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  • Tracks users activity with
    • Heatmaps,
    • Session Recordings &
    • Users Flow
  • Finds relevant keyword insights
  • Maximise profits with conversion funnels
  • A/B testing & much more…

HumCommerce is a premium E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tool.

Convert more Website Visitors to Buyers!

  • Heatmaps - Where do visitors click?
  • Session Recordings - What do visitors do?
  • A/B Testing - Discover converting designs.
  • Conversion Funnels - Optimize your conversion funnels.
  • Form Analytics - Reduce form abandonment.
  • ... and much more ...

Boost conversions on your website with this E-Commerce CRO tool for just $49.

Awesome Reasons To Buy This E-Commerce CRO Tool Deal today!


Packed with premium features, HumCommerce is one of the best e-commerce CRO tools that you can use to boost sales on your e-commerce website today.


A. Track User Activity

Track user activity on your e-commerce website by creating:


1. Heatmaps: Where are your visitors clicking? 

HumCommerce - An Ecommerce Analytics Tool - HeatMaps

See how customers interact with your website. Heatmaps show visitor interaction (click, move, scroll data) for different devices.


2. Session Recordings: How do your visitors navigate your website?

HumCommerce - An Ecommerce Analytics Tool - DashBoard

Observe how the visitors are using your website. Find sections where your visitors are getting confused and optimize for conversion.


3. Users Flow: How do your users flow through your conversion funnels?

HumCommerce UserFlow

See the path visitors take to navigate your website. Are your visitors going where you want them to go? Optimise user flow using visual reports.


B. See What Works

See what works on your ecommerce website by using:


4. A/B Testing: Which design converts better?


Set up experiments to compare two versions of a landing page. Compare landing pages to find which buttons, color schemes or website copy works best to increase conversion rate.

5. Form Analytics:

HumCommerce Form Analytics

See which form fields your visitors drop off at. Automatically analyses form on your website. Boost form completion rate by adding/removing form fields.


C. Marketing Reports

Create beautiful marketing reports for your e-commerce website with:


6. E-commerce Conversion Funnels: Setup and Optimize your funnels for more sales and conversions.

HumCommerce: Funnel-analytics

Find bottlenecks in your sales funnels and optimize for better conversions. See at which step visitors abandon your website. Improve your funnel conversion rate to maximize profit.


7. Conversion Attributes: Detailed analysis by channel to optimize sales performance.

HumCommerce: Conversion Attributions

Know which source (search engine, PPC, social) was responsible for sales. Choose from 6 different attribution models to analyze sales performance. Know exactly which source you got sales from.


8. Custom Reports: Need custom reports? Build your own!

HumCommerce: Custom ReportsHumCommerce - An Ecommerce Analytics Tool - Performance Metrics

Create custom reports to find exact insights you want to see. Pull data from a wide range of reports: e-commerce activity, visitor logs, website engagement metrics and more.


Still, Need Convincing?


More Features Of HumCommerce - E-commerce CRO Tool: 

Other Features Of HumCommerce, An Ecommerce Analytics Tool


Deal Terms:

  • This deal includes Lifetime Access to Pro Plan.
  • Lifetime email support will be provided.


Convert Visitors To Buyers Today With This E-commerce CRO Tool!


Buy HumCommerce Tool At A Price Of $49 Only!


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20 reviews for HumCommerce: A Must-Have CRO Tool For Every E-Commerce Business

  1. Suffian Ahmed

    This deal tool is only for one website or multiple ?

    Any one purchased this deal, please respond 😉

    Suffian Ahmed

    • Bharti Dewan

      Hi Suffian! Yes, The HumCommerce tool supports multiple websites. The only difference in the plans is the number of page views/month & recordings.

  2. Ferdinand Mehlinger (verified owner)

    This is one of the best softwares I’ve bought. Very robust, easy to use and gives you tons and I mean tons of information on your site and visitors. The heatmap and recordings alone are worth waaaay more than anything you get from anything else. Don’t miss out on this deal. It’s a winner for sure. Thanks, Humcommerce!!

  3. [email protected]

    Hi Ferdinand,

    May I know this deal stackable? If 1 purchase 5 deal, do I able to get 150k page view and 2.5k recording?

    • Sonal Magapu

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately, this deal is not stackable.

  4. [email protected]

    Hi Bharti,

    May I know this deal stackable? If 1 purchase 5 deal, do I able to get 150k page view and 2.5k recording?

  5. perdido

    How many sites could I monitor with this deal? The copy states this is the Pro account – which in the vendor site state is limited to 10 sites. Is this the same limits for this deal…or do we get unlimited sites as the agency? Is there any way to stack multiple deals to get the Agency account?

    • Sonal Magapu

      Here are your answers:

      1. This is a special deal for DealFuel where you can add unlimited websites but the views are limited to 30,000 per month and recordings are limited to 500 per month across all websites.
      2. Stacking is not permitted

  6. Alfred

    This software looks good. Can purchases be stacked?

  7. DealMango

    One of best purchases from DealFuel. Love the heatmaps. Would be great if we can stack to increase limits or offer a higher plan.

  8. Nanbara

    It can be multi language?
    ex. Korean etc
    Please let me know

  9. edwinandroselle

    How many pageviews a month are included?

    • Sonal Magapu

      This supports 30,000 page views per month

  10. Nikolaus Wihlidal

    Can you please specify the plan we get? How much impressions, how many domains and so on? Very low information about the deal details is written there.
    Thanks a lot

    • Sonal Magapu

      Hi there,

      You get 30,0000 page view a month, unlimited websites and 500 videos per month.

      Hope this answers your query.

  11. faraz

    which plan is it here?

    • Sonal Magapu

      This is the Life Time Deal specially carved out for DealFuel

  12. Shannon Das

    Till when is this deal available?

    • Sonal Magapu

      This deal is available for the next couple of weeks till our licenses last:)

  13. mdziaulhasan (verified owner)

    One of the best lifetime deal for e-commerce sites.

  14. changiasolutions (verified owner)

    Lovely tool for the website mentoring and research for marketing

  15. cnetplanet (verified owner)

    It is a great Hotjar alternative and it’s a steal at this price. HumCommerce is more appropriate for ecommerce sites but I have been using it on my B2B sites and heatmaps & recordings are helpful to improve the CRO. Thank you!

  16. Nicholas Duff (verified owner)

    Incredibly useful software to help improve my e-commerce site. I have changed some navigation elements or graphic elements on my site, thanks to this type ofr analytics, for better conversions. Thanks for this deal !

  17. soportercc (verified owner)

    This is one of the best CRO tools I’ve ever used. The heatmaps is one of my favorite function, It helps me optimize my client website, making the changes exactly where is needed. I love this tool, and the best of all, it’s lifetime.

  18. Mike

    Can the heat map be used for any site or just some specify site? And is this a WordPress plugin?

    • Kushal Gandhi

      Hi Mike, the heat maps can be generated on any website that has HumCommerce integrated.
      Also, HumCommerce is a SaaS tool, but it does have a WordPress plugin which you can directly integrate with your site.

  19. bodoeichstaedt (verified owner)

    I did not have the chance to use all the functionality to full extent. But even half of it paid off the price for the product.

  20. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Great tool and wonderful customer service.

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