Sunday Freebie: JTag Helpdesk!

Managing web-based tickets has never been easier

Get JTAG HelpDesk V3.3.4 to :

  • Improve customer service by reducing the time spent in managing support tickets
  • Allow your organization to improve efficiency

Grab this deal absolutely Free!

JTAG Helpdesk is an intuitive, user friendly help desk component for Joomla websites.

From email support management to interactive views for support tickets, V3.3.4 has been totally reimaged and rewritten from code to the splashy new interface.

Features of this ultimate deal - JTag Helpdesk:

helpdesk2 helpdesk3 helpdsk1

Simplified user Interaction
  • Tickets can be related to your company’s products or service.
  • Allow anonymous users to submit support tickets.
  • Users can view ticket history.
Intelligent Knowledgebase
  • End-users and agents has access to a powerful Knowledge base widget with suggestive links to FAQ based on ticket category.
  • Search Knowledgebase by keyword or category.
  • Agents/Admin can add support articles and associate to category.
  • Positive/Negative user rating to facilitate the ability to distinct bad FAQ entries and get feedback from your users.
Easy to set up and customize
  • Control the look and feel of the contact form and the pop-up widget almost fully from the back-end.
  • Ability to switch on/off form fields, change their labels, help info tooltip and mandatory status.
  • A module that allows the webmaster to dock a "contact us" button to any of the screen edges that invokes a tabular view combining both Inquiry form and FAQ.
  • Ready to translate front and back end.

Ready to grab this amazing JTag Helpdesk absolutely FREE today?

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