Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac [1-Year Pro Service Plan]

Take up the revolutionary and innovative way to display PDF-based magazines, catalogs, newsletters, yearbooks, albums online. What could be better than a digital publishing platform? Give your documents a professional look by publishing online with

Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac
[1-Year Pro Service]

Issuhub is the most powerful digital professional publishing platform for users to upload magazines, catalogs, brochures, etc. Not just a digital publishing platform! It allows users to

  • convert static PDF document to digital publications
  • make SEO friendly publications
  • upload upto 2000 books per month
  • open 55000 publications per day
  • create realistic responsive designs with page-turning effect
  • make interactive publications with PDF/images/video/audio
  • customize publications the way you want
  • share publications online on various social networks
  • import certain pages of PDF file
  • preserve original bookmarks and links
  • embed publications to a website or a blog in just one click
  • manage all online publications with categories, shelves, and groups
  • enjoy the fastest upload speed

Issuhub is a leading online digital publishing platform for users to create online page-flipping publications from PDF.  Millions of readers find and share the magazines, catalogs, and publications they love on issuhub. Join them now!

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Know More About Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform:


Learn How To Publish Using Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform:


Take A Closer Look At Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform:

Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - Categories Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - shelves Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - thumbnails Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - upload dashboard


Top Features Of Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform:

Issuhub is a digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers with its top-notch features -


1. Upload your magazine and read on all devices

Issuhub provides an easy way to upload your PDF magazines, catalogs, brochures, ebooks, etc. online. It allows you to create pure HTML5 magazines, brochures, catalogs, eBooks to read on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - 3 steps

Only 3 steps, then you can make your publications public to readers around the world. Readers will get amazing reading experiences on any screen and devices, just like reading real books.


2. Enrich the content with multimedia, ready-made templates, and themes

On the desktop version, you can add theme, background music, choose page turn effect, add your own logo and link, etc.  With Issuhub you can

  • change toolbar language,
  • choose from various templates and scenes,
  • add features like a magnifier, auto flip, full-screen, thumbnails,
  • customize your own style background image,
  • add background music and more.

Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - enrich content

You can also alter the page-turning effects, embed line, shape, callout, text, image, GIF, music, video, YouTube video, Vimeo video, button and number icon to pages.


3. View, like and download your favorite publications

On you can view the most popular digital publications uploaded by other users or search for any content you want. you can also follow the author, download your favorites or share it with your social networks.

Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - view, like, favourite



4. SEO friendly publications

Issuhub converts your PDF documents to HTML5 and makes them SEO friendly. All content can be crawled and indexed by Google. Of course, you can also disable this feature if you don't want your content to be googled.

Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform For Windows & Mac - SEO friendly publications



5. One-click to share your publications with the world and embed them to your website

You can share digital publications on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Also, change the domain of your publications from to

Issuhub also lets you set up your own logo on each of your publications. You can copy and paste the embedding code to your own website.


Three Easy Steps To Create Online Publications:

Using Issuhub is fast and easy. Only three steps to publish your publications to millions of people instantly.

1st Step: login, click the Upload button, then drag PDF to the upload area.

2nd Step: Change settings and customize publications

3rd Step: Click the Publish button


What Others Are Saying For Issuhub Digital Publishing Platform:


Mary Johnson —

"Very easy and fast to upload my publications online, Love it!”


Jay Douglas — 

"Great product, Issuhub is a better solution to display all my publications. I am a master of website. It is very convenient to add embed code to my website.”


Ed Crawford — 

I was looking for a platform to present my digital magazine to my readers and so glad I chose Issuhub”


Deal Terms:

  • This deal includes a 1-year pro service.
  • You will receive the application file and your coupon code.
  • One license can be used on any computer and device.
  • This deal includes free support & lifetime updates.

Begin to create stunning online publications with the great reading experience.


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