIP)
    • Preserving State
    • Updating State
    • Using Refs
    • Component Mount
    • Observing Props Change
    • Cleanup
    • Custom Hook 1
    • Custom Hook 2
  7. Design Pattern:
    • Section Goal
    • Important Note
    • What is high-quality
    • Container Component
    • Authentication Data Flow
    • Redux & Saga
    • Network Service
    • Server Communication
    • Storing Credentials
    • Removing Credentials Conclusion
  8. Software Principles:
    • Section Goal
    • Reusability
    • DRY
    • SOLID
    • Modularity
  9. Modern Styling:
    • Consistency
    • Setting up styling
    • Adding Theme
    • Power of themes
  10. Routing:
    • Section Goal
    • Application Architecture
    • React Router Overview
    • Navigation & Routing
    • Securing Routes: Public & Private Routes
    • Navigation Bar
    • Vacation Details Page
    • URL Params 1
    • URL Params 2
  11. React Core:
    • Commit & Render
    • Reconciliation
    • Mount vs Update
  12. Best Practices:
    • Section Goal
    • Why Performance
    • Debugging: DevTools 1
    • Debugging: DevTools 2
    • Profiler
    • Selectors
    • Memoization
    • Reselect
    • Overloading DOM
    • Memo
    • Avoid Reconciliation
  13. Render Performance:
    • Bad Practice 1 (PART 1)
    • Bad Practice 1 (PART 2)
    • Bad Practice 2 (PART 1)
    • Bad Practice 2 (PART 2)
    • Bad Practice 3
  14. Webpack Overview:
    • Section Goal
    • What is Webpack
    • How
    • Entry
    • Output
    • Loaders
  15. Lazy Loading:
    • Section Goal
    • Production Build
    • Lazy Loading
    • Loading Dynamically
    • Lazy & Suspense
  16. Bundle Splitting:
    • Dependency Reference
    • Final Bundle Splitting
    • Extending Our Container


Compatibility Of The Advanced React Course:

  • Desktop Browsers &
  • Mobile Browsers

PS: You need to have basic knowledge on React & Javascript like React components, JSX syntax component props, life cycle functions.


Feedback Of The Advanced React Course By Its Students!


Feedback Of The Advanced React Course By Its Students!


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