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Does it happen to your website, that the customers reach the checkout page but drop out from your site, without making a purchase? Well, if it does then its time you go for Checkout Page Optimization for your ecommerce website

But do you know how to optimize Checkout page for your eCommerce website?

HumCommerce brings to you this unique -


E-Commerce Checkout Page Optimization Checklist - PDF
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HumCommerce has the advantage of interacting with 100s of e-commerce businesses regularly. The team has used its collective Conversion Rate Optimization tool experience to come up with this unique checklist that helps you optimize your checkout page for maximum conversions.

Download this Checklist for free and put it up on your desk. Refer to it regularly and keep working your way through the action items on this list.

Why you can’t afford to ignore your Checkout Page?


A website checkout page is the last page shown to the customer during the buying process. It is equivalent to the physical payment counter in a grocery shop. When a customer overcomes all distractions and finally reaches your checkout page, you want to make sure the customer actually completes the transaction and makes a purchase.


Easier said than done though because according to Baymard, the average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 70%.


Many website owners don’t know why their customers add products to cart and abandon them, seemingly without any rhyme or reason. Following this unique checklist will help plug your leaky bucket.


You can also record visitor sessions and create heatmaps to analyze your visitors’ behavior.


You can track what actions a customer takes on your website, using this free CRO Tool as well.


So, get started with this -


FREE 21-Point E-Commerce Checkout Optimization Checklist

and optimize your checkout page now.


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  1. Gennifer

    Great checklist for every check out page! Very helpful!

  2. groebe

    This list includes many helpful tips!

  3. wczimek

    Helpfull and easy to use!

  4. James James

    Easy to follow checklist. Very helpful!

  5. schan2001

    It is great.

  6. Matthew

    A useful checklist for your checkout pages. Includes some obvious items, and others you may have missed!

  7. Paul

    Nice tool to help you make a great checkout page.

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