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  • Exclusive Black Friday Combo
  • Local Lead Studio – Lifetime, 100% Authentic Business Leads
  • Social Aider Personal Plan (Annual) – An Affordable Social Media Scheduler
  • Limited Time Offer Only!

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Local Lead Generation Studio [Lifetime Access]


Social Aider Personal Plan [Annual]

It is a perfect combo to sort out your business leads and promotion in a one-time thing. Grab successful leads and promote your business with an affordable scheduling tool.

Wishing for more leads for your business? If Yes! Say Hello to Local Lead Generation Studio.

Now no more relying on Adwords or spending hugely on advertising for meager clicks. Take things into your hands! Collect your own hyper-targeted leads with Local Lead Studio.

  • Best Google Chrome extension
  • Searches for local leads right away
  • Exports the data with 1 click
  • Local leads from across the world
  • No Proxy or VPN required

Or, Are you tired of paying the extra money per account? Stop doing that!!!

Presenting to you Social Aider, the most affordable scheduling tool to manage unlimited social media accounts.

Automate your social media accounts and keep them updated effectively with Social Aider:

  • All Accounts Under One Roof
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Reposting & Post Deletion
  • Social Calendar
  • Real-Time Notifications

Schedule your social media posts ahead of time without burning a hole in the pockets.

Now you can grab both of the highest selling products in one combo!!!

Get The Local Lead Generation Studio + Social Aider Combo

At A Deal Price Of  Just $306 $99


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A Look At These DEMO's To Know These Products Better!


Tutorial Of Local Lead Generation Studio:


Demo Of Social Aider- A Social Media Scheduler 


What Local Lead Generation Studio Can Do For You?


1. Search for Local Leads Right Away

Targeted real local leads are just a few clicks away from you with Local Lead Generator Studio. Just install the chrome extension, and you are ready to roll.


2. Export the Data with 1 click

All the data is scraped and stored in a super easy excel format, which allows you to easily filter and format the data as per your requirement.


3. Get Local Leads from across the world

Local Lead Generation Studio works with Google Chrome. So you can use it across any of the 100 countries in which Google operates. No more manually searching for leads


Why Buy Local Lead Generation Studio?


1. Chrome Extension:

Local Lead Generation Studio is a chrome extension, this means that you don't need to download or store any dial space-hogging bulky software on your PC! Use the product anytime, anywhere.


2. No Extra Software Required:

Local Lead Generation Studio needs manual intervention to work. Because automation is limited, it means the implementation is simpler and you also save on proxies and VPN which would otherwise be needed to find data from Google on thousands of leads. You need no other accessory software to get started with Local Lead Generation Studio.


3. Convenient Excel Download:

All the data scraped is downloaded and compiled in a simple, easy to understand Excel sheet. You can easily filter this based on the multiple data fields. If you intend to sell the data, then such an excel sheet is one of the best ways to package the data in.


4. All The Data Is Accurate & Reliable:

Our software will pull in 10 types of data using which you can contact and reach out to local business leads in different ways.
Using the physical address, you can set up physical meetings or even cold call or mail the leads!


What data can you extract with Local Lead Generation Studio?


How Can You Make Money With Local Lead Generation Studio?


1. Virtual Assistant:

You can give the compiled excel sheet to a Virtual Assistant and then direct them to visit the site using the given website name. They can then contact the business owner using the contact us page and promote your service/product


2. Cold Calling:

You can direct a VA to cold call a business and sell your products


3. Hard Selling:

You can use the address provided to visit the lead's office in person and promote your service or product


4. Promote Your Services:

The filtering feature allows you to find out businesses with a low number of reviews or low ratings. So you can target them personally to pitch your service. You can make them understand how you can make a difference for them and give them an edge over their competitors.


5. Unclaimed businesses represent amazing Opportunities

Businesses with incomplete data, no images or timings mentioned are probably unclaimed listings. You can pitch these businesses the advantage of claiming their listing on Google.

Local Lead Generator Studio can help you filter out unclaimed businesses which you can contact in person or by email. It shows that the person owning the business is either not active or aware of the opportunities in the digital world. Thus you will definitely get the client if you push the right buttons.


6. ScrapeBox:

You can simply upload the website URLs you want the emails for into ScrapeBox. This will let you scrape email IDs to which you can then send mass emails and promote your products or services. Alternatively, you can use the contact form filler in ScrapeBox to fill the contact form.


No more manually searching for leads. Get your copy of local leads now in this exclusive limited time Black Friday Combo offer with Social Aider Personal Plan.


What Exactly You Will Get In Social Aider?

All the features that you can utilize are the same for both, the personal and professional plans. The only difference between the two is that you get more post-credits in the latter.

Pricing Plans of Social Aider- Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

Why Choose Social Aider As Your Scheduling Tool?

Whether you are struggling to manage your own social media accounts or handling the social media of multiple clients, Social Aider will make your life easy. It has been designed to save your time and efforts.

With Social Aider you get tools to manage all your social profiles and schedule content at your convenience. It’s your personal Aider, waiting to assist you in all your Social Media Automation efforts. Leave the mundane to it so that you can concentrate on bigger things.

mr.seo- Social Aider- Best Social Media Scheduling Tool

1. Unlimited Social Accounts

Not 1, not 10, not 100, it is UNLIMITED! You can add unlimited Social Media profiles to Social Aider. So, if you are a Social Media Specialist or an Agency with multiple clients, we’ve got you covered!

Just one tool to all your social media scheduling aid! The costing of this scheduling tool does not vary by the number of accounts you add.


2. Unlimited Projects

You can add unlimited projects to Social Aider!

If you have 1 set of personal social media accounts and another set of professional accounts; go on and create 2 different projects to manage them all smoothly.

If you are an agency with 10 or even 1000 clients, you can add a project for each client. It's costing does not change by the number of projects you add.


3. Select any plan, there is no limit in accessing features.

  • In-Built Image Editor
  • Bulk RSS Scheduling
  • Bulk Upload
  • Video / Image Upload
  • Curated Content

Post Automation- Social Scheduling Tool

4. All Accounts Under One Roof:

With Social Aider you get to manage all of your social media accounts all from one single dashboard. Eliminating the need for you to login to every single media platform for posting/sharing your content.

Just add your content via our dashboard, select the media you want to post them on, and leave the rest to it. Use your time saved to create more awesome content!


5. Scheduling:

Leverage the power of scheduling. Social Aider offers you the scheduling option. You can choose the time, down to minutes when you want each piece of your content to be posted on each media. Just Set it and forget it.

When the time is right, it will make sure your post goes Live! You get to schedule up to 50 posts daily for sharing! Use your time saved to design some more crafty Social Media Strategies!




6. Social Calendar:

Got all the content you want to share for the entire month lined up? Great! Upload it all onto our dashboard and you are free for the entire month!

With the Calendar Scheduling option of Social Aider, you can choose which day you would like which piece of content to be shared on which media! And the best part, once you have it all scheduled up you can view it in a clean calendar format, so you know which content is going live on which media when.

If you want to share an important article on Facebook on Sunday, but on LinkedIn on Monday it got you covered. Its Calendar will keep track and make sure your posts are done on schedule. Your scheduling queue can contain up to 1000 posts at a time. With your time saved take a break from Social Media, go take a vacation!


7. Real-Time Notifications:

If something goes wrong, and one of your posts cannot make it to the intended media, it sends you real-time alerts via Email, and Push notification ( if you chose to activate) thus ensuring you can help it to rectify the error ASAP and it can make your post reach its intended destination.


Curate Content Assistance - Social Scheduling Tool


8. Curate Content:

Social Aider allows you to also curate awesome content with its AI features like Discover Content, Image Editor, etc.

Discover new content for your social accounts with Discover Content and schedule it instantly! To discover new content using Social Aider, you’ve just got to use the right keyword. The top latest content will appear for you to schedule or post right away.

Bring your photos up a notch using the Image Editor. Use the Image Editor to edit the images and create an awesome first impression of your content for your readers.

Get relevant hashtags suggestions while creating posts so your content is easily accessible on the web. Add the most relevant hashtags to your posts without having to think about it. Use Suggest Hashtags to get going!


With these premium features available at such affordable prices in an exclusive combo offer, take advantage of the discounts on the yearly plans of Social Aider now!


Deal Terms:

  • The Deal is a limited time offer only.
  • It includes Local Lead Studio with lifetime access and Social Aider Personal Plan (annual).


So what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of Local Lead Generation Studio and take your business to new heights today along with an amazing social media scheduling tool to enhance your online presence.



Buy This Black Friday Exclusive Combo Of
Local Lead Generation Studio (Lifetime) + Social Aider Personal Plan (Annual)
At A Deal Price Of Just $99


Normally: $307          |           You SAVE:  67.75%


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