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  • 6 eCourses
  • Certified eDegree
  • Real-Life Test Cases
  • Several Quizzes & Exams
  • Lifetime Access
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Thinking of upgrading your knowledge?? What could be better than learning in-demand skills like Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning?
Have your hands on the latest big thing in the future that is growing exponentially without any doubt.
Both these courses - Ai & ML are so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it. 
To break into Ai & Machine Learning, we got you an exclusive program. A certified program to unleash the next wave of digital disruption.

The Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning eDegree For A Lifetime

It is a set of hand-picked courses put together with the sole aim of making learning AI & Machine Learning easy.
  • Comprehensive 6 eCourses
  • Certified E-Degree
  • Myriad Of Projects
  • Real-Life Test Cases
  • Numerous Source Code Snippets
  • Several Quizzes & Exams, & Much More...

Master the skills you need to train intelligent machines with this certified LIFETIME eDegree.

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A Preview Of The Artificial Learning & Machine Learning eDegree:


6 Courses Included In This Artificial Learning & Machine Learning Program:-

  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Tools for AI & ML
  3. Foundational Mathematics Using R
  4. Machine Learning Using Python
  5. Applied Machine Learning
  6. Deep Learning using Python

This eDegree Comes With Many Benefits Such As:

  • Getting certified without spending a single dime for college.
  • Developing a complete understanding of the concept you wish to learn about.
  • Getting a certificate of completion.
  • Access the course at any time and from whichever location you are from.
  • Developing fluency in the subject with the help of numerous projects, labs, and quizzes.
  • Being progressive, you will have to complete the first section to move to the next one.
  • Increasing your chances of being selected in an excellent firm by investing low costs.
  • Get Lifetime Access to the eDegree.

A Look At The Detailed Syllabus Of This Ai & ML eDegree:


What Will You Learn:-

  • Foundational programming knowledge for absolute beginners
  • Basic and advanced mathematical concepts required to grasp the content
  • Foundational concepts for AI and Machine learning
  • Master tools which you will need to solve and create ML solutions
  • Application of concepts and real-world app development in AI and ML
  • Rigorous conceptual understanding of Algorithms
  • Practical solutions for various topical problems


Benefits Of Taking This Program:-

It is a structured program designed and created by some of the best instructors who have worked in the industry and have created real-world ML solutions. They will prepare you for all the challenges of AI & ML technology.

Initially, the program starts with Introduction to Python programming language and then explains all the concepts in a step-by-step manner.

Data Analysis, Regression Analysis, AI Research, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Neural Networks are some of the most important aspects of AI & Machine Learning which are explained from the very beginning to the expert level.

In this eDegree, you’ll learn:

  • Foundational programming knowledge required for AI & ML
  • All the mathematical and foundational concepts of AI & ML
  • Important tools for creating AI & ML solutions
  • Different AI & ML related algorithms
  • Practical Solution for real-world problems
  • And much more!

Lastly, several quizzes, real-life test cases, exams, certification, and many other essential things complete this eDegree. After completion, this program will make you confident enough to take or work on any real-world projects.


Deal Terms:

  • You will get Certification of completion
  • It is a lifetime access deal.
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