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Life is good when you’re on top of your money. When you create a plan for your money, you give your money a purpose. You must gain control of your money or the lack of it will control you forever! DealFuel brings to you an expense tracker that helps you manage your finances with ease. Presenting-


iFinancer Income & Expense Tracker

[Lifetime Access]


iFinancer offers a little help to manage your finances effortlessly in one place with a personal budget planner. It's exactly what you need to track all your expenses. From income and expense tracking, budgeting, sending you alerts when you're about to exceed your budget, to an easy user interface, iFinancer does it all!  It is your personal financial manager that gives you a clear report of where all your money is as well as tools for budgeting to help you save.


5 Things You Can do With This Expense Tracker:

  1. Keep track of your incomes, sort them into groups & capture where the money was spent.
  2. Track each of your expenses & calculate the balance.
  3. Set a limit or expected monthly spend, expected monthly earnings & expected monthly saving.
  4. Choose a currency depending on your location.
  5. Get alerts when you are close to exceeding your budget.


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Here's How iFinancer Takes Care of Your Expenses:


What Features Are Included in This Expense Tracker?

  1. The Income Tracker- This feature allows you to keep track of your income. Income can be sorted into groups. It also captures the account to which the income went for easy accounting.
  2. The Expense Tracker- This feature allows you to keep track of your expenses by recording each and every expense. The expenses are grouped into categories to keep track of which account the expense was paid from and calculate the balance.
  3. The Budget Tracker- This feature allows you to set a limit or expected monthly spend, expected monthly earnings, and expected monthly savings. You can also distribute the planned spending amount to different categories.
  4. Multiple Currency Option- Choose a currency depending on your location.
  5. Alerts and Reminders- The iFinancer will notify you when you are close to exceeding your budget.
  6. Beautiful & Responsive UI- iFinancer was made with love and passion that’s why it looks stunning.

Here is a Preview of This Expense Tracker:


iFinancer expense tracker

iFinancer expense tracker

iFinancer expense tracker


And much more...

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 iFinancer Income & Expense Tracker

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Deal terms-

How to download this product?
After completing your purchase you will receive an instructions document.
Follow the instructions in this document to redeem the coupon code and activate the product.


What is the validity of the license key/coupon code?
(Within how many days the coupon code must be redeemed?)

The coupon code must be redeemed within 30 days from the date of purchase.


Is Lifetime Access available for this product?
Yes, Lifetime Access is available for this product.


This is a lifetime deal. So how long will I have access to this deal? 
As per the terms negotiated with the vendor, you will have lifetime access to this deal.
Lifetime means - Lifetime of the product. 
We do try to get great products with longevity for our customers, but products do get acquired, or sometimes they do go bankrupt. Many of these products are startup companies and hence they give us a great deal for our customers. But in case of an unfortunate situation, where the product does not last long, there is not much DealFuel can do about it.


Are Lifetime Updates available for this product?
Yes, Lifetime Updates are available for FREE.
They are available in the form of Auto Updates


Is this deal for new users only?
No. It’s available for new users and existing customers of iFinancer.


How many users can use the license key/coupon code?
1 License Key for 1 User.


What are the system requirements for this product?
This is a Saas tool and can work with any modern browser.


Can this product be accessed on all devices?
Yes. This tool can be accessed on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.


Is lifetime support available for this product?
Yes, FREE support is available.
For support contact - [email protected]


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