DealClub Exclusive: Using Photoshop Filters Master Course

Have you ever wondered how some of the great and artistic images you've seen in art, marketing, games and websites were created?

Get this excellent eCourse on using Photoshop filters and learn to create:

  • Realistic looking textures
  • Artistic imagery that stands out in any website, video game, art piece or advertisement

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Photoshop Filters


Course Contents:

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

  • Course Introduction

Module 2: Glass

  • Clouds
  • Simple Glass
  • Original Glass Image
  • Glass Inset
  • Cloud Copies
  • Bar Pieces
  • Glass Conclusion

Module 3: Metal

  • Introduction
  • Simple Metals
  • Texturing Metal Part 1
  • Texturing Metal Part 2
  • Texturing Metal Part 3
  • Texturing Metal Part 4
  • Metal Conclusion

Module 4: Course Conclusion

  • Conclusion
Deal Terms

This course requires that you have Photoshop installed on your computer.

A knowledge of Photoshop is helpful but not required to complete this course.

Ready to grab this DealClub Exclusive Photoshop filters tutorial?

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