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Struggling with creating your brand identity?? Not able to meet your branding expectations?? Worry not!! We got you sorted with the best online logo maker.

Logomaker Premium
The Perfect All-In-One-Tool For Brand Designing By

Logomaker is a smart online logo software that allows you to create a unique logo for your business in minutes. Using your company information and logo preferences, its A.I. technology generates hundreds of potential drafts and allows users to easily customize as needed.

  • High-resolution logos
  • Multiple formats and dimensions
    • - SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF
  • Simple and quicker editor
  • Customizable fonts, colors & layouts
  • Merchandise mockups to showcase your logo
  • Narration to describe the identity of your brand
  • Print-ready format

If you are looking for logo design inspiration, look no further. With Logomaker you can generate hundreds of ready-to-use logo variations in just a few clicks. Its wizard is quite simple and easy to understand even if you have no design experience.

Logomaker can also create an entire branding kit for your business based on your chosen logo and brand preferences.

So what is the wait for?? Grab this super branding tool to revamp your brand identity and get started today!

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Check Out The DEMO Of Logomaker - The Best Online Logo Maker:


A Sneak-Peek Inside The Best Online Logo Maker By!

 Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker - Hero Image

 Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker - Dashboard


1. Enter Your Domain & Choose Industry Type

 Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker - Pick Style


2. Choose The Style You Liked The Most


 Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker - Pattern


3. Choose The Color Theme For Your Designs

 Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker - Color Theme


4. Select The Design You Liked The Most

 Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker - Preview 1

Develop Your Brand & Logo With AI Technology

Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker Gif

Sample Logos Designed Using Logomaker

Logomaker The Best Online Logo Maker - Logo Samples


Features of Logomaker Premium - The Best Online Logo Maker:

  1. Millions of assets including icons, fonts, and color palettes: Logomaker’s ever-expanding library ensures that you have everything you need to create high-quality designs.
  2. AI-generated icons: Save time with automated icon generation based on your branding needs.
  3. Create a full branding kit: Opt for the premium package and get a branding kit complete with logo narration, logo variation, sample merchandise, and many more!
  4. Downloadable in multiple formats and dimensions​: Download your logos in high resolution in either JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF.
  5. Smart editor: Easily edit your logo’s colors, text, and icons, no Photoshop background required.
  6. Smooth integration with other tools: Save your brand’s logo, mockup, color palette, and font family in your assets, and easily integrate them into your other design creations.
  7. Easy sharing: Collaborate and share your designs with your team members.
  8. Runs on your browser: Logomaker runs entirely on your internet browser, no need for complicated software installation.


Who Uses Logomaker?

  • Freelancers who ​need logos for themselves or for their clients’ branding needs.
  • Marketplace sellers that want to stand out in their respective markets with a stunning personalized logo.
  • First-time Business Owners​ that have no marketing background and would
  • Small Business Owners that need brand logos but lack the budget and technical know-how.
  • Enterprises ​that are looking for a faster way to create logos for their various products.


Product Specifications Of Logomaker Premium:
  • Multiple high-resolution files
  • Includes full Branding Kit
  • Full ownership
  • Unlimited drafts
  • Free Narration
  • Social Media Kit


  • It is compatible to Desktop.
  • Logomaker id compatible to mobile but has a restriction with downloading branding kit.
  • It includes print-ready files that are ready-to-use for social media as well.


Some Important FAQ -

What can I do with my logo?

You are free to make logos for a wide variety of purposes. However, you are NOT allowed to use Logomaker to create logos that may be found to be anyone or a combination of the following:

  • Pornographic or sexually explicit;
  • Violent;
  • Reasonably likely to cause harm;
  • Reasonably considered slanderous or defamatory.


Can I use my own fonts?

At the moment, you can only use fonts listed on Logomaker.


What is the standard size dimension of the logo?

The standard size dimension of the logo is 600 px (w) x 600 px (h).


What are the file formats that I will receive when I download the logo?

  1. JPG - For online usage, to upload on social media, etc.
  2. PNG - For online usage that requires higher resolution or with transparency background.
  3. SVG - For general printing or editing (using third party editing tools)
  4. PDF - For general printing.


What devices and browsers support Logomaker?

Logomaker runs on all desktop and laptop devices and can be accessed through all major web browsers including but not limited to Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.


Can I work on my logos on different devices?

Yes, you can. Your video projects are tied to your account rather than your device. For as long as you are logged into your Inmagine account on the device you want to work on, you will be able to access all of your logos.


Logomaker by is the best online logo maker that can be used on both iOS, Windows - Desktop, Web App, PC App.


Deal Terms -

1. Do I own the full copyright of my purchased logo?
No, you don’t. Kindly refer to the license terms to read more about the copyright of your logo.


2. Am I allowed to trademark my logos?
No, you can’t.


3. Am I allowed to sell my logos?
You are allowed to create logos as a service for clients for a fee but are not allowed to sell the logos as stock content.
For example, Adam, a freelancer, can create a logo for Mark using Logomaker. However, Adam cannot sell to Mark the individual elements of the logo, e.g. icon, container. Adam may also not sell the same or the finished product to Stock Company X.


4. Can others use my logo once I have purchased it?
Logomaker generates over a million different logo options for every input which means that it will be personalized for you and your brand. Hence, the chances of someone creating an identical logo is low. Kindly note that we do not remove the icons or other elements that you had used for your logo after you have purchased it.


5. How many logos can I create with one coupon code?
With one coupon code, you can create only one logo, plus the branding kit. You may purchase this deal multiple times if you require more than one logo.

Please note:
You will receive 5 coupon codes, after completing your purchase, to register at the vendor's website.
One coupon can be used for the purchase of one code only.
Since you will receive 5 coupon codes you can purchase 5 different logos


6. How do I activate my plan?
You will receive a downloadable file, that has instructions to redeem the coupon code and activate your plan. You will receive the downloadable file and the coupon code in your purchase invoice.


7. Are updates included in this deal?
Yes, free updates are included in this deal.


8. What is the validity of the coupon codes?
The coupon codes are valid till 31st December 2020.


9. How many devices can the license be used on?
This license can be used for an infinite number of devices.


10. Is this deal available for new users only?
Yes, this deal is available for new users only.


11. Is customer support available?
Should there be any issues or defects on the logo maker file, customers may email to [email protected] and the customer support team will review it by case to case basis.


Start building your logo and brand with AI technology!


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