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Got amazing new pictures to share but don't know how to stop photo theft? Watermark your images now in bulk within a minute.

Yess... It's a no brainer with Mass Watermark. An intelligent software designed to protect your photos and make post-processing workflow easy and efficient.

The powerful and easy to use user interface allows you to quickly watermark 100s of photos with minimal effort.

Not just watermark, it allows you to

  • Crop/Rotate/Resize images,
  • Optimize images,
  • Design the watermark,
  • Add EXIF info,
  • Direct upload images to Picasa & Flickr
  • Create Zip file

Mass Watermark is an all-in-one Photo Watermark Software to protect, resize and optimize effortlessly.

Now Watermark Bulk Images Quickly With Mass Watermark

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Major Highlights Of The Mass Watermark Software:

  • Watermark 100s of photos in less than 1 minute.
  • Resize images individually or in bulk.
  • Optionally add EXIF data to your photos.
  • Optimize your images by adjusting contrast, brightness, etc.
  • Improve image quality by applying effects like mean removal, sharpening, etc.
  • Create your own branding with the inbuilt watermark designer.
  • Direct upload to Flickr or Picasa.


Know-How To Add Watermark To Protect Your Images!


Why Do You Need Mass Watermark??

1. Intelligent Watermark Placement

Uses automated watermark size calculation techniques to scale the watermarks to match selected placement.
Mass Watermark Images - Add Watermark

2. Image Resizing

Set a common size for all output images or set the size of images individually. Easily meet web standards.

3. Inbuilt Watermark Designer

Design your own stylish watermark with Custom Text & Custom Logo and apply to your images with a Click. Brand your Photos easily.

Mass Watermark Images - Watermark Designer

4. Image Optimization

Improve the quality of your photos before they are watermarked by using various Image Optimization effects provided. The effects can be applied to your images individually before watermarking.

Mass Watermark Images - Screencap

5. Add EXIF Info

Optionally add EXIF information like copyright, comments, author etc to all watermarked images.

6. Crop/Rotate/Resize

Crop out the desired portion from an image and use it as the watermark. Also allows you to resize and rotate images.

7. Direct upload to Picasa

Direct connectivity to Picasa so that you can directly upload watermarked images to your Picasa web album after watermarking. You can add photos to existing albums or create new albums with custom properties.

8. Direct Upload to Flickr

Upload images directly to your Flickr galleries after watermarking with few clicks. You just need to authorize Mass Watermark once. This allows easy and seamless protection of your Flickr photos.

9. Create Zip file

Packs all processed images to a single Zip file. The images will be the final output which may be resized/optimized. Ideal for upload to websites via FTP and unzipping at the website side.


Deal Terms:

  • This deal comes with a LIFETIME license.
  • Mass Watermark will provide all minor updates for free.
  • Windows version supports: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
  • For support contact: [email protected]

Do more than just watermarking. Secure your photos before sharing...


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10 reviews for Watermark 100s Of Images In A Minute With Mass Watermark | Lifetime

  1. artistikAdamy

    Looks great but it’s intended only for PCs.

  2. Elizabeth

    It fast, easy and fun to use!
    I recommend Mass Watermark!

  3. suyonga

    very easy n nice

  4. yr ho

    This Watermark software only for Window users only. It will be good if there is any watermark for Macbook users.

  5. Phil K

    May favorite part of the program is inserting batch watermarks. This allowed me to make and then apply a watermark to thousands of my photos at the same time. You can vary the transparency so it is not obtrusive.

  6. [email protected]

    Great Program ! i use this for Pictures on my website and for my clients!

  7. garhts

    Charmed! Works like a charm, saves a lot of time and effort to protect your work.

  8. [email protected]

    Great product and a time saver when it comes to working with volumes of photos. Highly recommended.

  9. [email protected]

    Very handy tool! Watermark one image or a folder full of images. Lots of options like text effects, adding a logo, opacity, and watermark placement options.

  10. jsweeney88

    Tried PhotoShop. Couldn’t get it to work. Bought this app and 5 minutes later I was done.

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