Google Ads Course: A 5-Day Google Ads Bootcamp With Lifetime Access

What's the #1 reason you want to advertise on Google? To make money, right? You want to turn internet searchers into leads, customers, and profits.

Discover the secrets behind profit-driven advertising on Google. Join 14,363 marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners who turn to data to help them get better PPC results. Enroll now for

Google Ads Course With Lifetime Access
[A 5-Day Google Ads Bootcamp]

In this 5-day training program, you'll discover the proven process Jeff Sauer used to generate over 1 million leads and more than a billion dollars in revenue from Google ads.

This course will help you discover 3 resources that will help increase your Google Ads ROI. Also, it comes with a Lifetime Access which means you can watch these lessons at your own pace. Walk step-by-step through the fundamentals behind the system for profit-driven advertising. This system has been proven out over $20 million in ad spend and has resulted in more than a billion dollars in revenue for its clients.

Unleash the skills the pros are using to outperform the averages and generate 5 to 10x returns on Google ads. Join The Profit-Driven Google Ads Bootcamp Today!

Grab This Google Ads Course For A Lifetime

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A Glimpse Of This Google Ads Course:

Google Analytics Course For A Lifetime - google-ads-bootcamp-devices Google Analytics Course For A Lifetime - Ads Budget Calculator Google Analytics Course For A Lifetime - Advertising Goals Google Analytics Course For A Lifetime - Screenshot Of Lesson


What Will You Get In This Google Ads Course:

  1. Five lessons on profit-driven PPC advertising
  2. Three resources that will help increase your Google Ads ROI
  3. A complimentary account on the author's Data-Driven training platform
  4. One hidden bonus when you complete the program


A Few Advertising Secrets You'll Uncover In This Google Ads Bootcamp:

  1. How to project realistic, yet profitable advertising targets for your budget?
  2. How to use the Million Dollar Ads Tool?
  3. The winning account structure that Google doesn’t want you to know about.
  4. How to find hidden, low-cost keywords that convert?
  5. The ONE THING that leads to PPC success.


You’ll Also Get These Awesome Resources:

  1. The Data-Driven Google Ads Goals Projection Model
  2. The Google Ads Profit-Driven Budget Calculator
  3. The 10-Minute Google Ads Account Audit Checklist


Who Should Enroll This 5-Day Google Ads Bootcamp? 

This mini-training program is designed for beginner and intermediate advertisers. If you’re an experienced advertiser, then, hopefully, you’ll be familiar with many of the techniques taught in this program.


How Long Does This Google Ads Course Take?

This program is designed to be completed over five days. You can watch the lesson at your own pace. If you really enjoy the training, then, by all means, feel free to complete it all at once.


Testimonials By Learners Of Google Ads Course:


Terry Helliker

I really enjoyed these lessons. Jeff taught me a few things and I can actually admit that I will look at it differently now thanks to this Bootcamp! I look forward to using all the tools included in this package... Thank you so much!


Paul Boyce

Great Bootcamp. I’m all over all of Jeff's courses now, especially Google Ads Mastery. I had set Google Ads aside after the Adwords to Google Ads shift, out of frustration and went on to FB Marketing. You have got me excited to jump back into Google Ads!


Michael Gburski

I recently decided to expand my services to include PPC. This Bootcamp was a fantastic primer to get me started! Your teaching method is easy to follow and chock full of information. Thank you!


Ruben Morelli

Hi Jeff, I have enjoyed a lot these 5 videos. I’ve been using Google ads for long time under a software management. However, I always knew that the campaigns could be more profitable but I never made the time to learn it myself. Google’s kept me up for long time with a small local business. Your program is great and I’m considering learning Google ads deeply so I can offer the service.
Thanks for everything,
Ruben Morelli


Deal Terms:

  • This deal includes lifetime access to the course.
  • This product includes a non-transferrable license.
  • The license provided is applicable to one individual only.

Start your journey to advertising success and beyond!


Grab This Google Ads Course For A Lifetime
At A Deal Price Of $19 Only!


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