Get Your Google Inbox Features Back With Darwin Mail For A Lifetime!

Missing Google Inbox?? Get a productive replacement to your Gmail.

Darwin Mail brings back many of the best features of Google Inbox.

  • Snooze Emails
  • Undo Send Feature
  • Bundles
  • Custom Background & Dark Mode
  • Reminders
  • Multiple Email Templates
  • Bulk Actions

Be most productive when dealing with emails & todos. Save your time when sending the same email over & over again.

Buy Darwin Mail for a lifetime for just $39.99!

Best Of The Features Of Darwin Mail From Google Inbox:


1. Snooze Emails

Running late? Or need to forget about an email for now? Snooze your emails and take care of them later.


Snooze Email - Darwin Mail: Google Inbox Replacement


2. Reminders

Clear your mind with our reminders feature. Jot down your reminder so you don't forget about it.


Reminders - Darwin Mail: Google Inbox Replacement


3. Dark Mode

A sleek and less distracting option for managing your email & todos while ensuring you're at your most productive.


Dark Mode - Darwin Mail: Google Inbox Replacement


4. Custom Backgrounds

Choose a custom Unsplash HD background to be displayed behind all your emails, ensuring you feel at home in your Inbox.


Custom Backgrounds - Darwin Mail: Google Inbox Replacement


5. Templates

Create multiple email templates (product launch, feedback, promotion, testing, recruiting etc) and use them in your emails to save you loads of time.


Templates - Darwin Mail: Google Inbox Replacement


6. Undo Send

Do you ever wish you could take back what you just said in that email?


7. Bundles

Some have called bundles 'the next evolution of email'. With DarwinMail, now you can use them too.


8. Bulk Actions

Why waste time moving emails to your trash one by one? Bulk star, pin, trash and also mark all your emails as done in one single sweep.


9. Update Signature

Update your email signature from Darwin Mail with ease via our custom editor.


Why Choose Darwin Mail?


Inbox by Google was one of the best products they ever made. And then they shut it down. Stop fretting!

Get Darwin Mail, which aims to replace and become better than Google Inbox ever was. It is an evolutionary way to work with your emails.


Darwin Mail: Google Inbox Replacement


1. Data:

Darwin does not store any of your data on our servers. Simply log out and all your email data goes with you.


2. Privacy:

Your privacy is important. Darwin will never record, distribute or sell your personal data to any third parties.


3. Security:

Darwin is hosted over an HTTPS connection. All communication is encrypted.


4. Evolving with you:

Darwin is constantly being updated with new features. Let us know of anything you would like added.


What Twitterites Has To Say ABout Darwin Mail!


Twitter Testimonials - Darwin Mail - A Google Inbox Replacement


Deal Terms:

  • Darwin mail is a SAS product with lifetime access.
  • Lifetime updates are available for free.
  • One coupon grants you lifetime access to DarwinMail.


Reach new levels of productivity with enhanced Gmail Inbox.



Download Darwin Mail To Enhance Your Google Inbox
At A Deal Price Of $39.99 Only!


Normally: $1625              |            You Save: 97.54%


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  1. [email protected]

    Absolutely awesome deal. brings back the good old and missed features of gmail with vengeance plus lots more with Email Templates, Backgrounds, Bulk Actions & Signatures

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