Sneak peek into The Dark Art of Freelancing book from Vangos Pterneas

The Dark art of Freelancing

The Dark art of Freelancing

Chapter 1 - The art of reading minds

You’ll manage to understand what the clients truly need from a creative professional like you. More importantly, you’ll find out how to interpret their words into viable solutions.

Chapter 2 - How to create a killer proposal

Throughout the past few years, I have found out that providing documents to clients make you seem way more professional than simply emailing.

Chapter 3 - The art of saying "no"

Arguing is an inevitable situation when it comes to freelancing. Your clients will never say “yes” or “no”. They’ll try to offer you alternatives and, most of the time, make you cut down your rates.

Why should you read this book?

Let me make a guess about you: if you are reading these lines, you are a creative professional, passionate about your work. As a creative professional, you need acceptance, honor, and reward for what you do for a living.

You create awesome products for clients and you want to get what you deserve for them. But there are occasions you cannot control. How many times have you ended up working more than expected? How many compromises have you made to finish a project?

How many compromises have you made to get paid? How many times have you accused your clients of an ineffective collaboration?

How many times have you felt that you worth MORE?

It’s such a tough feeling, huh? Knowing that you deserve more than you get. More happiness, more money in the bank, more healthy relationships.

I also give you tips and tricks to recover from painful situations. Moreover, I let you know exactly what I’ve been doing in my business, how I talk to clients and with what information I provide them.

This book presents a ton of examples and situations that will help you communicate with your clients effectively and win more projects with (much) higher quotes.

Work with clients like a pro

You’ll read how I react under specific circumstances, how I turn a “no” client into a “yes” one and how I raise my rates while my clients thank me for this. Apart from the personal advice, I also provide suggestions and applicable actions for many more occasions.

Learn how I did it

Finally, you’ll get some valuable insight into how my company, LightBuzz, structures its proposals and quotes to persuade clients. Purchasing the Complete Package of this book, you can even get the styled documents and edit them to fit your own needs.

If the relationship with your clients seems to be going to hell, you can refer back to these scripts. You can even apply these practices to your existing clients and evaluate instantly.

 Not convinced yet....? Download a sample chapter.

About the Author - Vangos Pterneas

My name is Vangos Pterneas and I help innovative businesses create profitable digital products. My freelance journey started at the age of 19, during my first days in college. I was later hired by Microsoft as a Software Engineer and Consultant and I've been running my own agency since 2012.

In 2014, I was awarded by Microsoft with the title Most Valuable Professional. During the past few years, I have made (literally) hundreds of negotiations with different types of clients from all over the world. I had the opportunity to work with established corporations and ambitious startup companies.

Through my work, my clients have earned way more money than they invested in me: they have increased their sales, acquired more customers and raised millions of dollars in funding. I try to learn from my mistakes and develop the best practices from my successes.

What you’ll read in this short book is not just my experience. It’s a manifesto of how I keep my clients happy and how I avoid pitfalls.

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You deserve more happiness, more money in the bank, more healthy relationships. Go for it now!

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