What Exactly You Can Do With KeywordXP Ninja?


Find Long Tail Keywords Fast:

Search for long tail keywords quickly and drill down by double-clicking on any item. With this amazing keyword analysis tool, you can check the phrases of interest and click on either Google Trends or Competition.

Keyword XP- Long Tail Search
Examine these results to determine the best keyword to go for. Streamline your research by searching specific data-centers, which include Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Ask, and YouTube.


Explore Profitable Niches In Seconds:

Discover exactly what questions people are searching for right now. Select prefix preferences to search only the types of questions that interest you. Explore Profitable Niches With Keyword XP NinjaOnce you have found a question that you would like to answer in an article or post simply click on the question and watch as hundreds of suggested titles are instantly populated. Customize these by inserting or deleting any text you want.



Search Suggested & Customized Domains:

Check availability of suggested domains to find your best option. Drill down further by hiding taken domains or filter your search by a specific domain extension. Search-Suggested-and-Customized-Domains With Keyword XPOr go a step further and add pre-selected nouns, verbs, or adjectives to the beginning or end of the search phrase to quickly find a customized domain.


Detailed Competitor Analysis:

Do the Effective and precise competitor analysis with the help of Moz. Select the desired data center and get the top 10 competitors from google for any keyword or URL. Detailed Competitor Analysis by Keyword XP NinjaDiscover and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your top competitor with a single click using this best keyword research tool.


Check Out Few More Cool Features & Benefits of KeywordXP Ninja:

Keyword XP Ninja-Best Keyword Research Tool Features & Benefits

KeywordXP The Fastest Keyword Analysis Tool Image

FAQ’s :


How do I receive my product?

Once you have made your purchase you will receive two emails. The first will give you details on how to download your product and the second your activation license key.


What is the best way to contact support?

Simply put in a support ticket and one of the representatives will contact you within 1 business days.


What happens after one year?

Your KeywordXP Ninja License will expire. You need to renew your KeywordXP Ninja License after one year.


Is the purchase price refundable?

They offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


Deal Terms of KeywordXP Ninja, the best keyword research tool are:

  • After your payment, you will receive an email containing the further instruction to access the software.
  • As per your plan, you will get 1yr or 3yrs access to the product.
  • Read more in Terms of use and Software License Agreement.


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