Sunday Freebie: Vector Star Images

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  • Providing ratings & feedback
  • Highlighting Important Rules & Regulations
  • Defining membership levels
  • Creating adverts, backgrounds, greeting cards!

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Get yourself a pack of decorative vector star images.

Use these vector star images for:

  • Providing ratings and feedback
  • Highlighting Important Rules and Regulations
  • Defining membership levels
  • Creating adverts, backgrounds, greeting cards and much more

Grab this deal absolutely FREE

These Vector Star Images are brought to you by designpanoply

vector stars

The star has been a favorite amongst all age groups.  Starting from when kids learn their first poem  "twinkle star" to drawing stars and decorating the Christmas tree. It finds its place with the younger generation and the mature audience alike.

No wonder it is an eye catcher and attention grabber in web designs too. Star vectors are used by desgin professionals in various shapes and sizes - big & small, solid and outlined, artistic & sobre, plain & textured, coloured and black and white and many more.

This sunday freebie is a handy addition to the designer's pandora boxk.

If you are not already a great "star" user, here are some great ideas for you to get started on using stars in your designs:

  • Starry background with an appropriate transparency.
  • Banners with small or big stars
  • Product page designs
  • Bullets (small stars)
  • Graphic designs to indicate sales or celebration
  • Star reviews for your product
  • T-shirt designs
  • Logos with stars added
  • Star overlays
  • Online ads
  • Falling star animation

Whew. The list can be endless. So use these vectors to fire your imagination and come up with something unique. You cant go wrong with stars.

Leave us a comment below if you create some really great "star" designs that have left your vistors "starry eyed".

And if you loved this freebie, please share it with your friends too.

Deal Terms:

  • Available as an instant download.
  • These can be used for personal and commercial projects.
  • Cannot resale and redistribute these graphics.
  • Available in .ai/ .eps/ .gif/ .psd formats.

Ready to grab these vectors stars pack absolutely for free today?

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