20+ Spring Background Images & Vector Patterns – Free Download

The Spring season is all about new beginnings. It brings feelings of happiness, health, and freedom. How about incorporating these sentiments in your virtual as well as physical projects?

Use these spring background images and wallpaper to enhance the beauty of your products or presentations.

Here’s a collection of watercolor patterns and spring background images to enjoy this vibrant and exciting time all year long! These images are ideal to bring that spring and summer vibe out. This collection also includes “beautiful springtime background wallpapers” and floral watercolor images”.

Get the freshness of seasons into your designs with this attractive and mesmerizing collection of spring background images. These beautiful pictures of flowers and nature scenes will make you long for the outdoors when the nice weather is just around the corner.


This bundle includes –

  • 30+ Spring Background Images – Hi Res JPG Format
  • 10+ Watercolor Spring Patterns – AI and EPS Format

Available for FREE Download!

Preview Of Spring Background Pictures & Watercolor Collection

Nature Wallpapers
Sunshine Wallpapers
Nature Wallpapers
Cherry Blossom
Nature Wallpapers
Nature Background Image
Jungle Shadows
Mountain View

Preview of Beautiful Watercolor & Vector Spring Patterns

Pink Flowers Spring Background
Beautiful Pink Flowers Spring Background
Colorful Floral Pattern Spring Background
Fresh Spring Background
Colorful Butterfly Spring Background
Floral Butterfly Spring Background
Butterfly Pattern Spring Background
Colorful Spring Background
Floral Butterfly Spring Background Image
Purple Spring Background
Beautiful Bird Pattern Spring Background
Spring Fauna Background


Incredible Ways To Use Spring Background Images

  • To create website & banner backgrounds
  • To create posters & flyers, wall decors & wallpapers
  • To create print designs, book covers, pillows covers, Handbags, T-shirts, mugs & more.
  • To use in the production of movies and TV shows
  • To be used as a background image in presentations and webinars
  • To create spring designs and illustrations and graphic artwork

Why Use These Beautiful Spring Patterns?

  • Good for animation and presentations – Since the graphic is clear, it is good to be used in animations and presentations. Caricatures can be done in vector. The graphics will not only be clear and sharp but they can also be easily interpreted by those who view them.
  • No image distortion – You no longer have to deal with the problem of image distortion in designing if you use vector graphics. These spring background pictures can easily be enlarged without being distorted.
  • Spring background images are ideal for detailed illustrations – Since vectors use lines, it is easier to work on detailed images. Also, your detailed illustration will look sharp.
  • Graphics can be easily created – It is easy to create drawings/graphics based on vectors, but it could give you an output that looks complex. These are done using Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, and Corel Draw.
  • Vector graphics look good in print – They look better in print and are sharper, too. It is easier to print them, and you wouldn’t have problems with seeing that square stuff in your image. It will be clean and precise.
  • Attractive marketing images or banners: When you use these spring pictures for wallpaper, posters, banners, etc. for marketing it is more likely to attract people than simple white or other complex backgrounds. The bright color of these images are appealing and the smooth color combination makes people look at them at least once.

Deal Terms –

How to download this bundle of spring background images?
This Spring Background and vector pattern images bundle is delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.

Is Lifetime Access available for this bundle?
Yes, Lifetime Access is available for this bundle and thus you can enjoy using them whenever you need them.

Which license is available for this bundle?
This bundle comes with an extended commercial license.

Hence, it can be used for unlimited personal and commercial purposes.

What are the terms of use for this bundle?

– The end products must not be used or sold spring background in a way that is directly competitive with the original item you have purchased.

– These spring background pictures cannot be sub-licensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on their own.

– You cannot share these backgrounds with others.

30 reviews for 20+ Spring Background Images & Vector Patterns – Free Download

  1. diana-4487

    Love these patterns. Perfect for all kinds of projects.

  2. Myst

    Beautiful! These will be really helpful in my projects, especially come Spring!

  3. philkon

    A cute selection of backgrounds. They would be great for birthdays, special events, or things related to children.

  4. rsquartz

    Very lovely designs. Nice backgrounds to use for spring scrapbooking paper.

  5. Albert van der Ploeg

    very nice backgrounds

    • Shriniwas Dhage

      Thank you Albert, we are glad you liked them 🙂

  6. Harold1510

    Wonderful, thank you very much for that.

    • Shriniwas Dhage

      You are welcome Harold 🙂

  7. [email protected]

    A lovely grouping of images and patterns!

  8. gilanggssantoso

    Great design!

  9. rashimodiacc

    such cute backgrounds. perfect for spring editorial collection..thanks

  10. pdonegan

    Great Quality! Nice for a couple of projects I have in mind.

  11. sagarc

    Fantastic pack, very useful

  12. Carlota

    Lots of choices

  13. [email protected]

    Im in love! The images are beautiful and will be perfect for my work!

  14. Gennifer

    Perfect addition to my library!!

  15. [email protected]

    A lovely selection of colorful backgrounds for spring projects. Can be used for any number of items, limited only by your imagination.

  16. [email protected]

    Beautiful Patterns, Cant wait to use them

  17. [email protected]

    Awesome Patterns

  18. David Medlin

    Beautiful and varied designs that invoke the best of spring and the garden.

  19. Harold1510

    They are lovely for man projects. Thank you so much.

  20. jeffie

    Awesome selection will be good for all kinds of projects. Thankyou

  21. [email protected]

    A nice selection of colorful spring backgrounds & images! great for so many different types of projects!

  22. kastoppe

    I really enjoyed this purchased the images are very pretty

  23. [email protected]

    So bright and pretty! These will be lovely for a project I am working on.

  24. Sharl Lepatoe

    Thank you, perfect patterns

  25. manish61083

    Best collection.

  26. [email protected]


  27. photograf4

    I’m looking forward to using these in projects.

  28. virtue

    I like that I can use these on anything. That’s dope!

  29. photograf4

    These will be great for my projects.

  30. kastoppe

    it’s a great product. you can use it with many different projects

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