Learn Node js By Building 10 Practical Projects – eCourse

Join the likes of Walmart, Paypal & Groupon and enhance your system performance with Node.js

Be it your e-commerce store, your payment processor system or media - Node.js has its advantages. Lowered CPU utilization, doubling of number of requests per second & reduced response times are some results people achieved using Node js.

Explore the world of Node.js & master it with today's eCourse - Learn Node js By Building 10 Practical Projects. You'll learn about technologies like:

  • HTML/CSS Frontend Technologies
  • Node js NPM, NoSQL Database
  • Database ORM
  • Express Framework
  • Asynchronous Programming and much more

Grab a lifetime access to this ultimate eCourse & learn Node js just for $19 ($14.25)

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This training program emphasizes on practical application of this amazing technology and will help you learn Node js development using real world application development.

You will learn about JavaScript Server programming, Node and NPM modules, the use of other associated technologies and frameworks while building the 10 practical projects:

  • Project 1: Simple Web Server
  • Project 2: Basic Express Website
  • Project 3: User Login System
  • Project 4: Node Blog Systems
  • Project 5: Community Events
  • Project 6: BookStore
  • Project 7: Chat IO
  • Project 8: Doctor Directory
  • Project 9: Portfolio App
  • Project 10: Elearning System

Course Features

  • Over 86 lectures and 18.5 hours of content
  • Learn Node js and create web applications
  • Learn the use of technologies such as Cassandra and MongoDB
  • Use the express framework to build web applications
  • Learn the concepts of network programming

Course Curriculum:

  • SECTION 1: Introduction
  • SECTION 2: Simple Web Server
  • SECTION 3: Basic Express Website
  • SECTION 4: User Login System
  • SECTION 5: Node Blog System
  • SECTION 6: Community Events
  • SECTION 7: Bookstore
  • SECTION 8: ChatIO
  • SECTION 9: FindaDoc Directory
  • SECTION 10: Portfolio App
  • SECTION 11: eLearning System
  • SECTION 12: Course Summary

What others are saying...

"I knew nothing about node.js before this course, afterwards I feel I have a solid understanding" - Lance Branford

"More than I expected, useful information to all level of users. Congratulations to the instructor." - Nazarenoc

"For me, this course has been brilliant. The topics have presented in a manner that is easy to follow and also fun to do. Instructor is easy to follow and goes at the perfect pace" - Gareth McGrath

Deal Terms:

  • You will receive a coupon code that you need to redeem and get the instant access to the course.
  • Once purchased, you get lifetime access to this course.
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30 days money back guarantee

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