Increase Your Conversion Rates By Customised Onsite Campaigns With Socital

Stop losing your business sales. Convert anonymous visitors into customers with onsite marketing campaigns. We are happy to introduce an amazing ecommerce personalization and data collection tool to increase business sales. Now instantly improve your conversion rates with

Socital Accelerate Self Service Plans

Available In 2 Options - Annual & Lifetime

Socital is a SaaS platform for ecommerce which provides a unique set of tools to

  1. create onsite campaigns in minutes,
  2. collect rich data for your subscribers and
  3. increase sales with personalized recommendations.

Socital is the only onsite campaign tool, that combines the wealth of social media data with visitor's behavior, easy-to-build popups, and other onsite campaigns to help online retailers generate more sales and more engagement. Not just this.!!! Socital also helps you to

  • Grow your email lists
  • Reduce cart abandonments
  • Launch lead acquisition campaigns in minutes
  • Personalize products recommendation for your customers
  • Improve open rates of your email campaigns by 42%
  • Increase sales with seasonal campaigns
  • Create targeted exit-intent popups
  • Acquire new customers with 27 ready-made welcome offers templates
  • ...... And lots more!!!

Socital helps you to collect fast, tons of rich data for your leads and use them to serve relevant product recommendations to convert more unknown visitors to paying customers. Any marketer can install, configure and operate Socital without any need for coding.

Boost business sales today with customized onsite marketing campaigns!

Grab Socital Accelerate Self Service Plans (Annual & Lifetime)

At A Deal Price Starting From $228 $69


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Watch This Video For Socital In Action:



See how Socital helps you personalize your online visitors’ experience to convert them into loyal customers to increase business sales.

Create Personalized Campaigns To Increase Business Sales


A Sneak-Peek Inside Socital's Dashboard


Get More Than Just Email Address With Socital's Machine Learning Algorithms


One-Click Integration With 8 Top Email Platforms

socital integration with other platforms

Display Your Campaigns As Per Your Requirements

increase business sales with socital onsite campaigns targeting rules

Get Massive ROI From Socital


Why Choose Socital To Increase Business Sales:


A. Reduce Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment rate usually soars to 70%! Recover up to 17% of abandoned orders the moment a potential buyer leaves her cart, with a targeted cart abandonment popup.


increase business sales with cart abandonment onsite marketing campaign increase business sales with cart abandonment onsite marketing campaign

Reduce cart abandonment instantly and recover lost sales with exit-intent pop-ups. Stop losing 95% of your traffic without a sale. One last-ditch effort to bring your abandoning customers back before they leave your site for good.

socital cart abandonment campaign image


How It Works??

Stop spending excess money on ads, it’s cheaper to prevent abandoned carts than attract more new users. Socital detects when visitors are about to leave and allows you to bring them back in 3 easy steps:

  1. Set triggering rules to activate upon customers' intention to leave the checkout process without purchasing.
  2. Display a message and incentive personalized to the customer to encourage a purchase.
  3. Direct the customers back to the checkout page with a simple button. 


B. Grow Email List

Start getting quality subscribers 2x faster today! Sync your subscribers to your email list in real-time, to send out email automation such as welcome emails.

In a few minutes and with no coding, you can launch welcome offer popups for new visitors and more, with ready-made campaigns, templates and 15+ targeting rules. Personalize your welcome email and newsletters and increase your email open rate upto 42%! Target new or returning visitors with different messages to increase conversion rates.

Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 2 Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 1

Capture more emails with Onsite Pop-ups. Acquire new subscribers 2x faster with welcome offer pop-ups. Build a high-quality email list of visitors interested in your products without ruining user experience on your website.


How It Works??

98% of visitors leave your website without taking any action. Most probably they will never come back. Why not offer something irresistible that will make them happy to share their personal data with you?

  1. Greet first-time visitors with a welcome pop-up when a visitor is the most susceptible to your message.
  2. Entice your visitors to subscribe by offering something compelling.
  3. After subscribing, show them personalized Success Screen by their First Name with a Call-to-Action to start their purchase journey.


C. Personalize Product Recommendations

Increase revenue by 11% with personalized recommendations! Recommend a relevant product based on gender and favorite brands and see your conversion rate skyrocket.

Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 4 Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 3

Increase revenue by offering personalized product recommendations. Resell to customers based on who they are, their interests, and brand affiliations, not what they’ve previously purchased to unlock the potential of your site.


How It Works??

3 simple steps to boosting your customer lifetime value.

  1. Connect your customers to their social media profiles using your CTA buttons.
  2. Our algorithm will pull through data such as age, gender, interests and brand affiliations.
  3. Display personalized recommendations tailored to this information, not their purchase history.


D. Improve Email Open Rate

Are your emails not working hard enough for your business? Don’t settle for sub-par email open rates like the rest of the market. Send inch-perfect recommendations with personalized subject lines to maximize your email efforts.

Discover how personalized emails can double the sales from your email campaigns. Knowing who is behind the email address and what their interested in will help you land more conversions from your emails.

Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 6 Upload your existing email database. With Socital’s popups, you get more than an email address! Let Socital’s Machine Learning Algorithms analyze your subscribers by gender.  Personalize your email campaigns by gender and with your subscriber’s first name. Improve open rate by 42% and get 2x more revenue from emails!Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 5

Connect with one of the 8 Integrations with the top email providers and sync your lists with enriched data from our analysis. Send gender and interest differentiated email and improve your email open rates by up to 42%.


How It Works??

Turn your email campaigns into a revenue-generating machine in 3 simple steps:

  1. Let Socital's AI analyze your email list.
  2. Segment your database by gender and interests.
  3. Personalize the content of your email campaigns using this new information.


E. Increase Sales With Seasonal Campaigns

Don’t miss out on any seasonal sales ever again! There are so many opportunities to engage your visitors. Sell out 2x faster with seasonal campaigns! Use seasonality to create buying occasions and capitalize on something new every week.

Thrilling your online visitors with a special seasonal offer gives you various chances of turning them into loyal customers and selling more. Instantly boost sales by promoting seasonal products with offer pop-ups.

socital seasonal campaigns image

With a heavy seasonal calendar, it can be hard to keep up. Launch seasonal promotion popups in minutes and boost your sales instantly.

Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 8 Grow Email List With Onsite Marketing Campaigns To Increase Business Sales 7

Easily adapt the copy and creative for each campaign to match the season without coding. Adjust the products offered based on who the customer is and serve personalized recommendations.


How It Works??

Benefit from your customers’ seasonal buying mood. Call up their attention with a catchy attractive offer.

  1. Choose a type of campaign that fits your seasonal marketing strategy:
    • Special Offer,
    • Early Access Pop Up,
    • Early Access Embedded,
    • Unlock the Offer Pop Up,
    • Newsletter Subscription Pop Up.
  2. Set triggering rules to activate when your online visitors and customers land to your site.
  3. Direct them straight to the page with seasonal deals or offer them to sign up to receive an offer


F. Targeted Exit-intent Popups With Personalized Recommendations

Stop spending excess money on ads, it’s cheaper to prevent visitors from leaving your website than attract more new users. Launch exit-intent popups focused on visitors about to leave your online store.

socital targeted exit-intent popups image

Let Socital's AI determine which are their gender and interests. Serve them tailor-made recommendations and get more sales instantly!


G. Welcome Offers

Grow your email list with lead acquisition campaigns. Run welcome offers to convert new visitors to subscribers. Choose one of Socital's 27 ready-made templates or create your own with our simple campaign editor. No coding needed.

socital welcome offers image

Use Socital's advanced targeting tool to trigger a relevant and personalized offer according to the visitors’ behavior. You can also use Social Media call-to-actions to collect more accurate subscriber data such as name, gender, interests and brand affiliations.


What Exactly You Will Get With Socital Accelerate Self Service Plans?

  • Upto 5000 popups served per month
  • One-time purchase deal - $69 for Annual & $129 for Annual
  • Supports 1 Domain for both the plans (Annual & Lifetime)
  • Analyze emails for gender/first name
    • 5000 emails for Annual plan
    • 10000 emails for Lifetime
  • Exit popups with 18 target rules
  • Cart abandonment popups
  • Seasonal onsite campaigns
  • Embedded data collection widgets
  • 27 Popup templates
  • Personalized recommendations with 18% average conversion rate
  • Call to action buttons with Facebook, Google & Twitter
  • Rich profiles with gender, brand affiliations and likes for clients clicking at Facebook CTAs
  • API integrations with 7 email platforms
  • Import commercial data through API
  • CSS configuration available
  • Tagging for each campaign
  • Full analytics dashboard
  • FREE Lifetime Updates


Pricing Of Socital Accelerate Self Service Plans:


Annual Plan:

Deal Price: $228 $69            |        DealClub Price: $69 $51.75

Normally: $228                       |        You Save: 70% 


Lifetime Plan:

Deal Price: $456 $135         |         DealClub Price: $129 $101.25

Normally: $456                      |         You Save: 71% 



Reviews Of Socital By Its Happy Customers :


Martina Lundberg, Bjorn Borg

Review Title: Great and flexible product
Comments: The easy platform that is really easy to add to your site without involving IT. Also, their flexibility and integration with ESP-providers. But most of all the incredible staff - they really go the extra mile to make you happy.


Romina Mirtollari, Intersport

Review Title: Great Opportunity to restore effectively your database & increase conversion rate!
Comments: Socital with its deep targeting tools helped us restore email database (post GDPR) and together we achieved: 1. an email database growth rate 10.5x 2. increase in instant sales conversion rate 2x 3. leads acquired 95% without discount incentive! Moreover, Socital has an excellent team that provides outstanding customer support!


Thomas Gladding, Online Marketing Consultant

Review Title: Must have an e-commerce tool
Pros: I have been using Socital for the past two years and it is now my goto onsite personalization platform for all of my clients. Socital helps us to grow our email audience faster whilst improving conversion rate and reducing cart abandonment. With one client, we increased the conversion rate by 50% overnight just by switching over to Socital for our email capture. Socital has been fantastic for all of my clients, the team at Socital are brilliant and do everything they can to help make all of our campaigns successful.


Richard Heasman, gen XYZ media

Review Title: Socital is fantastic to use.
Pros: Socital has transformed my client's e-com businesses. The dashboard is incredibly easy to use and quick to set-up, and once working - drives personalised ads based on the user's journey. My clients are very happy with the results of Socital.


View more verified reviews of Socital in Capterra:




Why use Exit and Welcome Popups on my online store?

On average, over 90% of the traffic you work so hard to get on your online store, leaves without making a purchase. With Socital’s Exit and Welcome popups, you can capture their email address and other rich data to re-target them through email and other channels. You can also use Socital’s Popups to instantly convert them to buyers by promoting targeted special offers or use personalized recommendations to match your visitors with relevant products that lead to instant purchases.


Do cart abandonment Popups work for e-commerce?

Yes, absolutely! Over 70% of carts are abandoned. Socital’s customers use our cart abandonment popups and save on average 27% of abandoned carts which will bring massive recovered revenue.


How do I install Socital? Do I need a developer?

No, as long as you have access to Google Tag Manager for your website, you can just paste Socital’s script and you are all set to go!


Would using Socital affect my website’s loading speed?

Absolutely not! Socital’s script loads asynchronously, so it doesn’t affect loading times.


Why do I need rich data for my subscribers and leads?

Socital gives you rich data for your subscribers and leads, such as gender, first name and brands they like on Facebook. With that data, you can personalize your email and ad campaigns. Personalization dramatically increases your open and click rates and leads to better conversion to purchases.


Deal Terms

  • FREE Lifetime Updates are provided for both the plans (Annual & Lifetime).
  • Both the plans (Annual & Lifetime) support 1 Domain only.
  • This deal is not stackable as each Socital account is for one customer’s domain.
  • For support - check out Socital's knowledge center at or email them at [email protected]

Start personalizing your onsite campaigns with more triggering rules & social media CTAs.


Grab Socital To Increase Business Sales (Accelerate Self Service Plans)
At A Deal Price Starting From $69 Only!


Normally: $228          |           You SAVE:  70%


DealClub Member??? Get It For Just $51.75



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