Black and Gold Background Images – FREE Download!

Creating a brilliant color combination is not everyone’s cup of tea. We know black is a color of class and gold is associated with royalty. Why not add both qualities to get a deadly and elegant combination?

This color combo represents wealth with luxury and using black and gold background images, one can create magnificent products. A timeless combination of two timeless colors, you cannot get better than this.

High quality and high-resolution black gold background – FREE DOWNLOAD instantly!  Create masterpieces that shine like gold and have a touch of class with black in these elegant black gold background images.

Use them in a variety of projects which include, packaging, print designs, website backgrounds, postcards, business cards, greetings, t-shirt designs, phone covers and so much more. Scroll down for some fun ways to use them!

We have got a wide collection of classy black gold backgrounds to help you put your imagination in the best possible way. Use a black gold background in PPT slides to add a formal look and stand out from the competition.

PRO TIP: Choose your favorite photo, remove its background, replace it with one of these cool black and gold background images!


Specifications of These Black and Gold Background Images –

  • JPG Format
  • 300 DPI Resolution
  •  4000 x 3000 px Dimensions

Here’s a Preview of These Black Gold Background Images –

10 black gold backgrounds placed in a grid format
black gold background
black gold backgrounds
a valentines day card made using a black background with diagonal golden strips in the corners

Here’s How You Can Use These Black Gold Backgrounds!

Black gold backgrounds

The Brush Strokes: This background will make a classy and professional file. Add an interesting twist to those dull reports with this stunning black gold background!

Black gold backgrounds

The Zebra Crossing: How stunning will this dark background is and isn’t it look like a phone cover? Just cut it out in the dimensions of your phone. Paste it on the inside of a transparent cover and voila!

The Subtle Spotlight: Amazing black banner with gold text. Use these backgrounds for different projects and customize them accordingly. Surely you have not seen such a classy banner before.

The Tribal Print: This black and gold background is specially made for popular T-shirt designs. Directly print this on a black or contrasting colored shirt and see how everyone in your friends’ group will ask you about it!

The Golden Comb: An amazing book or diary cover to make your office stationary stand out!

The Golden Splatter: Make those party invitations unique and fancy with these royal black and gold background.

Classy Corners: Use this glittery background on your stone name plate for your home or office door. Nothing can be more stylish and unique than this.

The Chessboard: Let’s bring back the eco-friendly & humble handkerchief with this fabulous pattern!

The Ray of Light: Bring elegance to your conferences and meetings using this pattern as Toblerone or nameplates.

The Ambers: What a lovely Christmas or Halloween card & season greeting this black and gold background will make!


Deal Terms

How to download these backgrounds?
These backgrounds are delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.

Is Lifetime Access available for these backgrounds?
Yes, Lifetime Access is available for these backgrounds.

Which license is available for these backgrounds?
These backgrounds come with an extended license.
Hence, they can be used for unlimited personal and commercial purposes.

What are the terms of use for this bundle?
– The end products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original item you have purchased.
– These backgrounds cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.
– You cannot share this background with others.


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  1. [email protected]

    A great series of images to use.

  2. Yannick Forest

    Beautiful luxury backgrounds with nicely crafted gold texture patterns. Nice work.

  3. Kovel

    Great and very creative!

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