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Paint Tool for Mac

Vector Illustration for Mac

Features of the best photo editing software:

Top Drawing Tools for Mac:

  • More than 100 built-in drawing brushes (pencil, airbrush, watercolor brush, chalk, charcoal, neon pens...) for oil painting, sketch, texture painting
  • Create custom brushes and use different brush sizes, shapes, hardness, and blending modes
  • Support pixel-drawing on Mac OS X system
  • Fill in the object with texture and color
  • Support for a variety of gradient modes including symmetrical, rotate, clockwise and counterclockwise

Powerful Layer Capabilities on PixelStyle Mac Photo Editor software

  • Easily add non-destructive layer effects like shadows, fills, inner glow, outer glow, or strokes
  • Support over 50 different filter effects and blending mode options
  • Resize layers without any loss of quality. Hide, duplicate and merge layers easily
  • Select several layers at one time and freely align, flip and transform (move, rotate, skew) the layers
  • Support channel selection and Alpha channel editing
  • Work with all popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc

Excellent Text Design Tools on Mac OS X Photo Editor software

  • Add text layer effects like shadows, strokes, inner glow, outer glow, or fills
  • Quickly and easily place your text on a half-circle to create logos and other useful text designs.
  • Modify your text with on-canvas controls for circle radius, rotation, and inversion
  • Modify your text with on-canvas controls for circle radius, rotation, skew and affine. Use the baseline sliders to get things looking just right
  • Convert type layers into raster layers
  • Enjoy a full set of advanced typography features like kerning, bold, italic, underline, line-through and much more

Designed Exclusively for Mac

  • Take full advantage of the latest OS X technologies including OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch and Core Graphics
  • Use the Touch trackpad to paint with pressure sensitivity
  • Fully optimized for 64-bit and multi-core processors
  • Support regular, retina and multi-monitor set ups

Deal Terms:

  • System requirements: OS X 10.8 or later
  • A setup file is available at:
  • You will receive your unique license key (order confirmation email)
  • 1 license for 1 Mac
  • Free updates and support included with this deal
  • Support Center:

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