JavaScript: The best programming language to learn

Want to know which is the best Programming language to learn, you will be surprised at the answer. Hear some of the biggies speak about JavaScript courses:

GitHut contains more than 2.2 million active repositories and says JavaScript is the #1 language.

RedMonk’s language ranking for 2015 shows that JavaScript is the most preferred language.

Source: SitePoint survey results

So get yourself prepped up for your next venture with this bundle that will help you learn JavaScript programming.

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  • BackboneJS Tutorial Online
  • Data Visualization Using D3JS
  • Projects in ExpressJS
  • Projects in ReactJS & Flux

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1. Getting Started With BackboneJS Tutorial Online (Details)

The course will provide you necessary skill to effectively use Backbone along with JavaScript, JQuery and UnderscoreJS. You will start with basic introduction to backbone and will wrap up with a complete web app built using backbone.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Backbone Concepts
  • Introduction to RESTful APIs
  • Models and their use in Backbone
  • Collections and their use in Backbone
  • Views in Backbone
  • Routers and Web Apps
  • Events and Event Handling
  • Building Web Apps using Backbone

2. Getting Started with Data Visualization Using D3JS (Details)

The course breaks down complex concepts and makes it easier to understand and master D3js. With topics such as Frontend Development, D3 Library, JQuery, Data Visualization, JSON, Array & Objects, SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics, Transitions, Data Scaling, Data Binding, and Data Display this course offers a complete training program.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Getting Started with D3
  • Basic Selecting & Binding
  • Concepts behind Scalar Graphics library
  • Using Scales Transitions & Display
  • Scatterplot real world Project

3. Projects in ExpressJS-Learn ExpressJs building 10 projects (Details)

ExpressJS is a flexible and minimal Node.js web application framework that can easily help you build web apps. The design is inspired from Sinatra, so for people who have previously worked with Sinatra this framework should be quite familiar. The framework is designed for building single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.

The course covers the following topics:

  • HTTP Server
  • Computer Repair Business Website
  • Sports Blog Application
  • User Login System
  • Learn to Build a Chat application
  • Client management application
  • Movie Listing Application
  • Instagram App & Business Directory

4. ReactJS and Flux - Learn By Building 10 Projects (Details)

React.JS is an open-source JavaScript library that provides a view that is rendered using components that contain additional components specified as custom HTML tags. Flux is slightly different. Flux is an application architecture that is used for creating client-side web applications.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Bootstrap React Components
  • Github Profile Viewer
  • Quick Quiz, Movie Find
  • Contact List, Stickypad Notes
  • InfoFinder Search Engine
  • Chat
  • Workout Logger
  • Youtube Gallery

What others are saying about these JavaScript courses..

"The JavaScript courses moves fast going over each piece you need to know in just as much detail as you need to keep going. So far, I've been really impressed." - Kent Hambrock

"Another great course as always. I really enjoyed this course. I was happy to continue learning about express js. I've been using Express for some hobby projects lately, and even though JavaScript courses starts completely from scratch, I've picked up a more than a couple of great hints and patterns that I didn't know about before. Definitely recommend taking a look at this!" Randy Jose

"I'm new to React.js and Flux, but I feel like I'm making some useful and relatively powerful applications through the projects. I look forward to seeing what I'm capable of building at the end of the course." - Bill Bergmann

"An excellent Course with good series of lectures in it. Wonderful work by the author / instructor. All section of Backbone javascript courses are useful. Over all great course" - Sally

Deal Terms -

  • You will receive direct access links for all 4 courses after your successful payment.
  • You can watch these course videos on Udemy online
  • Once purchased, you get lifetime access to the course
  • 30 Days money back policy

Grab this 4-in1 bundle for just $29 (DealClub - $21.75)



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