Flack Automatic Email Sender For Effortless Email Automation

Stop searching for the perfect email marketing tool. Make your email marketing process easier, simpler & analytical with Flack Automatic Email Sender.

It's an email automation platform loaded with real advanced features like:

  • Daily Tracking
  • Auto Responder
  • Statistics Reporting
  • Real-Time Status Updates
  • Custom Confirmation Page
  • Quick and Easy Restful API
  • Unlimited Newsletter Sending & More

Allow Flack to expand & grow your business with its detailed reporting.


Buy Flack Automatic Email Sender For A LIFETIME

At A Deal Price Starting From $750 $29


A Sneak-Peak Inside The Flack Automatic Email Sender!


Flack Automatic Email Sender Credits PageFlack Automatic Email Sender Dashboard Flack Automatic Email Sender Panel Flack Automatic Email Sender List   Flack Automatic Email Sender Insta Automation Flack Automatic Email Sender Statistics Report Flack Automatic Email Sender Statistics 2 Flack Automatic Email Sender Subscription Flack Automatic Email Sender 11Flack Automatic Email Sender Template Layouts Flack Automatic Email Sender Stats Report


Discover All The Superb Features Of Flack Automatic Email Sender!

Flack is considered a publicity agent for email marketing that you should always trust in terms of enhancing your business. Flack’s features are considered to be powerful enough to work for all.

To further explain how beneficial this web application is, here are the lists of some of the top features of Flack that you will be surprised of and these include the following:

  1. Custom Confirmation Page
  2. Autoresponder
  3. List Segregation
  4. Email Verification
  5. Email Subscription form
  6. Mass Newsletters Sending
  7. Task management
  8. Daily Tracking
  9. Segmentation
  10. Statistical Reporting
  11. Create sending servers
  12. Create sending domains
  13. Quick and Easy Restful API
  14. Limited List
  15. Limited Newsletter
  16. Support 24/7
  17. Real-time status updates
  18. Scheduling
  19. Payment methods
  20. Modern layouts

The Flack automatic email sender helps your business grow due to its advanced features of reporting. You can always access it anywhere you are.


Pricing Plans For The Flack Automatic Email Sender:



Flack Agency Lifetime Deal

Deal Price: $79      |      DealClub Price: $59.25



Flack Agency Annual Plan

Deal Price: $29    |     DealClub Price: $21.75


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Deal Terms:

  1. Based on the plan selected, you will get a license key and License key to activate your account.
  2. Instant digital redemption
  3. Annual or Lifetime plan offered
  4. Commercial license included


Improve your campaign results by using the Flack Automatic Email Sender.  


Get The Flack Automatic Email Sender 
At A Deal Price Of  $29 Annually.


Normally: $750           |            You Save: 97.1%


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11 reviews for Flack Automatic Email Sender For Effortless Email Automation

  1. dealfull

    This Review does not count, it’s more of a question.

    Can you tell me if Flack Email Automation works with any SMTP server, would I be able to use Amazon SES or other mail protocols? Is there a limit to the amount of sends?

    Thank you!

  2. zia1

    I have been looking for a solution for my newsletters for a long time, normally its always an expensive proposition. I searched all possible platform for the better deal. I finally found this app on dealfuel, that has solved my problem.

  3. Nicholas Duff

    Easy to use, efficient. It’s my new “soft to go” when I need to do emailing campaigns. Great deal !

  4. changiasolutions

    Easy to use tool for bulk emails, needs to be more user friendly though

  5. Roman

    The tool is ok. Lacking zapier integration or at least webhooks. You need a programmer to connect other tools via api.

  6. Udo

    It is a cool tool with a lot of options. Normally I would give 5 stars, but:
    – there is no documentation how to use the tool, only doc is about API
    – support is not answering, so for me is not existent
    – they write about a FAQ section, but also could not find …
    So testing and basic research has to be done. Finally a tool with a lot of options, but no documentation.

  7. [email protected]

    Best deal I’ve ever bought!

  8. soportercc

    I acquired the lifetime deal, this means One-time paying, agency rights,
    unlimited everything (emails, subscribers, list, etc), It made me save a lot of money and works very well. I configured this in minutes and started using it. Essentially Flack gives me the same features that most of expensive autoresponders software has, for just one-lifetime payment.

  9. [email protected]

    good and easy to use. need to spend time figuring out.

  10. bodoeichstaedt

    I like that it provides an API.

  11. [email protected]

    nice tool It works without problems

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